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Global potato watch: Potato News Today celebrates over 1.8 million reads, reflecting commitment to the potato industry

Potato News Today is proud to announce that the platform has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 1.8 million reads of its news stories and articles to date. This achievement not only underscores the publication’s commitment to the potato industry, but also highlights its global impact, with a readership spanning well over 130 potato-producing countries. The site has registered close to 80,000 visits thus far in 2024, according to Google Analytics statistics.

Founded with the mission to provide specialized coverage of the potato sector, Potato News Today has established itself over the years as a trustworthy resource for industry news, delivering in-depth insights and analysis that cater to professionals and enthusiasts alike. The platform’s broad range of topics includes global potato trends, agricultural innovations, developments in potato technology, sustainable practices and more, making it a reliable tool for anyone involved in this vital industry.

Global Engagement and Continued Growth

The reach of Potato News Today into more than 130 countries illustrates the universal relevance and importance of potato production. “Achieving this level of global readership is a testament to the universal appeal of our content,” stated Lukie Pieterse, editor and publisher of Potato News Today. “Our readers from across the globe rely on us to keep them informed with accurate and timely information, reinforcing our role as a trusted source in the industry.”

Lukie is particularly humbled by the fact that many of the platform’s loyal followers dedicate valuable time to visit the site regularly. He expresses deep appreciation for their time and engagement, which are crucial to the success and continuing growth of Potato News Today. Whether providing breaking news, conducting interviews with key industry figures, or analyzing the latest market data, Potato News Today is committed to maintaining high journalistic standards and meeting the information needs of its readers.

Call to Action

As Potato News Today continues to grow and evolve, Lukie invites everyone involved in the potato industry across the globe to reach out and share their news stories, insights, and developments.

“Your contributions are vital to our mission. We also wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our regular contributors from various potato-producing countries, whose efforts and cooperation over the years have been indispensable to our success,” he says.

To submit your stories or get involved, feel free to contact Lukie Pieterse on

Looking to the Future

With an eye towards future growth, Potato News Today plans to expand its offerings to include more interactive and multimedia content to further engage its global audience.

As the global potato industry evolves, Potato News Today remains dedicated to provide crucial news and information. With a readership that spans the globe and continues to grow, the platform is well-equipped to continue its mission of informing and engaging the international potato community.

Cover image: Credit Gundula Vogel from Pixabay

Editor & Publisher: Lukie Pieterse

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