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Albert Bartlett ‘in talks’ to purchase the Jersey Royal Company

Jersey Royal potatoes could be sold to potato supplier Albert Bartlett, according to a report by the BBC. Albert Bartlett – which runs farms across Britain, Ireland, and France – said it had “opened discussions” with Produce Investments with a view to purchasing The Jersey Royal Company.

According to the BBC report, a spokesperson for Albert Bartlett said: “Albert Bartlett have opened discussions with Produce Investments with a view to purchasing their Jersey trading subsidiary, The Jersey Royal Company.

“Albert Bartlett have packed and marketed Jersey potatoes for multiple generations and have had dedicated packing and growing infrastructure on the island since 2008.

“The Jersey Royal Company was formed into its current model as grower and packer of Jersey potatoes over 20 years ago and was purchased by Produce Investments in 2014.”

Source: BBC. Original story here
Photo: Credit BBC

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