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Potato storage breakthroughs: Innovative solutions from the North America Potato Storage Summit

A group of passionate potato industry leaders is planting the seeds for the inaugural North America Potato Storage Summit, an event dedicated to finding efficient potato storage solutions across the continent and beyond.

Recognizing the critical role of efficient storage practices in the industry’s success, the Summit aims to bring together farmers, agronomists, consultants, and researchers to explore cutting-edge techniques and best practices.

Bridging the gap between traditional and modern storage technologies and practices

“Proper storage is often an undervalued aspect of potato production,” says Addie Waxman, one of the Summit’s Founders. “Our goal is to elevate its importance and equip stakeholders with the knowledge and tools they need to optimize storage, reduce waste, and enhance profitability.”

The Summit will focus on bridging the gap between traditional methods and modern technology, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering a community of collaboration and innovation. Key topics will include:

•              Best Management Practices: Sharing proven strategies for maintaining potato quality and minimizing losses during storage.

•              Sustainable Solutions: Exploring eco-friendly technologies and approaches that reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

•              Innovation and Technology: Showcasing the latest advancements in storage infrastructure, monitoring systems, and data-driven decision-making.

•              Community Building: Fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among industry stakeholders across North America and around the world.

Virtual and in-person meetings scheduled

The organizers are currently inviting individuals with expertise and passion for potato storage to join the Summit’s Central Committee, scheduled for June 17, 2024 at 10am PST. This Committee will play a pivotal role in shaping the event’s agenda, securing speakers, and engaging with the wider potato community. Anyone with an interest is welcome to get in touch and join the meeting.

This meeting will be followed by an person Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, July 23, 2024 at 3pm PST during the 2024 PAA event in Portland, Oregon. The Summit’s Central Committee will play a crucial role in steering the event’s agenda and outcomes. Members will have the opportunity to contribute their expertise and insights to craft a robust framework for the future of potato storage.

“We believe that by working together, we can significantly improve potato storage practices and contribute to a more sustainable and secure food system,” adds Summit Founder, Bill Orr. “We are inviting leaders who are as passionate about innovation in potato storage as we are. The input and experience of our Central Committee members are invaluable as we aim to make substantial contributions to food security and sustainable farming practices worldwide.”

Invitation to participate in the initiative

The Summit has established an online home at, where interested parties are welcome to check out the latest updates, resources, and information about the North America Potato Storage Summit.

Interested individuals are encouraged to get in touch at their earliest convenience to confirm their participation in this pivotal initiative.

According to the Founders, the Summit represents a significant step toward enhancing the resilience and efficiency of potato storage solutions, promising substantial benefits for the industry at large. This is an unparalleled opportunity to influence the future of the potato industry and to be at the forefront of agricultural innovation in North America.

For more information or to express interest in joining the Central Committee, please get in touch with our Communications Coordinator, Emily Merk at

Source: North America Potato Storage Summit
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