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Mixed fortunes in Dutch agriculture: Seed onion yields surge as potato and grain harvests decline in 2023

In 2023, the gross crop yield for seed onions in the Netherlands rose by 9.2 percent compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, the gross yield for ware potatoes fell by 5.6 percent. Gross yields for barley (-20.3 percent) and wheat (-7.4 percent) were also down. This is evident from the definitive arable crop yield estimates published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

CBS reports that the yield per hectare for ware potatoes was 45.8 tonnes in 2023, 2.8 percent lower than one year previously. The cultivated area fell by 1.2 percent to 75 thousand hectares.

The total gross yield for ware potatoes fell by over 5 percent to a total of 3.4 million tonnes. Due to the wet weather conditions, it has not been possible to harvest all cultivated plots and there are currently still potatoes in the ground. There is a high chance that it will not be possible to harvest these due to frost.

As a result, unharvested potatoes (by area) will be higher than the figure currently reported (2.6 percent), and the total gross yield will therefore be lower.

Source: Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Full report here
Photo: Credit ANP via CBS

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