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Global flavors, local tastes: The creative twist on McDonald’s fries around the world

Though fast food in America offers a kind of mind-numbing consistency — you’re pretty much going to get the same stuff, made the same way, no matter what state you’re in — things can be weird and wonderful elsewhere in the world. This is particularly true for McDonald’s, a fast food juggernaut that has conquered the globe by matching the tastes of international markets, writes Kyle Grace Mills in an article published by Chowhound.

According to its website, McDonald’s has over 38,000 locations worldwide, and while iconic items like the McFlurry and Chicken McNuggets have all received twists beyond the American standard, its classic French fries might take the prize for the most variations.

The Big Mac may be named after the company, but fries are arguably the most famous and inimitable item in the McDonald’s repertoire. If you’re not going to make your own French fries at home, a red cardboard sleeve from Mickey D’s usually hits the spot, but imagine grabbing one in Japan, Norway, or India, where a plain, salted French fry is far from the only option.

From the gravy-loaded fries of Australia to the sweet corn-seasoned fries of the Philippines, here are some of the most exciting variants McDonald’s has offered.

Source: Chowhound. Read the full story here
Photo: Mexican cheesy fries in India. Credit McDonald’s India/YouTube via Chowhound

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