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Irish potato market thrives amidst cold weather, European markets show mixed trends

Ireland is witnessing a significant boost in potato sales as the cold weather sets in, reports the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) in their latest weekly market update. The demand for high-quality prepack potatoes remains strong, maintaining stable prices in the market. This surge comes despite the aftermath of a particularly challenging harvest season, which has led to a noticeable reduction in saleable yields after the grading process.

Across Europe, the potato market presents a varied picture. During the recent holiday period, most regions reported no further lifting of potatoes. However, estimates indicate that approximately 15,000 hectares of potatoes are yet to be harvested across Belgium, Holland, Germany, and France. This figure includes a few hundred hectares dedicated to seed potatoes.

The fresh potato market in Europe is showing signs of firmness, buoyed by strong demand and a trend towards higher prices. Additionally, the export markets are beginning to revive, with increasing demand noted from Mediterranean countries and Eastern Europe. This renewed interest in potato exports marks a positive shift for the industry, signaling a potential for growth in the international market.

Source: Irish Farmers Association (IFA). Original report here
Photo: Credit IFA

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