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‘Strategic Potato Storage Day’ set to showcase groundbreaking innovations in potato storage technology

On the horizon of agricultural innovation, the “Strategic Potato Storage Day,” scheduled for 14 May 2024 in the UK, is poised to spotlight the latest advancements in potato storage technology. This significant event, meticulously organized by GB Potatoes, Potato Storage Insight, and SDF Agriculture, is expected to draw industry leaders and agronomists to Winters Lane Storage (WLS) in Long Sutton, UK.

The day-long event will kick off at 9:30 AM at the storied Winters Lane Storage facility, located at Long Sutton, PE12 9BE, which stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Winters Lane Storage grower co-operative members.

Morning Session: A Deep Dive into Storage Science and Technology

Upon arrival, attendees will be greeted with an array of exhibits from project partners showcasing the forefront of storage technology. Key players in the potato storage arena such as Agrofresh, Biofresh/Safestore, Crop Systems, and Certis Belchim, among others, will display their latest products and systems.

The morning session will encompass presentations focusing on a variety of critical topics:

Storage Regimes: Exploring the intricacies of cold temperatures and various sprout suppression techniques.
Maleic Hydrazide Uptake: An analysis of the uptake results across commercial varieties.
Store Design Performance: Insights into air flow optimization using the Aspire system and the benefits of reversing fridge coils.
Temperature Distribution: A critical look at achieving evenness across storage facilities.
Energy Efficiency and Cost: Balancing energy use with the cost implications of storage solutions.
Advanced Research: Presentations from the University of Greenwich will cover respiration, weight loss, and dormancy research data.

Afternoon Session: Practical Demonstrations at Satellite Stores

The afternoon will extend an invitation to participants to visit satellite stores at Gedney Dyke, PE12 0AJ, hosted by S&S Pugh. This segment will feature:

Two Processing Stores: Specifically focusing on commercial crops for industry giant McCain.
Storage Strategies and Results: Detailed discussions on the use of Maleic Hydrazide with DMN and Ethylene, as well as the innovative combination of MH with 1-MCP and Ethylene.
Fry Colour Analysis: Comparative results on fry colour across different storage strategies.
Smart Storage Solutions: An overview of the SmartStor equipment and its operational benefits in storage management.

Registration and Participation

This strategic event promises to be a cornerstone for those involved in the potato industry, from growers to researchers and commercial stakeholders. Interested parties are encouraged to secure their spots by registering through the event link provided by GB Potatoes: Strategic Potato Storage Day Registration.

As the potato industry continues to evolve, the “Strategic Potato Storage Day” stands as a pivotal gathering for sharing knowledge, networking, and advancing the global conversation on sustainable and efficient agricultural practices. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of shaping the future of potato storage.

Further information:
Contact Adrian Cunnington of Potato Storage Insight at 07970 072260 or via email at
Cover image: Glyn Harper covered disease management with the full group during the PSI Store Manager’s Course in February 2024. Credit PSI

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