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We’re excited to help you promote your potato business, projects, products, and/or services on Potato News Today. What can you expect when initiating a digital advertising campaign with us?

Global reach of Potato News Today

Launched in 2014, Potato News Today has grown into the premier website for many in the potato industry. Our site is visited daily by a significant number of people seeking the latest news and trends in the global sector. We’re passionate about potatoes and dedicated to publishing timely, relevant potato news stories, often seven days a week.

Our audience comprises individuals involved in all major potato industry sectors, including farmers, agronomists, researchers, equipment dealers, processors, storage and fresh market industries, and various other professionals.

Our Offerings

We provide businesses with the opportunity to showcase and advertise their products and services through various means, such as banner placement, press/news release publication, social media coverage, inclusion in Google’s news database, customized short-form video production, and more.


We feature company banners prominently on Potato News Today’s homepage and throughout our 10,000+ news article database. Banners are available for 6 or 12-month durations, and can be updated at any time to maintain a fresh appearance.

Press/news releases

We publish company press releases as breaking news stories on our homepage, assigning them unique, permanent URLs for reference on other sites and social media. Release summaries are indexed in relevant site subsections, and submitted to Google’s news database. Our social media channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, also feature these releases, and they’re emailed to our global opt-in subscriber list.

Summaries of these news stories are also indexed in several sub sections of Potato News Today, based on relevance (i.e. latest news, processing, smart farming, trends, production/agronomy, equipment/technology, studies/reports and 30 other subcategories).

All published news releases are submitted for inclusion in the Google news database right after publication on Potato News Today and it usually show up in Google searches within the hour.

Customized videos

Short, engaging micro videos (approximately one minute long) are highly popular and effective marketing tools. We can create and publish brief promotional videos to accompany your company press releases on Potato News Today – similar to the video on the right (which can also be viewed on YouTube here).

Other examples of customized micro videos that we produced include those at the end of these news stories and press releases:

Audio files

Upon request, we can produce audio mp3 summaries of your press releases to be published alongside the releases on Potato News Today.

Get in touch

We invite you to reach out for more information and pricing details. Feel free to email Lukie at or We look forward to hearing from you!

Spud greetings from the east coast of Canada,
Lukie Pieterse
Editor and Publisher, Potato News Today

Editor & Publisher: Lukie Pieterse


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