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We’d be happy to promote your potato company, your projects, products and/or your services on Potato News Today. So, what can you expect when launching a digital advertising campaign on Potato News Today?

Global reach of Potato News Today

Potato News Today was launched in 2014, and has since evolved to become the “go-to” website for many in the potato industry, visited daily by a great number of folks to read reports on breaking news and current trends in the international industry. We are passionate about potatoes, and are committed to the publication of sensible, breaking potato news stories on the site, often 7 days a week.

Site visitors include individuals active in all major sectors of the industry – farmers, agronomists, researchers, equipment dealers, processors, storage and fresh market industries, and many other industry professionals.

Potato News Today registered a total of just more than 360,000 visits from 2020 until the end of July 2021, according to statistics generated by Google Analytics.

Site visitors during this time were located in a little over 150 countries around the world.

What we have to offer

We offer companies an opportunity to introduce and promote their products and services to our site visitors in a number of ways: via a banner placement on the site, publication of press/news releases, coverage on social media, inclusion in Google’s news database, publication of customized short-form videos, and more.


Company banners are placed and displayed in several locations on the homepage of Potato News Today, as well as on each of the 10,000+ pages in the site’s database of news articles.

Banner displays are offered for time periods of 6 or 12 month time slots. Banners can be revised to ensure freshness at any time during the display period – we will upload and display revised images / banner links right away after receiving it.

Press/news releases

Published as news articles: Company press releases are published as breaking news articles on the homepage of Potato News Today, and assigned unique, permanent URL’s that can then be referenced by other sites and on social media channels. Summaries of these news posts are also indexed in several sub sections of the site based on relevance (i.e. latest news, processing, smart farming, trends, production/agronomy, equipment/technology, studies/reports and 30 others).

Google: All published news releases are submitted for inclusion in the Google news database right after publication on Potato News Today and it usually show up in Google searches within the hour.

Social media: The releases are also published on our social media channels at the very moment when it goes public on the site – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

E-mailed: A brief summary of press releases (with a link to the full release) are sent to our dedicated opt-in email list of followers around the world at the very moment when we publish it on Potato News Today.

Published in subcategories of interest: We publish summaries of all press releases that we post on Potato News Today into subcategories on the site that are applicable to the content of the releases (i.e. Equipment and Technology, Smart Farming, Storage, Trends, and more). We feature more than 40 subcategories on the site, based on readers’ interests and applicable to the potato industry as such.

Customized videos

Short-form videos of about one minute long, also called “micro videos”, are very popular on the Internet, and regarded by online gurus as very effective marketing tools. We can create and publish short promotional videos for you to accompany any or all of your company press releases that we publish as news articles on Potato News Today – similar to the video on the right (which can also be viewed on YouTube here).

Other examples of customized micro videos that we produced include those at the end of these news stories and press releases:

Audio files

Advertisers can request us to produce audio mp3 summaries of their press releases, which we will then publish as part of the releases that we publish on Potato News Today.

Get in touch

You are most welcome to get in touch with us for further information and a price quotation – we will be happy to respond. Please send an email to Lukie at: or Looking forward to hear from you!

Spud greetings from the east coast of Canada,
Lukie Pieterse
Editor and Publisher, Potato News Today

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