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Finnish Potato Association integrates into Europatat, enhancing European sector synergy

In a significant move that highlights the growing interconnectedness of the European potato industry, Europatat has announced the inclusion of PAYR, the Finnish Potato Sector Association, into its fold. This addition marks an expansion of Europatat’s influence, bringing the total number of countries represented to an impressive 21.

PAYR, established in 2015, represents a landmark consolidation in the Finnish potato sector. It emerged from the amalgamation of smaller potato associations, creating a unified voice for Finland’s entire potato value chain. The association’s primary focus lies in promoting potato sales, backing crucial potato research, and securing funding for its activities from various projects and operators within the potato domain.

The governance structure of PAYR is notably inclusive, with its board comprising 9 members. These individuals collectively represent eight critical categories of the Finnish potato value chain. These categories encompass the food potato industry and production, the market sector, the starch industry, starch potato production, seed potatoes, and domains concerning research, advice, and early potatoes.

At the helm of this diverse board is Mr. Markus Jussila, serving as the Chairman and representing the food potato industry, while Mr. Timo Myllymäki, the representative of the seed potato branch, occupies the Vice Chairman position. Additionally, Laila Matikainen acts as the notable representative of the association.

An annual highlight for PAYR is the Potato Winter seminar, a two-day event designed to provide potato professionals with up-to-date and essential information across various subjects. These include advancements in research, regulatory changes, and technological innovations within the potato industry. Looking forward, 2025 is poised to be a celebratory year for PAYR as it marks its 10th anniversary. The affiliation with Europatat comes at an opportune time, providing an additional boost to the association as it approaches this significant milestone.

This new partnership with Europatat is not just a feather in the cap for PAYR; it signals a strengthening of international collaboration within the potato industry. It underscores a commitment to shared knowledge, resources, and innovations, benefitting potato professionals and enthusiasts across Europe and beyond. As PAYR gears up for its 10th anniversary, its inclusion in Europatat is a testament to the growing prominence and unity of the European potato community.

Source: Europatat
Photo: Credit Europatat

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