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Agrico and The Potato Company to unite: A strategic acquisition to redefine the seed potato industry

In a landmark decision poised to reshape the landscape of the seed potato industry, Agrico, a renowned potato cooperative, has announced its intention to acquire the seed potato operations of The Potato Company (TPC). This strategic move marks a significant leap for Agrico, aiming to bolster its acreage and respond effectively to the escalating global demand for seed potatoes.

Agrico’s decision follows a successful multi-year strategic partnership with TPC, making this acquisition a natural progression in their relationship. With this move, Agrico is set to continue its growth trajectory in the increasingly competitive seed potato market of Western Europe. This acquisition will allow Agrico to maintain its status as a stable and reliable partner in the sector.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Agrico’s CEO, Mark Zuidhof, highlighted the acquisition’s alignment with Agrico’s growth objectives in Western Europe’s contracting seed potato market. Zuidhof emphasized the strategic importance of this acquisition in focusing on the sales and development of monopoly varieties, along with leveraging TPC’s extensive distribution network across over 60 countries.

TPC’s Role as a Subsidiary

The dynamic and rapidly expanding TPC, with over 20 years of operation, brings to Agrico more than 450 hectares of seed potatoes and a robust distribution network. As a wholly-owned subsidiary, TPC will continue to operate within the Agrico group, retaining its experienced workforce and market knowledge. This integration ensures the continuity of TPC’s expertise in developing potato varieties with broad nematode resistance.

Gaby Stet, the owner of TPC, expressed pride in the company’s journey and optimism about its future growth and professionalization with Agrico. Stet highlighted TPC’s role as a second sales channel within Agrico, with potential for further international expansion, ensuring continued returns for growers and maintaining TPC’s unique market identity.

Win-Win for Both Parties

Both CEOs, Mark Zuidhof of Agrico and Gaby Stet of TPC, are confident that this acquisition represents a win-win situation. It promises optimum solutions for affiliated growers, enhancing their financial returns and stimulating growth and development for both Agrico and TPC.

This strategic acquisition is more than just a business transaction; it represents a unification of strengths between Agrico and TPC. Together, they are poised to achieve joint success in the dynamic and challenging world of seed potatoes, setting a new standard for innovation and collaboration in the industry.

Source: Agrico
Image: Credit Holger Langmaier from Pixabay

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