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Grow faster, grow stronger: Speed-breeding crops to feed the Future

Plant breeders are fast-tracking genetic improvements in food crops to keep pace with global warming and a growing human population, writes Knvul Sheikh in an article published in the New York Times yesterday. Sheikh writes that farmers and plant breeders are in a race against time. The world population is growing rapidly, requiring ever more food, but the amount of[Read[Read More…]

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Scientists develop biofortified ‘super spud’ in a bid to tackle malnutrion

Scientists are creating a “super potato”, fortified with iron and zinc, in a bid to tackle malnutrition in developing countries, reports The Telegraph. According to the report, millions of people around the world suffer micronutrient deficiencies – a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. This can lead to stunting in children, who then go on to suffer cognitive delays, weakened immunity[Read[Read More…]

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Glyphosate fallout: Bayer to invest $7.5 billion in new herbicides

Reuters — Bayer said it would invest five billion euros (C$7.5 billion) in developing new weedkillers and reducing its environmental impact by 30 per cent by 2030, as it seeks to address the fallout from U.S. class-action litigation over glyphosate. “While glyphosate will continue to play an important role in agriculture and in Bayer’s portfolio, the company is committed to offering[Read[Read More…]

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Sensory research digs deep to understand why people like potatoes

Potato lovers are sure to find this research about spuds appealing. Chetan Sharma is completing his doctorate in human nutrition at Kansas State University’s Olathe campus under the guidance of Martin Talavera, assistant professor of sensory analysis and consumer behavior. For his dissertation, Sharma is conducting a comprehensive, multiyear project that looks at the sensory aspects of potatoes. He is focusing[Read[Read More…]

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Potato eyes: Drones to examine spuds from the sky

They have been used to hunt Osama Bin Laden, shut down the UK’s second busiest airport and also deliver Amazon parcels. But now drones have been given what might just be their most important ever role… as they are deployed to protect Scottish potatoes. Scientists are increasingly looking at how the technology – developed for the military and big corporate[Read[Read More…]

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Potato leafroll virus: Scientists discover key plant virus-insect virus interaction

Aphids and the plant viruses they transmit cause billions of dollars in crop damage around the world every year. A Cornell-led research team is examining the relationship at the molecular level, which could lead to new methods for controlling the pests. A group led by Michelle Heck, research molecular biologist at the USDA Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) and Boyce Thompson Institute, used[Read[Read More…]

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Cornell improves global access to potato breeding material

Cornell’s plant breeders and geneticists have played a significant role in the improvement of the potato, having released more than 50 varieties since 1908, reports  Maina Dhital in the Cornell Chronical. Cornell researchers are now expanding their efforts to make more wild potato seeds available to potato breeders around the world. With support from the Wallace Genetic Foundation, Cornell scientists continue[Read[Read More…]

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China, the largest producer and consumer of potatoes in the world…

China is currently the world’s largest producer and consumer of potatoes, with some 5 million hectares installed. The potatoes are valued there for their nutritional contribution and minerals, such as iron and zinc and vitamin A, and are a way of life for the people. According to Mei Xurong, the vice president of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of China[Read[Read More…]

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Chloropicrin application said to increase production and profit potential for potato growers

The chemical compound chloropicrin was first synthesized in 1848 by Scottish chemist John Stenhouse and first applied to agriculture in 1920, when it was used to cure tomato “soil sickness.” Over the next decade, it was used to restore pineapple productivity in Hawaii and to address soil fungal problems in California. Over time, it began to be widely used as[Read[Read More…]

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Global potato producing countries listed

Wikipedia publishes a list of countries by potato production in 2016, based on data from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Corporate Statistical Database.  The total world production for potatoes in 2016 was 376,826,967 metric tonnes. China was by far the largest producer, accounting for 26.3% of world production.  Production by country >1,000,000 tonnes RankCountryPotato production (tonnes)1 China99,065,724– European Union56,224,0472 India43,770,0003 Russia31,107,7974 Ukraine21,750,2905 United States19,990,9506 Germany10,772,1007 Bangladesh9,474,0998 Poland8,872,4459 France6,834,68010 Netherlands6,534,33811 Belarus5,985,81012 United Kingdom5,373,00013 Iran5,164,89114 Egypt5,029,02215 Algeria4,782,69016 Turkey4,750,00017 Peru4,400,29518 Canada4,324,11019 Pakistan4,000,36120 Brazil3,851,39621 Kazakhstan3,545,69522 Belgium3,402,78723 Uzbekistan2,925,02024   Nepal2,805,58225 Romania2,689,73326 Colombia2,354,86227 Japan2,158,00028 South Africa2,150,84429 Spain2,096,47530 Denmark1,954,01631 Mexico1,796,81432 Argentina1,750,00033 Morocco1,743,61734 North Korea1,698,51135 Tanzania1,499,50836 Kyrgyzstan1,388,36937 Italy1,368,92038 Kenya1,335,88339 Nigeria1,246,38040 Indonesia1,213,04141 Chile1,166,02442 Australia1,130,17543 Bolivia1,073,74444 Malawi1,043,338 You can find the[Read[Read More…]

