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From field to storage: GB Potatoes leads the way in refining potato storage practices with innovative project

GB Potatoes, in collaboration with Potato Storage Insight and SDF Agriculture, is spearheading an initiative to optimize potato storage practices through the Strategic Potato (SPot) storage project. This project aims to equip potato growers with the knowledge and tools to refine their storage techniques, ultimately leading to enhanced cost control and improved product quality.

Moving beyond traditional methods, the Strategic Potato (SPot) storage project emphasizes practical, on-farm research and learning. The project features on-site demonstrations and trials, allowing growers to witness firsthand the impact of various storage strategies.

Upcoming On-Site Event Offers Valuable Insights

A crucial event in the SPot project will be held on May 14th at Winters Lane Storage Ltd. in Long Sutton. This gathering will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to delve into various aspects of potato storage optimization. Experts such as Adrian Cunnington of Potato Storage Insight and Simon Faulkner of SDF Agriculture will share their insights and findings from ongoing trials at Winters Lane and the nearby Gedney Dyke stores.

Key Topics to be Covered

Cold Storage Strategies for Fresh Potatoes: Exploring the effectiveness of maleic hydrazide uptake, cold temperature regimes, ethylene application, and other innovative products.
Store Design Optimization: Analyzing the impact of airflow, temperature consistency, insulation, respiration, and dormancy on potato quality.
Variety Performance: Examining how different potato varieties respond to diverse storage regimes, with a focus on a PCN trial.

Additional Highlights

Partner Showcase: Following a delicious hog roast lunch, attendees can interact with the 21 project partners, including industry leaders who will be available to discuss their offerings and solutions for potato growers.
Processing Store Visit: A short trip to the Gedney Dyke processing store will showcase two distinct storage strategies and their effects on dormancy break, respiration, weight loss, and fry color.
Expert Consultations: Roger Stones from NFU Energy will offer guidance on energy usage and potential cost-saving measures, while Richard Colgan will discuss the Produce Quality Centre pods used for respiration measurement.


To learn more about this exciting event and secure your place, please visit the GB Potatoes website:
For a comprehensive list of participating partners, visit the GB Potatoes news page:

Source: GB Potatoes
Graham Bannister at GB Potatoes:
Potato Storage Insight is a company offering independent advice on all aspects of potato storage.
Contact: Adrian Cunnington:
SDF Agriculture is an independent agronomy business specialising in potato production.
Contact: Simon Faulkner:
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