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New biofumigant crop mix: Turning up the heat on potato cyst nematode

A new summer-sown biofumigant plant mix that offers improved suppression of potato cyst nematode, compared with autumn-sown, overwintered varieties, is being launched this season by Agrovista in the UK. Summer Vindaloo is a mix of the hottest mustard varieties and very hot rocket, which grows quickly and develops powerful biofumigation activity within three months of sowing, says Shropshire-based agronomist Andrew Wade. The[Read[Read More…]

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Injury prone: What dicamba damage does to potatoes, and how to fight it

Plant injury from dicamba has been in the news for the past two years. In the potato world, there are always concerns of potato plants’ unintended exposure to herbicides. “We have been gathering data to determine what effect dicamba has on seed tubers and potato plants,” according to Andy Robinson, extension research potato agronomist with North Dakota State University and[Read[Read More…]

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Washington Potato Commission searching for ‘early adopters’ of alternative farming

The Washington State Potato Commission (WSPC) is looking for growers who are embracing alternative methods. “How can we enhance pest control and potato production while decreasing off-farm impacts?” the group said. “The WSPC wants to learn what ‘early adopters of alternative farming methods’ are doing.” The WSPC is interested in unconventional or inventive techniques including, but not limited to: The use of cover crops or green[Read[Read More…]

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‘Global potato demand up, US market share for frozen products down,’ says CEO

Worldwide consumption of potatoes is increasing, according to Blair Richardson, chief executive officer of Potatoes USA. “We’re seeing a reversal of the downward trend in global potato-product sales that we’ve been in since the 1970s,” Richardson related during a recent meeting of Wisconsin potato growers. “Not only are we seeing positive growth at the retail level, we’re also seeing significant increases in the[Read[Read More…]

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UK: AHDB looking to expand Knowledge Exhange team

AHDB is expanding its arable team and has created new Knowledge Exchange (KE) and Knowledge Transfer (KT) roles. If you are passionate about arable farming and would enjoy working with potato growers and the supply chain to ensure useful information is receieved by those who need it, then AHDB would love to hear from you. There are four roles advertised – two regionally based[Read[Read More…]

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US: Public invited to comment on proposed special potato pesticide registration

The public has until April 4 to comment on proposed special pesticide registration to help potato growers control early and late plant diseases and two fungal diseases in their crops, according to a Wednesday statement by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). The proposed registration by the DATCP involves Bravo Ultrex, Bravo WeatherStick and Bravo Zn, which[Read[Read More…]

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Video: Why your controlled release fertilizer didn’t work as expected

In this video, Nelson Gonzalez, Territory / Key Account Manager at ICL, discusses the top 10 reasons your controlled release fertilizer may not have performed as you expected. Fertilizer displacement? Not choosing the proper longevity? Not using the proper formulation? Not choosing the proper rate? Over irrigation? Too high or too low media pH? Micronutrient package? Read more and watch the video You are unauthorized to view[Read More…]

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US potato industry has a lot to lose if NAFTA scrapped, says Potato Council CEO

Idaho and potatoes are synonymous for good reason; the Gem State is the nation’s biggest producer of the vegetable. With the fate of NAFTA unknown as negotiators head into an eighth round of talks, the potato industry is monitoring those talks closely. Maintaining free trade in North America is crucial, says John Keeling, the CEO of the National Potato Council in[Read[Read More…]

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Old foe on the attack: British growers warned against new, aggressive fungicide-resistant late blight strain

Potato growers in Britain are being warned to change their blight control strategies this season to combat the spread of an aggressive fungicide-resistant strain of the disease which has reached Suffolk. The dark green 37_A2 form of Phytopthora infestans has quickly spread across Europe, reaching England two years ago when five cases were reported. Around 20 cases were officially recorded in 2017,[Read[Read More…]

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From spud to french fry: Information experts optimize potato production

Farmers can optimize harvesting procedures and improve yields, food manufacturers can improve planning reliability. Information systems specialists at Saarland University are working to optimize the entire potato production chain, from field to fork. When it comes to the world’s most popular tuber, Professor Wolfgang Maaß and his team are aiming to make all of the processes totally transparent. Starting with[Read[Read More…]

