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European researchers unite to combat potato pest threat at inaugural wireworm workshop

In a move to address the escalating threat of wireworms to potato crops, leading agricultural scientists and researchers from across Europe are set to gather in Oslo, Norway. The first workshop of the European Wireworm Research Network (EWRN) will be held as a satellite meeting of the 22nd Triennial Conference of the European Association for Potato Research, scheduled for July 7th, 2024.

This pioneering event marks a significant step forward in collaborative efforts to combat one of the most formidable pests affecting potato production on the continent and around the world.

Wireworms, the larval stage of click beetles, have been causing increasing concern among farmers due to their ability to damage a wide range of crops, with potatoes being particularly vulnerable. The economic impact of these pests is profound, leading to significant yield losses and reduced crop quality. Traditional control methods have proven inadequate in the face of rising wireworm populations, prompting the need for innovative research and integrated pest management strategies.

The workshop aims to bring together experts in entomology, agronomy, and pest management to share knowledge, discuss recent findings, and develop coordinated approaches to wireworm control. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in presentations, round-table discussions, and collaborative planning sessions, fostering a unified response to the wireworm challenge.

Key topics to be addressed include the latest advancements in wireworm biology and ecology, innovative monitoring and detection techniques, and the development of sustainable management practices. The event will also highlight the importance of cross-border cooperation in research and the implementation of effective control measures.

Details of the workshop, including contact and registration information, program schedules, and abstract submission guidelines, can be found on the official EWRN website.

This initiative represents a critical step towards safeguarding potato crops from wireworm damage and ensuring food security in Europe and beyond. The success of the European Wireworm Research Network’s first workshop could pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in pest management, benefiting farmers, consumers, and the environment alike.

Source: European Wireworm Research Network (EWRN)
Image: Credit EWRN

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