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TOMRA Food to showcase breadth of food sorting capabilities at Pack Expo 2019

At Pack Expo 2019 in Las Vegas, the TOMRA 5B will be sorting French fries and green beans live. This machine guarantees optimal sorting of a variety of food products, from vegetables and potatoes to leafy products, helping customers meet the highest standards for both food safety and quality. The TOMRA 5B incorporates TOMRA’s smart surround view technology, which features[Read More…]

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Potato storage technology training explained

Extensive groups of arable farmers have gathered in Emmeloord and Steenbergen in the Netherlands over recent weeks to attend the storage technology training course for Tolsma Vision Control systems.  It appears evident that the beneficial cultivation results from the growing season must not go to waste and, in that respect, proper storage and energy management is of enormous importance. According[Read[Read More…]

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The ‘magic mix’ of ingredients responsible for the impossible Burger’s taste and texture

The Food and Drug Administration just gave the thumbs up for the major beef-like ingredient in the the Impossible Burger, soy leghemoglobin. Upon cooking, it reacts to generate heme, the source of the redness of beef.  The science behind the Impossible Burger is fascinating, so I went straight to the source rather than relying on the media echo chamber — the patent.[Read[Read More…]

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Can aeroponics be the answer to disease free seed?

Conventional techniques of seed production involves the use of potatoes that are propagated by harvesting and replanting the tuber in the field, and is routinely used by farmers. Although the method is suitable for small scale farmers, it has several disadvantages like disease and pest infestation, labor intensive, time and weather dependent, low yield (8 tubers per plant per growing[Read[Read More…]

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Designing a better low-fat potato chip

Munching on low-fat potato chips might reduce the guilt compared with full-fat versions, but many people don’t find the texture as appealing. Now, researchers have developed a technique to analyze potato chips’ physical characteristics from simulated first bite to swallow, which they say could be used to help formulate a tastier low-fat snack. They report their results in the Journal of[Read[Read More…]

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Can the potato processing industry raise the bar for sustainable food?

In this article, written by Steven Tsirakos, Senior Analyst at Annual Insight in the Netherlands, the author points out that Lamb Weston / Meijer and McDonald’s announced their joint efforts to reduce food waste last month. Sustainability is apparent within all food chains, Tsirakos writes, and cross value chain collaboration is a widely shared initiative. Many food companies actively showcase[Read[Read More…]

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Nutrition for Today: Are potatoes friend or foe?

It’s pretty safe to say potatoes are America’s most loved vegetable. No matter whether they’re baked, fried, mashed, boiled, whether they’re eaten alone or as an ingredient in soup or potato salad, we just love potatoes. Yet everything we hear says they’re bad. They tell us potatoes are high in calories, high in carbs, have a high glycemic index and make[Read[Read More…]

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UAE company signs Lamb Weston

Foodservice distributor, Bidfood Oman, previously known as HORECA Trade, has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for frozen potato product producer, Lamb Weston. Lamb Weston has been partners with Bidfood UAE since 2007 and the partnership has yielded milestones and accomplishments, which rendered the partnership-decision an easy one for Bidfood Oman. Commenting on the new business partnership, Bidfood Middle East’s[Read[Read More…]

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Scots scientists hope their super-spud will help end crop devastation

The tatties are small, ­knobbly and tasteless but a rare breed of potato has been revealed as a super-spud. Scientists hope the Solanum x ­edinense – or Edinburgh potato – can help the worldwide battle against blight because it has a genetic immunity to the disease. Experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh have now discovered the potato that[Read[Read More…]

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Report: Potato chips market – steady expansion expected

Industrial Growth of Potato Chips Market 2019-2023: This latest report added by Market Research Buzz on its website exhibits that the global potato chips market will demonstrate a steady CAGR in the coming years. The research report incorporates an exhaustive analysis of market drivers, restraints, threats, and opportunities. Its focus is on the profitable investment options for the players in the upcoming years.[Read[Read More…]

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PepsiCo buys stake in one of China’s biggest natural food companies

PepsiCo is taking a stake in one of China’s largest natural food producers as it seeks to capitalize on the global health food craze. The American soda and snack company said Friday that it was buying 26% of Natural Food International for $131 million, becoming the company’s second largest shareholder. Shares in Natural Food International added 14% in Hong Kong. The[Read More…]

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Tong Engineering announced new potato box filler

Tong Engineering has announced a new twin-head box filler which is minimising labour requirements and almost tripling throughput for an established seed potato processor in Tasmania. Built to combine high capacity and gentle box filling, with reduced forklift movements for maximum efficiency, the new MonstaFill box filler is the latest in a series of new product developments from Tong Engineering.[Read More…]

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What can the potato teach us about tomorrow’s wonder foods?

