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The UK’s National Farmers Union calls for potato industry enthusiasts to join influential policy group

The National Farmers Union (NFU) in the UK is inviting passionate individuals to join its esteemed Potato Policy Group (PPG). This call-to-action comes at a pivotal time for the industry, aiming to amplify the voice of UK growers in policy-making.

The NFU, a cornerstone in representing agricultural interests in the UK, is opening up to six positions within its PPG. This opportunity extends to members from all regions of England and Wales, encouraging diversity in expertise, especially from sectors such as processing, chipping, fresh, and notably, seed potatoes.

2024 has been highlighted as a crucial year, particularly for seed potato representatives, to take an active role in the group. With the potato sector facing various challenges, including crop protection, business resilience, and the repercussions of ongoing crises and cost inflation, the input of new members is invaluable.

The PPG convenes thrice annually at the NFU Headquarters in Stoneleigh, with the inaugural meeting of the year scheduled for 21 May. Subsequent meetings for the summer and November are yet to be confirmed. Besides in-person gatherings, the group maintains constant communication through emails and video calls, addressing urgent sector issues and focusing on key policy areas.

Application Process

Interested candidates are encouraged to seize this opportunity by downloading and completing the expression of interest form. Completed forms should be submitted to Rupert Weaver, the NFU Horticulture and Potatoes adviser, at The deadline for applications is set for 5 pm on Friday, 19 April.

Source: National Farmers Union (NFU). Original release here
Cover image: Credit NFU

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