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Haith expands machinery lineup with new box filling and handling solutions to boost potato processing efficiency

In a significant expansion of its box-filling technology, Haith has introduced new enhancements to its product lineup, following the successful launch of the Quanta Fill box filler at this year’s Potato Expo in the United States. Building on this momentum, Haith has now unveiled the RotaTip PRO and an advanced box stacking module, setting new standards in efficiency and operational ease in the potato industry.

Quanta Fill box filler

The newly showcased Quanta Fill is engineered with a unique in-feed conveyor that carefully layers potatoes into a buffer bunker. This bunker descends into the box while active discharge doors facilitate the transfer of the crop, ensuring minimal handling stress and protecting both the produce and the equipment from damage. This innovative approach not only preserves the integrity of the potatoes but also optimizes the filling process to handle large volumes swiftly and safely.


Further enhancing operational efficiency, Haith has introduced a novel box stacking and de-stacking functionality, which will be a component of the 2024 upgrades for the RotaTip box tippler. This addition promises to revolutionize box handling by significantly reducing the need for forklift operations, a common bottleneck in many agricultural processing environments.

The RotaTip PRO itself has received considerable upgrades. Among its new features are an all-electric box clamping system that accommodates a variety of box heights and a slimmer design for easy transport. Notably, the RotaTip PRO’s design improvements include forklift pockets for easier relocation and low-level placement of the main electric drive to simplify maintenance tasks.

Popular machine

Highlighting the impact of these innovations, Duane Hill, Haith’s managing director, emphasized their customer-focused design, stating: “With nearly 200 RotaTip box tipplers in use worldwide, the RotaTip is an incredibly popular machine. We are always looking to make life easier and more efficient for our customers, and these new innovations will do just that.”

Hill further noted, “By introducing box stacking and de-stacking to both the RotaTip PRO and the Quanta Fill, users will operate more efficiently and with fewer forklift movements, something many of our customers have said they would benefit from.”

These developments are expected to set new operational benchmarks in the agricultural sector, particularly in the handling and processing of potatoes.

Source: Haith. Original news release here
Cover image: Haith Quanta Fill

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