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India farmers’ protest: Tear gas fired as thousands march on fortress Delhi

Police in northern India have fired tear gas to prevent thousands of protesting farmers demanding minimum crop prices from marching on Delhi. According to a BBC report, the capital is ringed by razor wire, cement blocks and fencing on three sides to keep protests at bay.

The government fears a repeat of 2020 – dozens died in a year-long protest that ended only after ministers agreed to repeal controversial agriculture laws. But just over two years later, farmers say other demands have not been met.

Farmers are asking for guaranteed floor prices – also known as minimum support price or MSP – which allows them to sell most of their produce at government-controlled wholesale markets, or mandis. They are also demanding that the government fulfil its promise of doubling farmers’ income.

More than 200 farmer unions are participating in the march. Farmers’ and trade unions have also announced a rural strike on 16 February during which no agricultural activities will be carried out. Shops, markets and offices in all villages will be closed while farmers will block major roads across the country.

Source: BBC. Read the full story here
Photo: Credit EPA via BBC

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