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Excellence in media: Alarcón & Harris achieves top honors in Media Innovator Awards

In a remarkable achievement, Alarcón & Harris (A&H), a leading public relations agency, has been honored as the Best B2B Content & Project Management Services Provider in the prestigious Media Innovator Awards 2023.

This significant recognition, publicly announced by the Innovator in Business quarterly magazine and newsletter in January 2024, underscores the agency’s exceptional contributions to the field of media and public relations.


Nuria Martí, the CEO of Alarcón & Harris, expressed her insights on what sets the agency apart in a highly competitive market. “When asked by the award judges what makes A&H different from other PR agencies, I pointed out that we have great experience developing global PR activity but with a local approach: Glocalization,” affirmed Martí.

This unique approach, blending global outreach with local sensitivity, has been a key factor in the agency’s success, she says.

The agency’s prowess extends beyond just strategic localization. “We also demonstrated to the judges that we have a strong capacity for preparing technical information; that we are well-acquainted with international media sectors and the media of greatest scope and influence; and that we are well-equipped to produce high-quality content in different languages to target clients’ countries effectively,” Martí added.

This multifaceted expertise enables Alarcón & Harris to cater to a diverse range of client needs, ensuring effective and impactful communication strategies.

Highly skilled media partners

A crucial component of Alarcón & Harris’s success is its collaboration with a network of highly skilled media partners. “None of this would have been possible, of course, if we didn’t work with a team of highly skilled media partners to support our clients´ communications activities and raise their profiles on the global market,” Martí acknowledged.

This collaborative approach has been instrumental in enhancing the global presence of their clients.

Illustrious clientele

Among the illustrious clientele of Alarcón & Harris is TOMRA Food, a global leader in the design and manufacture of sensor-based sorting machines and integrated post-harvest solutions. TOMRA Food is notably involved in the global potato processing industry, showcasing the agency’s ability to support major players in various sectors.

This award is not just a testament to Alarcón & Harris’s excellence in B2B content and project management services but also highlights their role in elevating the profiles of significant industry leaders like TOMRA Food in the global market. As the agency continues to innovate and lead in the realm of public relations and media, its impact on the global business landscape is unmistakably profound and far-reaching.

Source: Alarcón & Harris (A&H)
Nuría Martí, CEO
Photo: (L-R) Susanna Laino, Marta Marín, Nuria Martí and Emilio López of Alarcón & Harris

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