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Pioneering the future of potato storage: North America Potato Storage Organization gears up for first virtual meeting

The newly established North America Potato Storage Organization (NAPSO) is set to hold its first virtual Central Committee meeting on Monday, June 17, 2024. This inaugural gathering marks a significant milestone for the organization as it embarks on its mission to revolutionize potato storage practices across the continent.

Industry leaders and experts will converge online to lay the foundation for NAPSO’s future endeavors, setting the stage for impactful collaborations and innovations in potato storage.

Agenda Highlights

Facilitated by Emily Merk, the meeting will kick off at 10 AM PST and will cover a comprehensive agenda aimed at organizational development and strategic planning. Key highlights of the agenda include:

  • Introduction of NAPSO Meeting: Emily Merk will introduce the objectives and expectations for the meeting, setting a collaborative tone for the discussions.
  • Introduction of Founders Committee: Bill Orr will present the founding members of NAPSO, highlighting their expertise and contributions to the industry.
  • Me in a Minute” Presentations: Founders will introduce themselves and their potato storage experiences through brief PowerPoint presentations. Participants include Bill Orr, Emily Merk, Addie Waxman, and Lukie Pieterse.
  • Anti-Trust Statement and Agreement: Bill Orr will address essential anti-trust guidelines to ensure compliance and integrity in all discussions.
  • Team Ground Rules: Addie Waxman will establish the ground rules for the committee, fostering a respectful and productive environment.
  • Purpose and Mission Statement: Emily Merk will articulate the purpose of NAPSO, followed by Lukie’s presentation of the organization’s mission statement, emphasizing research-based initiatives over sales.
  • Entity Formation: Bill Orr will discuss the key points of forming the entity, outlining the structure and roles within the organization, including Chair, Treasurer, and Recorder positions.
  • Sub-Committees Formation: The meeting will also focus on the establishment of various sub-committees dedicated to different sectors within the potato industry, such as Processors, Fresh Market, Seed, Allied Industries, Purchasers/Buyers of Product, Growers, and Universities.

Building a Collaborative Future

This virtual meeting represents the beginning of a collaborative journey for NAPSO, as members work together to enhance potato storage solutions through education, innovation, and sustainability. The organization aims to create a robust framework that not only improves storage practices but also contributes to the overall profitability and environmental sustainability of the potato industry.

“We are excited to bring together such a diverse and knowledgeable group of industry leaders,” says Addie Waxman, one of the organizers. “This meeting is a crucial step in our mission to transform potato storage practices and build a more resilient and efficient industry here in North America.”

Looking Ahead

Following the virtual meeting, NAPSO is scheduled to hold its first in-person meeting during the 2024 Potato Association of America (PAA) event in Portland, OR, on July 23, 2024, at 3 PM PST. This session will provide an opportunity for further discussions and strategic planning, solidifying the initiatives set forth during the virtual meeting.

Join the Movement!

NAPSO invites all stakeholders in the potato storage industry to participate and contribute to this groundbreaking initiative. For more information and to stay updated on future events, visit, and/or get in touch with Communications Coordinator, Emily Merk at

About the North American Potato Storage Summit

The North American Potato Storage Summit (NAPSS) is an initiative dedicated to advancing potato storage solutions through education, collaboration, and innovation. The Summit aims to equip stakeholders with the knowledge and tools needed to optimize storage practices, reduce waste, enhance profitability, and contribute to a more sustainable food system.
Addie Waxman, McCain Foods
Bill Orr, 1,4GROUP Canada
Emily Merk, Restrain
Lukie Pieterse, Potato News Today

Source: North American Potato Storage Organization (NAPSO)

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