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Annual Insight reports on current potato market outlook

Annual Insight recently published a new report on the current potato market situation. In the report the company says that there were strong sales growth for Agristo. The strong net sales development in 2018 reportedly shows that Agristo was able to fill its new plant in Wielsbeke. Annual Insights also reports that Mydibel is planning to build a new processing[Read More…]

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How Indra Nooyi got PepsiCo’s customers to accept a heart-healthy alternative to potato chips

Former PepsiCo chief Indra Nooyi, who stepped down as CEO last year, was instrumental in shifting company’s focus from sugary beverages to healthier options. But it wasn’t always an easy task for the former CEO. Speaking at Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women International Summit recently, Nooyi recalled how she met with a lot of resistance not only from the investors[Read More…]

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Potato processing market to reach USD 37.41 billion by 2026

Growing demand for processed foods, increasing consumer inclination towards vegetarian food and snacks, an expanding food retail industry along with the improving global potato crop over the years are key factors contributing to high CAGR of Potato `Processing market during the forecast period. According to the current analysis of Reports and Data, the global Potato Processing market was valued at[Read More…]

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New posts on Potato News Today to resume

Dear folks, I wish to apologize for not posting new potato news items here during the past week – the reason being that I was of ill health and hospitalized for most of the time. But all is well now, and news on international potato developments will appear here again soon. Please feel free to send along any recent press[Read More…]

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‘Adopt a potato farmer’ program viewed by millions around the world

Side Delights’ in the US’s “Adopt a Potato Farmer” program has brought awareness to food bloggers and their audiences. The program paired regional food bloggers and Fresh Solutions Network farmers who grow Side Delights potatoes to share their stories, according to a news release. Bloggers shared farmers’ stories and recipes on their websites and social media platforms and generated more than two[Read More…]

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‘Eco friendly’ packaging for fries made from potato skins

It was widely reported in the media during the end of last year that Italian designers Simone Caronni, Paolo Stefano Gentile and Pietro Gaeli have created an ecological packaging for fries made from recycled potato skins (peels), as a sustainable alternative to paper. We wish to rehash that here… Called “Peel Saver”, the packaging is essentially made of starch and[Read More…]

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US potato industry concerned that Europe failed to renew CIPC

Idaho potato industry leaders fear they may be adversely affected by Europe’s recent decision not to renew certification of CIPC – a chemical used globally to inhibit tubers from sprouting in storage. Chloropropham, also known as CIPC, is the world’s most popular potato sprout inhibitor, applied by farmers since 1952. It’s also been used as a plant growth regulator and[Read More…]

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Farmers among biggest victims of climate change

Food waste, soil erosion, deforestation and, yes, methane from cows feature in a major Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on land. Farmers emerge not only as contributors to climate change, but some of its most significant victims. Farming needs to change to help save the climate - but if other emitters don’t slash their carbon outputs to save the climate and,[Read More…]

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British Potato 2019 event: Scotts Precision Manufacturing plans big presence with haulm toppers and harvesting machine

Scotts Precision Manufacturing is aiming to finish its record-breaking year in style with its largest-ever presence at British Potato 2019. The Lincolnshire manufacturer of vegetable harvesting equipment will have two stands at the Harrogate show in November.  On its outside stand, Scotts will be showcasing its range of haulm toppers; while inside it will be exhibiting its Evolution Separator. Sales[Read More…]

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Sweet potatoes vs. potatoes: Which are healthier? Nutritionists weigh in

Potatoes are practical and delish, but they’ve gotten a bit of a bad rap, nutritionally speaking. Sweet potatoes have swooped in as a trendy tater alternative, and so began the sweet potato vs. potato health debate. This, according to an article written by Jennifer Nied and published in Women’s Health magazine today. But are sweet potatoes truly healthier than potatoes?[Read More…]

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Potato tuber greening: A review of redisposing factors, management and future challenges

In this scientific paper, published in the American Journal of Potato Research, scientists Sabine Tanios, Alieta Eyles, Robert Tegg, and Calum Wilson wrote that greening is a major cause of quality loss in potato tubers. As underground stems, potato tubers are non-photosynthetic plantorgans that lack photosynthetic machinery. However, after light exposure, amyloplasts convert to chloroplasts in tuber peripheralcell layers, which[Read More…]