In The Economist‘s podcast collaboration, “The Secret History of the Future”, The Economist’s Tom Standage and Seth Stevenson of Slate unearth curious tales hidden in the history of technology, and ask what they can tell us about the future. The potato seemed strange and unappetizing when it first arrived in Europe. But it grew into a wonder food that helped solve the continent’s hunger[Read More…]

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Global food brands ranked: McCain entered food top ten list first time

Brand Finance’s research revealed the compelling link between strong brands and stock market performance. It was found that investing in highly-branded companies would lead to a return almost double that of the average for the S&P 500 as a whole. Acknowledging and managing a company’s intangible assets taps into the hidden value that lies within it. The latest Brand Finance[Read[Read More…]

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The rise, fall and resurrection of Russian seed bank pioneer Nikolai Vavilov

Suspect for State’s Case Number 1500 sat in his cell, facing unending days of solitary confinement and interrogation, accused of spying “for foreign intelligence services.” Alone, seized and imprisoned, he worried about his work, the seeds collected from all over the world, his legacy, his institute. Suddenly he realized how large a burden he had borne, for in his own[Read[Read More…]

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Potatoes one of top high potassium foods

Bananas are a well-known source of potassium, but many other foods contain just as much — if not more — of this nutrient, including potatoes. Potassium is an electrolyte that helps regulate fluid and blood levels in the body. Many fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of potassium. Meat, milk, yogurt, and nuts are also good sources, but also potatoes.[Read[Read More…]

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Understanding the potato late blight pathogen: Key for sustainable control

Didier Andrivon from INRA details why an intimate knowledge and understanding of the potato late blight pathogen and its evolution are key towards sustainable control. Phytophthora infestans, the causal pathogen of potato late blight, is known to be a versatile enemy. Its ability to constantly generate new variants is certainly one of the main assets of this highly epidemic parasite[Read[Read More…]

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Genome study reveals history of European potato

A team of researchers from Germany, Peru, the U.K. and Spain has sequenced a large number of potato varieties to learn more about the history of the modern European potato. In their paper published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution, the group describes their study of the history of the potato and what they found. Prior research has shown that[Read[Read More…]

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Scientists unveil model of how Phytophthora infestans scavenges nutrients from living host cells

The oomycete pathogen Phytophthora infestans causes potato and tomato late blight, a disease that is a serious threat to agriculture. P. infestans is a hemibiotrophic pathogen, and during infection, it scavenges nutrients from living host cells for its own proliferation. To date, the nutrient flux from host to pathogen during infection has hardly been studied, and the interlinked metabolisms of the pathogen and host remain[Read[Read More…]

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New microneedle technique speeds plant disease detection

Researchers have developed a new technique that uses microneedle patches to collect DNA from plant tissues in one minute, rather than the hours needed for conventional techniques. DNA extraction is the first step in identifying plant diseases, and the new method holds promise for the development of on-site plant disease detection tools. “When farmers detect a possible plant disease in[Read[Read More…]

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Farmer’s open letter to skeptical consumers: ‘We know glyphosate and GMOs are safe, and we need both to fight climate change’

Despite repeated assurances from the mainstream science community that our food supply is safe, many consumers remain highly skeptical of conventional agriculture, mostly due to misinformation about GMO crops and pesticides perpetuated on social media. Farmers recognize how controversial their profession has become and have attempted to dialogue with consumers and assuage their concerns.  On June 10, South Australian farmer John[Read[Read More…]

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Grow faster, grow stronger: Speed-breeding crops to feed the Future

Plant breeders are fast-tracking genetic improvements in food crops to keep pace with global warming and a growing human population, writes Knvul Sheikh in an article published in the New York Times yesterday. Sheikh writes that farmers and plant breeders are in a race against time. The world population is growing rapidly, requiring ever more food, but the amount of[Read[Read More…]

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Scientists develop biofortified ‘super spud’ in a bid to tackle malnutrion

Scientists are creating a “super potato”, fortified with iron and zinc, in a bid to tackle malnutrition in developing countries, reports The Telegraph. According to the report, millions of people around the world suffer micronutrient deficiencies – a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. This can lead to stunting in children, who then go on to suffer cognitive delays, weakened immunity[Read[Read More…]

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