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Market report: European potato prices rise on prospects of another delayed harvest

The Mintec Benchmark Price for Dutch processing potato price surged by 26.7% month-on-month to €475/MT in May, according to a market report by Mintec analyst Harry Campbell. 

According to him, market sources report that prices are continuing to rise as the likelihood of a delayed harvest due to wet plantings increases, further straining the limited 2023 potato stocks. 

Planting progress

Planting progress for the 2024 potato crop varies across Europe. Germany has nearly completed planting, with a 4.0% year-on-year increase to 275,400 hectares, according to government estimates from Destatis.

In Belgium, less than half of the crop had been planted by 21st May due to weather delays, as per a survey by Viaverda/PCA, a research organisation involved in Belgium’s potato market.

Meanwhile, France has planted over 80% of its area, though some regions are experiencing slower progress due to rain, according to market sources.

In the Netherlands, planting has accelerated and is almost complete, with 10-20% of the area remaining. Overall, favourable conditions of sunshine and showers have supported growth, though challenges persist in some regions due to heavy soil and wet weather. 

Quality of seed potatoes

According to Viaverda, prolonged delays in planting work make it increasingly difficult to maintain the quality of the already-delivered seed potatoes. In extreme cases, early varieties stored since March suffer the most, with seed potatoes losing much of their initial quality as half tubers dry out or show rot on the cut surfaces.

Harry Campbell, Market Analyst, Mintec
Cover image: Credit arminios78 from Pixabay

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