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A special announcement from Lukie, editor and publisher of Potato News Today

Dear readers, followers, and kind friends of Potato News Today:

Today, I reach out to you with a heart full of immense joy and profound gratitude. As your editor and publisher, I’ve shared many stories of growth and harvest with you over the past ten, twenty years or more, but none of these were as personal or as deeply joyful and personally touching as the news I wish to share today. I am now a proud grandfather, believe me or not! My dearest and only daughter, Annemie, the epitome of kindness and an exceptionally caring soul, was blessed to give birth to a beautiful baby boy today…

Annemie is not just my beloved daughter, but foremost a beacon of love and resilience. Her journey to motherhood, alongside her devoted husband Shawn, has been long, extremely challenging, and often filled with disappointments and all kinds of life’s typical ‘potholes’… Yet, she persevered and prevailed, and she was privileged to become a Mom at long last after many years of trying and sad disappointments…

Annemie’s unwavering spirit, lovable personality and inherent nurturing nature assure me that she will no doubt be a perfect mother – well, as perfect as any mother can hope to be? Those of you who know her, either personally or through some of my stories, are aware of her incredible warmth, generosity of spirit, and lovable character.

This joyful moment is to me a reflection of life’s most cherished cycles – much like the seed we plant that grow into hearty potatoes – which we so often discuss here on Potato News Today. This newly born little boy, entering our lives at long last, is to me a testament to potential and promise, nurtured by a loving Mom and family that values growth, perseverance and new beginnings.

Thank you for me being able to share this very personal news with you? Our small family have come a very long way since moving to peaceful Canada from a crime-ridden South Africa back in 1996 – at a time when Annemie was merely 20 months old. She was fortunate to grow up and became an adult as a citizen of probably the most wonderful, safe and civilized country and society in the world… Since then, Annemie has become the most lovable, soft-spoken, and kind lady one could imagine…

Stay tuned for more updates if you wish to do so, and indeed, some adorable snapshots of our newest ‘little potato’ that a proud grampie might want to share with you from time to time… 🙂

With kind wishes from the Annapolis Valley here on the east coast of Canada,

Dear and lovable Annemie…
Annemie’s tiny little potato at 7lb 15oz… And all of 55cm/21in tall…

Editor & Publisher: Lukie Pieterse

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