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AVR unveils the future of precision planting with the cutting-edge technology of the Ceres 440 planter

AVR has introduced the Ceres 440, a mounted four-row cup planter that promises to redefine precision planting. Designed to cater to both hydraulically and mechanically driven planting elements, the Ceres 440 is engineered for versatility and efficiency, ensuring that farmers can achieve the perfect plant every time.

Digital platform

The heart of the Ceres 440’s innovation lies in its ISOBUS control system and a row-independent hydraulic drive, which facilitate seamless operation and adaptability across various planting conditions. However, the true game-changer is the AVR Connect system.

This digital platform integrates all planting information and remote parameters, offering farmers a comprehensive solution to optimize their planting operations and access a broader spectrum of service options.

Precision paramount

Precision is paramount with the Ceres 440, which boasts features designed to ensure accurate planting with minimal effort:

  • A high-precision planting element with a moving floor, electrical agitators, and an adjustable tuber guiding channel for perfect spacing and placement.
  • A robust frame with a parallel setup ensures accurate depth control, while the automatic planter control adjusts for optimal planting conditions.
  • The row-independent planting element drive, powered by four hydraulic motors, allows for single tuber selection, eliminating misses and doubles.

Smart planting

Smart planting features elevate the Ceres 440 beyond traditional planters. With ISOBUS technology, farmers can easily connect the planter to a tractor and control it via the tractor or AVR screen. This integration enables advanced functionalities like section control and variable dosing quantities, based on task cards, enhancing efficiency and precision.

Wide range of tools

The planter’s versatility is further enhanced by its compatibility with a wide range of tools for soil preparation, protection, fertilization, and ridge construction. Options include the AVR MultiForce soil cultivator, powdering units, granulate applicator, AVR Spraying Unit, and an innovative automatic anti-erosion system designed to prevent soil erosion in heavy rain.

High capacity planting

Time-saving features are integral to the Ceres 440’s design, with a high-capacity bunker and a cup belt that ensures continuous precision even at high speeds. The AVR Connect system not only facilitates easy and detailed cost follow-up but also allows farmers to optimize their planting process, saving time and increasing productivity.

Leading the way in innovation

AVR’s Ceres 440 planter is not just a piece of machinery; it’s a comprehensive solution for modern agriculture, combining precision, efficiency, and versatility to meet the demands of today’s farmers. As the industry moves towards more sustainable and efficient farming practices, the Ceres 440 leads the way in innovation and performance.

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