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New report on the global potato processing sector released by Annual Insight

Dutch based market and consumer data analytics company Annual Insight has released its Quarterly Update Report on the global potato processing sector today, entitled “Overreaction or the right assessment?”. Highlights of the report: Global potato scarcityGiven the global developments in potato availability and potato prices, potato processors are struggling to find potatoes. We are looking forward to the new figures[Read[Read More…]

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Opinion: Drip irrigating potatoes – is it worth it, or not?

Dear folks, I rarely – if ever, provide readers with a personal opinion on any issue that I feature here on Potato News Today, but I wish to give you a personal opinion today regarding the question of drip irrigated potatoes – given the enormous response to a link to an article I recently posted here related to “drip irrigation[Read[Read More…]

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IBM expands AI-based platform for precision agriculture

Geospatial World reports that IBM has announced the global expansion plans for its Watson Decision Platform which supports precision agriculture. The AI-based platform is customized as per new crops and regional variations to enable food security for the rapidly booming population. Merging predictive technology and data analytics, the platform would provide insights to farmers on issues related to cultivation planning, planting,[Read[Read More…]

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Five reasons why we need to protect our soils

One of the key ingredients to a #ZeroHunger future is the soil beneath our feet, the UN’s FAO reported recently. Although it may not look like much, soil is full of water, nutrients and microorganisms that are absolutely vital for growing our food, the FAO says in its report. However, soil is a finite resource – restoring even a few[Read[Read More…]

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How potatoes could become ‘sun worshippers’

University of Erlangen-Nürnberg: If there’s one thing potato plants don’t like, it’s heat. If the temperature is too high, potato plants form significantly lower numbers of tubers or sometimes none at all. Biochemists at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) in Germany have now discovered the reason why. If the temperature rises, a so-called small RNA blocks the formation of tubers. The scientists[Read[Read More…]

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Yara and IBM team up to develop world-leading digital farming platform

A global agricultural company will join forces with multinational IT giant IBM to develop the world’s leading digital farming platform. According to a report by FarmingUK, the platform, to be created by the US company and Yara International, will provide holistic digital services and instant agronomic advice that hopes to increase global food production. Yara, a Norway-based crop nutrition company,[Read[Read More…]

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Climate extremes, heatwaves explain 18% – 43% of global crop yield variations, study finds

Researchers from Australia, Germany, Switzerland and the US have quantified the effect of climate extremes, such as droughts or heatwaves, on the yield variability of staple crops around the world, according to a news report by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Australia. The researchers found that climate extremes, such as hot and cold temperature extremes, drought and heavy precipitation,[Read[Read More…]

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Digital agriculture: New tools for science on the farm

The value of “connected agriculture” in making life easier for farmers, and helping them reduce the environmental impact of their practices, is no longer unproven. Author Philippe Stoop recently wrote in an article published by European Scientist, that another of the advantages of digital agriculture is beginning to emerge: “by producing large amounts of data of near- research quality, it[Read[Read More…]

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NASA-awarded Martian greenhouse concept allows for production of potatoes and other crops

A team from Dartmouth University has won NASA’s 2019 BIG Idea Challenge for a futuristic design for a dome-shaped Martian greenhouse. The hydroponic structure could allow astronauts to grow their own food on the desolate Martian surface. It’d cultivate up to eight food crops could be grown inside a rotating system that could serve up 3100 calories per day for four astronauts over a[Read[Read More…]

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Video: Potato harvesting – A pictorial compilation

Folks, I have produced a short 5-minute video containing pictures of potato harvest activities as it’s done in several countries around the world. You can watch the video below, or watch it on YouTube. Great many thanks to all those whose pictures are featured in the video – with acknowledgement, and much appreciated!

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Biostimulants and biologicals – what are they?

As the world’s food demand grows, agricultural food production is also on the rise. This comes with the related challenges of poor yield, drought, pests and weeds that can negatively impact both productivity and the environment. While fertilizers and pesticides play a significant role in attempting to overcome some of these obstacles, agricultural biologicals are said to make a crucial[Read[Read More…]

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