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A giant in the making: Somos Hijolusa marks a new era in the Spanish potato and horticultural sector

In a landmark move that’s set to reshape the landscape of the Spanish potato and horticultural sector, three major players – Patatas Hijolusa, Agrícola Villena, and Natuber – have united to form Somos Hijolusa, a business group with a projected turnover exceeding a staggering €200 million, as reported on FreshPlaza.

Originating from León, Patatas Hijolusa, a company deeply rooted in family values and tradition, has been a leading name in Spain’s quality fresh potato market. The brainchild of founders José Luis Gómez and Victorina Pérez, the company has seen remarkable growth, especially after being steered by their descendants. It’s this blend of heritage and modern entrepreneurial spirit that has solidified Patatas Hijolusa’s status as a market leader in terms of both kilos marketed and turnover.

The alliance with Alicante-based Agrícola Villena and Vitorian Natuber marks a strategic expansion that transcends regional boundaries. Agrícola Villena, renowned for its innovative agricultural practices, brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sustainable farming, a crucial aspect in today’s environmentally conscious market. Natuber, hailing from Vitoria, adds its unique flair, further diversifying the group’s portfolio and reach.

Importantly, this union represents more than a mere business transaction. It’s a testament to the evolving nature of the potato and horticultural industry in Spain, where traditional family-run businesses are scaling new heights by embracing collaboration and forward-thinking strategies.

With a combined history that spans over half a century, the newly formed group brings together a legacy of quality and excellence. It stands as a beacon of how traditional businesses can adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing market landscape.

Somos Hijolusa, through this strategic amalgamation, is not just aiming to dominate the national market but is also setting its sights on international expansion. This move could potentially open up new avenues for export, contributing significantly to the Spanish economy and the global potato and horticulture industry.

Source: Somos Hijolusa. Read the original story on FreshPlaza
Cover image: Patatas Hijolusa. Credit FreshPlaza

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