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AVR celebrates 175 years with limited edition PUMA 4 harvester and a year of festivities

In a landmark year, AVR, the esteemed Belgian manufacturer known for its comprehensive range of potato harvesting machinery, marks its 175th anniversary. This significant milestone is celebrated with the launch of a limited edition PUMA 4.0 harvester, blending cutting-edge technology with a nostalgic design, alongside a series of celebratory events and initiatives.

Founded in 1849 by Pieter Vansteenkiste, AVR (Alfons Vansteenkiste Roeselare) began as a humble forge in Roeselare, crafting tools for agriculture and horticulture. The enterprise flourished over the centuries, evolving with the rapid technological advancements of the 20th century. By the 1970s, under the leadership of engineer Norbert Nollet, AVR had become a recognized name in the production of mechanical potato harvesting machines.

The evolution continued, and by 2006, AVR launched the first of its PUMA series, a 4-row self-propelled harvester that has since become the flagship of the company’s offerings. Now in its fourth generation, the PUMA remains a testament to AVR’s enduring commitment to innovation and quality.

Symbol of a rich heritage

The 175th-anniversary edition PUMA 4.0 is not merely a harvester; it is a symbol of AVR’s rich heritage fused with modern-day engineering excellence. This limited edition model promises to be a collector’s item with its retro-inspired design that nods to the company’s long history while incorporating the technological advancements that AVR is renowned for.

Stefan Top, Managing Director of AVR, underscores the company’s ongoing mission: “We manufacture, sell and service machines for potato growers who wish to work more efficiently and more sustainably.” He adds, “We market innovative technologies and products that make it possible to store more saleable potatoes with less effort in less time, using less fuel and with less soil compaction.”

With more than 550 units of its PUMA harvesters operating globally—from Western Europe to Canada and Australia—AVR’s impact on the agricultural sector is undeniable. The anniversary model of the PUMA 4.0 is expected to enhance this legacy, offering a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Range of anniversary celebrations

As part of the anniversary celebrations, AVR has planned a range of activities throughout 2024. These include special commercial actions, exclusive merchandising opportunities, and events designed to engage and thank the extensive AVR network of employees, customers, and dealers. This anniversary year not only honors AVR’s past achievements but also sets the stage for a future where innovation and sustainability continue to be paramount.

For those eager to witness the unveiling of the limited edition PUMA 4.0, AVR invites enthusiasts and industry stakeholders to follow their social media platforms for exclusive sneak peeks and updates.

AVR’s 175th year is more than a celebration of history; it’s a stepping stone towards a future where the brand continues to serve as a critical partner for farmers tackling the agricultural challenges of tomorrow.

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