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Dutch firm debuts next-level conveyor belt for potato processors

Ammeraal Beltech has launched a new easy-to-clean, non-stick and durable conveyor belt for potato processing. The Ropanyl EM 8/2 00+02 light blue AS FG AM /60shD is a food-grade synthetic belt with anti-stick and anti-starch properties, making cleaning easier and ensuring a longer lifespan, as Maura Maxwell reports for Fruitnet.

“Conveyor belts are often overlooked yet essential components in potato processing,” the company said. “Issues such as starch adherence to the conveyor surface, belt mistracking, and heavy cleaning, can result in costly downtime and impact productivity.

“Ammeraal Beltech innovative solutions are designed to address these challenges, ensuring smooth operations and maximised productivity.”

“Our synthetic belt is tailored precisely to ensure the integrity and safety of products and enhance production performance,” Ammeraal Beltch said.

Source: Fruitnet. Read the full story here
Image: Credit Ammeraal Beltech via Fruitnet

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