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New partnership in agri-tech: Tolsma-Grisnich and Invaro Group collaborate on cutting-edge sorting technology

As of May 1, 2024, Tolsma-Grisnich and the Invaro Group have joined forces in the field of optical sorting of potatoes and onions. The partnership means that Tolsma-grisnich and the Invaro Group are embarking on an intensive collaboration.

As part of this collaboration, Tolsma-Grisnich will take on all commercial and service activities of the Schouten Optica Q and Optica CS globally. The Invaro Group will continue to focus on the development and production of Optica technology and machinery.

Collaborative advancement

As leading companies in the agricultural and horticultural sector, both companies focus on providing innovative solutions for the storage and processing of potatoes and onions, among other things. With decades of combined experience and proven reputations, they have a solid foundation of customer trust and quality.

Together, they will offer innovative solutions that simplify the work of growers and processors and enhance the quality of their end product. Commercial professionals Bram Jansen and Jaap Haaksema of the Invaro Group will transition to the Tolsma-Grisnich team to strengthen and support the sales network.

Advanced sorting technologies

The Schouten Optica Q and Optica CS are a valuable addition to Tolsma-Grisnich’s existing range and enable customers to benefit from advanced sorting technologies.

Source: Tolsma-Grisnich
Cover image: Schouten Optica Q

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