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UK potato supplier Branston donates £10k to support potato production among local farmers in Uganda

The local farmers drawn from the community around Alito, an agricultural college in Uganda, are set to benefit £10k donation by Branston Ltd, a UK potato supplier to support production of potatoes and boost food security and income among the local people, according to a report by  Zablon Oyugi for Farmers Review Africa.

Alito has been building the capacity of the local farmers by teaching farming skills so that they are able to grow the crop by themselves.

In this, students are allowed to witness the growth of the first crop, they are then given 5kg of potato seeds, a new variety not yet cultivated in the area, to take home after their graduation in summer.

Besides the funding which part of a new joint venture, Branston will also support Alito by digging 2,000 cubic metre water lagoons for irrigation as well as carrying out trials on a test site that could be used as a teaching plot for students to learn about fertiliser usage, new potato varieties and planting techniques.

According to Ian Anorld, Branston Interim Project Manager, there are over 100 students and staff members at the college who have participated in the project.

Source: Farmers Review Africa. Full story here
Cover photo: Alito potato project. Credit Farmers Review Africa

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