Cultivation/Production, Equipment/Technology, Europe, UK, Ireland, Most viewed stories, News March 2024, Pests and Diseases, Smart Farming, Sustainability strikes exclusive distribution deals to revolutionize weed control and potato haulm desiccation in Germany

In a significant move that promises to reshape the landscape of agricultural weed control and potato haulm desiccation in Germany,, the innovative ag-tech company known for its pioneering organic solutions, has announced exclusive distribution partnerships with two of the country’s leading agricultural machinery and distributor giants: LVD KRONE and LVB Steinbrink.

These strategic alliances underscore’s commitment to expanding its reach and impact within the European agricultural sector, particularly in offering sustainable alternatives to traditional herbicide-based weed management practices.

Leading entities in agricultural machinery

Dirk Vandenhirtz, CEO of, expressed enthusiasm about the collaborations, stating, “We warmly welcome LVD KRONE and LVB Steinbrink to our partner network. Their reputation as leading entities in the European agricultural machinery and distribution landscape makes them ideal partners for us as we strive to deliver our innovative, organic solutions to more farmers across Germany.”

The partnership announcements come at a time when the agricultural industry is grappling with the escalating challenge of herbicide resistance. Traditional chemical-based weed control methods are increasingly proving ineffective, prompting a shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Reducing the environmental footprint of farming practices‘s technology, which harnesses the power of electrical energy to control weeds, offers a groundbreaking solution to this growing problem. By disrupting weed growth at the roots without the use of harmful chemicals,’s method not only addresses the issue of herbicide resistance but also reduces the environmental footprint of farming practices.

The company’s organic solution, which has been in development for several years, is now ready to be deployed on a larger scale, thanks to the support and distribution capabilities of LVD KRONE and LVB Steinbrink.

Additionally, has made headlines with its advanced potato desiccation applicators, set to be launched for the 2024 growing season. These applicators represent another facet of the company’s commitment to providing sustainable agricultural solutions.

Contributing to sustainable agriculture

The exclusive distribution agreements with LVD KRONE and LVB Steinbrink are poised to significantly enhance’s ability to deliver its cutting-edge solutions to farmers across Germany. By leveraging the extensive networks and expertise of these partners, is not only expanding its market presence but also contributing to the broader movement towards sustainable agriculture.

As the industry continues to evolve, partnerships like these are pivotal in ensuring that innovative solutions reach the farmers who need them most, ultimately leading to healthier crops, reduced environmental impact, and a more sustainable future for farming.

For the agricultural community in Germany and beyond, the collaboration between, LVD KRONE, and LVB Steinbrink marks a promising step forward in the quest for sustainable weed control solutions.

As these partnerships unfold, the agricultural sector eagerly anticipates the positive changes that’s technology will bring to farming practices, environmental stewardship, and the global fight against herbicide resistance.

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