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Sustainable spuds: The EU’s ‘Potatoes Forever!’ campaign champions eco-conscious cultivation

In a significant development for the international potato industry, the European Union has embarked on a noteworthy initiative titled “Potatoes Forever!” aimed at promoting sustainable potato cultivation and consumption across the continent.

This campaign, primarily funded by the European Union and meticulously planned for 2024, is not just an effort to endorse the potato but a decisive step towards sustainable agricultural practices.

The Essence of “Potatoes Forever!”

A Timeless Affinity for Potatoes
Potatoes have long been a staple in European cuisine, cherished for their fresh, tasty, healthy, and versatile nature. This campaign acknowledges the potato’s integral role in our daily meals and seeks to reinforce its presence sustainably.

Respecting and Preserving Nature
At the heart of the “Potatoes Forever!” initiative is a deep respect for nature. Every stakeholder in the potato industry, from farmers to retailers, is committed to environmentally friendly practices. These practices ensure that potatoes not only remain a staple in our diet but also contribute positively to the environment.

Communicating Sustainable Practices
A key aspect of the campaign is educating consumers about the industry’s sustainable efforts. While potatoes are popular, there’s a gap in consumer awareness regarding the environmentally friendly practices adopted from farm to table.

Sustainable Potatoes: From Farm to Plate

The journey of a sustainable potato begins in the field and ends on the plate. This initiative places significant emphasis on:

Environmental Impact: Minimizing and controlling environmental impact at every stage.
Climate Change Response: Adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change.
Industry-wide Participation: Encouraging all players in the industry to adopt environmentally friendly practices.

Engaging Consumers and Professionals

Consumer Engagement
The campaign recognizes the evolving demands of consumers who increasingly seek information about the food they eat, including its impact on health and the environment.

Professional Commitment
Professionals in the potato industry are equally passionate about adopting and expanding sustainable practices. These range from reducing carbon footprints to enhancing biodiversity.

Strategic Approach

Target Audience: Primarily adults aged 35-49.
Duration: The campaign is set to span 3 years.
Tactics: Include press relations, media partnerships, influencers, and dedicated exhibitions at agricultural shows.

Impact and Results

The initial phase of the campaign involved forums and digital interactions to gauge consumer knowledge and attitudes towards potatoes.

Additionally, educational videos and influencer engagements have been employed to widen the campaign’s reach and impact.

The Broader Picture

This EU-funded initiative not only aims to promote the potato but also aligns with the broader EU strategy of “Farm to Fork,” emphasizing sustainable food practices across the board. It represents a significant move towards a more sustainable future in agriculture, underlining the potato’s role as a key player in this journey.

In conclusion, “Potatoes Forever!” is more than a campaign; it’s a testament to the enduring relationship between Europeans and potatoes, now redefined through the lens of sustainability and environmental stewardship. As the campaign unfolds, it holds the promise of transforming the way potatoes are cultivated, processed, and enjoyed, setting a precedent for sustainable practices in the global agricultural industry.

Source: EU/Potatoes Forever!
Website here
News release here (in French language)

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