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Seed potato institute in France launches comprehensive English-language website to boost global outreach

In a significant step toward enhancing its global footprint and engaging more broadly with international stakeholders, the Agricultural Technical Institute of Seed Potato in France, also known as inov3pt, has announced the launch of its new English-language website.

The platform, which went live earlier this week, promises to be a game-changer in how the institute shares information and interacts with the global agricultural community.

The new website, accessible at, offers a deep dive into the institute’s core missions, thematic focuses, ongoing projects, and much more. This initiative is expected to bolster inov3pt’s visibility on the international stage, providing a critical link between the institute’s groundbreaking research and the global industry it serves.

A Portal to Pioneering Potato Research and Projects

Inov3pt’s new online presence is meticulously designed to showcase the breadth and depth of its initiatives in potato research and development. Key sections of the website include detailed overviews of the institute itself, its main thematic areas, and active programs aimed at advancing potato science and agricultural practices.

The website highlights several of inov3pt’s current projects, offering insights into collaborative efforts designed to foster innovation in potato breeding, disease resistance, and yield optimization. These projects not only reflect the institute’s commitment to scientific excellence but also its role as a collaborative hub in the international agricultural community.

Cutting-Edge Tools and Resources

Visitors to the new website will find a wealth of resources at their fingertips. This includes access to the latest publications, digital applications, and instructional videos, all designed to support and enhance the work of farmers, researchers, and industry professionals worldwide.

A standout feature of the website is the Varietal Identification Network, a unique platform that allows for enhanced communication and data exchange among potato varietal researchers and producers globally. This network underscores inov3pt’s commitment to fostering a collaborative environment that supports innovation and shared learning.

With an entire section dedicated to the latest news and updates, the website ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed about the latest developments in potato research and institute activities. This constant stream of updated content is crucial for keeping the community engaged and well-informed.

A Call to Explore

Inov3pt extends an open invitation to all interested parties to visit the new website and explore the various features and information available. The launch of the English version of the site is a strategic move to reach a wider audience, reflecting the institute’s commitment to contributing to a sustainable and productive global agricultural sector.

As this portal goes live, it marks a new chapter for inov3pt, promising to enhance its educational and collaborative efforts across the globe. For more information and to experience the full range of resources available, visit

Cover image: Credit Matthias Böckel from Pixabay

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