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Precision farming reaches new heights with Vultus’s early disease detection service for potato crops

In a groundbreaking move that could transform the future of potato farming, Swedish-based tech company Vultus, in collaboration with AR Tarim, part of Agrico and Europlant, has unveiled a pioneering service designed to revolutionize how potato diseases are managed.

This innovative service aims to provide farmers with the tools they need for early detection of diseases, potentially saving crops from devastating losses and ensuring sustainable farming practices.

The newly developed service by Vultus leverages cutting-edge technology to analyze weather and field data, enabling the prediction of disease outbreaks and pest invasions with remarkable accuracy. This proactive approach allows for the rapid identification of fungal diseases such as late and early blight, offering growers an invaluable tool in maintaining low infection levels and optimizing crop health.

Per Karlsson, CEO of Vultus, emphasized the significance of this advancement, stating, “With our expertise in precision farming and AR Tarim’s field data, we have developed and now offer a service to predict and control diseases in potato crops. The service is designed to facilitate early decisions for disease control and enable growers to use their pesticides more precisely and efficiently.”

This statement underscores the dual benefits of the service: enhancing disease management and promoting the judicious use of pesticides.

Echoing Karlsson’s sentiments, Ekrem Suad Sadak, CEO of AR Tarim, highlighted the collaborative effort behind this innovation, “We are pleased to work with Vultus to develop this service for early detection of diseases in potato crops. By giving growers access to decisions early on, the service can significantly facilitate the decision-making process for disease control. This not only leads to more efficient use of pesticides but also contributes to reduced environmental impact and optimized productivity.”

Sadak’s words shed light on the broader implications of this service, including its potential to contribute to environmental sustainability and increased agricultural productivity.

The introduction of Vultus’s new service marks a significant milestone in the field of precision agriculture, offering a glimpse into a future where technology and data-driven insights play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of farming practices. By enabling early detection and precise management of potato crop diseases, this service not only promises to improve the livelihoods of growers but also to pave the way for more environmentally friendly agricultural methods.

Source: Vultus AB
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Per Karlsson, CEO Vultus AB
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Photo: Late blight lesion on a potato leaf. Credit: Jean Ristaino, NC State University

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