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Syngenta acquires agri-business software company

Syngenta, the Switzerland-based pesticide and seed company whose North American crop protection company is based in Greensboro, announced that it has acquired all assets of The Cropio Group, an agriculture tech company centered in Eastern Europe. Cropio provides farm management software, with about 10 million hectares of crops currently under management. The software provides imaging, record-keeping and equipment tracking functions.[Read More…]

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‘The bots are here – and they’re protecting our crops’

Armed with AI-equipped smartphones, African farmers should be able to detect and deal with potato viruses before they get out of hand. This, according to Jan Kreuze, a member of the science leadership team at the International Potato Center (CIP), headquartered in Lima, Peru. In a recent article published by Scientific American, Kreuze writes: “Whether it’s our jobs, our privacy[Read More…]

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CIP research benefitted more than 7 million households during 2013 – 2018

The International Potato Center (CIP), based in Lima, Peru says in its recently released Annual Report that between 2013-2018, research for development by CIP has benefitted more than 7 million households. In the foreword to the Report, Barbara H Wells (Director General) and Rodney Cooke (Chair, Board of Trustees) say innovative technologies and dynamic markets can offer women and young[Read More…]

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High-tech companies partner to offer new technology solutions to the potato industry

Pessl Instruments, a global manufacturer and provider of advanced agricultural technology solutions and holistic tools for informed decision-making under the METOS brand, headquartered in Austria, and Solentum, a service company from Holland, offering data-driven solutions for the international potato value chain, have signed a partnership agreement in precision agriculture. Over the years, Pessl Instruments has managed to reach out to[Read More…]

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The Roundup issue: Global regulatory and health research agencies on whether glyphosate causes cancer

Does glyphosate—the world’s most heavily-used herbicide—pose serious harm to humans? Is it carcinogenic? Those issues are of both legal and scientific debate. In this infographic article by Kayleen Schreiber and published by the Genetic Literacy Project, the author points out that in three court cases,  juries have ruled that glyphosate, sold in non-generic form under the trade name Roundup and made[Read More…]

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Climate change is likely to devastate the global food supply. But there’s still reason to be hopeful

The most troubling paradox of the 21st century may be that human population is expected to climb to 9.7 billion by midcentury — yet the global food supply is predicted to plummet, writes Amanda Little in a recent article published by Time magazine. The Special Report on Climate Change and Land released earlier this month by the United Nations’ International Panel on Climate[Read More…]

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German company says it holds the solution to potato greening

The toxins solanin and chaconin are responsible for the “greening” of potato tubers. This makes the tubers not only unsightly and unsuitable for the trade, but inedible as well, because the glycoalkaloids solanine and chaconin are toxic to humans.  Based on intensive studies and practical experience, German based Conpower has been manufacturing special luminaires for the potato industry for nearly[Read More…]

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Join the CIP-organized entry level training school on using potato biodiversity in breeding

The International Potato Center (CIP) is organizing an entry level training school where you will learn about crop biodiversity and how genetic resources can be used in pre-breeding. The training school will take place at the International Potato Center (CIP) in Lima from November 5th until November 7th, 2019. This training school is aimed at (Junior) potato breeders and researchers from Latin America who are interested[Read More…]

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Viewpoint: Dissecting the fear-based case against gene-edited crops in organic farming

For nearly 25 years, an allianceof high-profile environmental groups and organic food proponents have waged an effective scare campaign against transgenic (GMO) crops. Foods derived from these crops, the public was told, could cause food allergies, sterility, liver problems and even cancer. A 2016 report by the US National Academy of Sciences conclusively debunked such speculation, finding there is “no substantiated evidence of a[Read More…]

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In defense of potatoes: How resistant starch from potatoes affects the gut microbiota

Despite their popularity, potatoes have a reputation for being an unhealthy food that is high in starchy carbohydrates.  In an article by Megan Mouw, it is said that work from the lab of Dr. Thomas Schmidt of the University of Michigan, however, offers some redemption for the humble potato.  While potatoes are high in easily digestible starch that can lead to blood sugar spikes,[Read[Read More…]

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