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Heartland Potato Chips: A New Zealand success story revisited

The story of Heartland Potato Chips is a compelling example of local enterprise triumphing in a global market. Founded by the Bowan family, Heartland has remained steadfastly committed to New Zealand’s roots—literally and figuratively—since taking over an old multinational facility and starting the company in 2012, three years after Bluebird closed operations in Washdyke near Timaru.

Raymond and Adrienne’s son James runs the farm at Orton, where he lives with wife Jess and their three children. It is a rural community 20 minutes north of Washdyke and it is here that the potatoes are grown alongside cereal crops, and sheep. 

Daughter Charlotte is the general manager of the company. She and her fiancé Nathan have two young children. Another daughter, Kate, is not directly involved in the business but still very connected to what is happening in the company.

They pride themselves on producing chips that are not only locally sourced but also crafted with sustainable methods, showcasing innovative flavors that resonate with New Zealanders’ tastes. Over the years, Heartland has emerged as the only New Zealand-owned chip manufacturer, a testament to their dedication to quality and local industry.

Their approach to using sunflower oil and implementing environmentally friendly practices has set them apart in a crowded market, appealing to consumers who value both quality and ethical production.

As Heartland continues to flourish, they exemplify the resilience and innovation that characterize New Zealand’s agricultural and entrepreneurial spirit.

For an in-depth look at their journey, visit Rural Delivery.

Source: Rural Delivery. Read the article and watch a YouTube video here
Image: Credit Rural Deliver YouTube video

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