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Maximize potato yields with Riegogel water-retaining

In a recent development for sustainable agriculture, Riegogel is making waves in the agricultural sector, particularly in potato cultivation. As water scarcity intensifies due to climate change, Riegogel emerges as an innovative solution, offering a beacon of hope for farmers grappling with water stress.

Riegogel is a water-retaining gel that eliminates crop water stress to combat drought. Riegogel retains water for up to 45 days. This means that the plant will be able to feed for 45 days even if there is no rain or watering.

The absorption capacity of Riegogel is greater than that of the soil, but less than that of the roots of the plants, so the water will be gradually released when the roots need it.

A Game-Changer in Water Management

Riegogel stands out as biodegradable water retainer, designed to enhance water retention in the soil, releasing it as needed, thereby mitigating water stress and fostering robust plant growth. This product marks a significant stride in sustainable farming, delivering a series of benefits that are nothing short of transformative:

Drastic Irrigation Reduction: Riegogel cuts irrigation needs by up to 50%, translating into substantial energy savings.

Boost in Production and Quality: It increases crop yield by up to 20%, yielding larger and healthier fruits.

Soil Health Preservation: It averts soil compaction and erosion, maintaining fertile, healthy soil conducive to crop growth.

Optimal Water and Nutrient Utilization: Riegogel ensures efficient use of water and nutrients, reducing losses to leaching and runoff.

Potato Cultivation Trials – A Testament to Success

Riegogal potato trial

In a series of meticulously conducted trials with the Soprano variety of potatoes, Riegogel’s effectiveness was put to the test:

First Trial Results: A striking 25.4% surge in potato production was recorded in areas treated with Riegogel compared to untreated ones.

Second Trial Observations: Even more compelling, the second trial noted a 12.4% increase in yield in Riegogel-treated areas.

These results not only demonstrate the product’s efficacy in enhancing potato yield but also underscore its role in boosting the economic viability for farmers.

Beyond Potatoes – A Versatile Solution

The utility of Riegogel extends beyond potato cultivation. Its applications span across various crops, including tree crops, horticultural plants, and even lawns and meadows, enhancing growth and resilience against adverse climatic conditions.

User-Friendly and Environmentally Safe

Riegogel’s ease of application, applied at planting or to established crops, and its four-year effectiveness make it an attractive choice for farmers. Its biodegradability ensures environmental safety, aligning with the principles of sustainable agriculture.

A Step Forward in Sustainable Farming

The advent of Riegogel is a pivotal moment in the quest for sustainable agriculture. By addressing water stress, increasing crop production, and enhancing quality, Riegogel stands as a testament to innovative solutions combatting the challenges posed by climate change.

Farmers seeking to bolster the resilience and productivity of their crops, be it potatoes or others, will find Riegogel an indispensable ally. Its simplicity, durability, and proven benefits make it a cornerstone in the pursuit of sustainable agriculture.

Source: Riegogel
Cover image: Riegogel without hydrating (left) and after hydration (right)
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