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Unmanned: Drones and robots working together to target weeds

It sounds like a futuristic farming scene, but researchers in central Europe are working on developing an autonomous farming system where drones and robots work together to control weeds. The Flourish Project in Europe is an effort to create an autonomous, robotic system that foresee collaboration between unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). The system utilizes UAV[Read[Read More…]

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Judge: US illegally quarantined some Idaho potato fields infested with PCN

A federal judge ruled that the U.S. government illegally quarantined some Idaho potato fields infested with pale cyst nematode (PCN), a microscopic pest that could threaten the state’s $1.2 billion potato industry, but he left the restrictions in place. U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge said last week that lifting the rules could lead to quarantines across a state that produces a[Read[Read More…]

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Smart software: Key Technology introduces VERYX® with Sort-to-Grade™ software for potato strips

Key Technology, a member of the Duravant family of operating companies, introduces VERYX® digital sorters equipped with their patented Sort-to-Gradeâ„¢ (STG) software for both wet and frozen potato strips. While VERYX targets all foreign material for removal, the sortware recognizes and categorizes every surface defect and the dimensional characteristics of every individual strip and makes each accept/reject decision based on[Read[Read More…]

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Nuffield Scholar: ‘Changing times across the British potato industry’

Rufus Pilgrim has seen the potato industry revolution that has taken place during his past 25 years, and has been awarded a Nuffield Scholarship in 2016 to research the sector’s future, he has travelled the world to better understand the UK growers’ platform for expansion in potatoes. During a recent interview with Farmers Guardian’s Abby Kellett, he said it is[Read[Read More…]

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US retail shows surprising russet gains; ‘mini’ potatoes keep climbing in sales

Reversing recent market share erosion, potato category leader fresh russet potatoes showed modest volume gains in July through December. “We are seeing growth in categories we haven’t seen growth in for a while, which has been nice,” said Ross Johnson, global marketing manager for Potatoes USA, Denver. “We haven’t seen (russets) grow for a long time.” In visits across the U.S., Johnson[Read[Read More…]

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Ahead of looming crisis, the Potato Mission ends in India’s Odisha state

With yet another potato crisis looming over the state, the much-hyped potato mission that was launched to achieve self-sufficiency in potato production and enhance storage capacity for potatoes is all set to come to an abrupt end in March 2018. The three-year old mission by the government failed badly in meeting the targets of production as well as storage. Ironically[Read[Read More…]

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Canadian potato growers encouraged to participate in Zebra Chip and psyllid monitoring project

The Zebra Chip and Potato Psyllid Survey and Monitoring project in Canada is to survey fields for populations of the potato psyllid, and test captured potato psyllids and symptomatic tubers for the presence of the pathogen Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum (Lso). It is coordinated by Dan Johnson, Larry Kawchuk, and Scott Meers. Zebra chip is a disease that severely disrupts carbohydrate flow[Read[Read More…]

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The new gig economy: Enter the age of Big Data-driven drones, ‘agro-preneurs’, ‘Uberized’ agriculture, and ’boutique’ food delivery systems

In an insightful article entitled How the gig economy can transform farms in the developing world, the World Economic Forum says: “For truly modern agriculture, we need to look to the skies. Because that’s where drone technology will work its magic. Drones will have a particularly powerful impact in the developing world, whose mostly smallholder farmers face enormous challenges producing quality food[Read[Read More…]

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GREATsoils Webinar: Intended to help growers make changes to soil management practices and improve growing systems

AHDB Horticulture funded GREATsoils project in the UK has found that growers are becoming increasingly interested in soil health and how it affects the success of their business. The information that will be provided in this webinar will help growers to make changes to their soil management practices and improve growing systems. The project has used grower field trials, field[Read[Read More…]

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British potato processing company making food safety a priority

The potato processing firm at the centre of a major product recall in Britain in 2015 has “radically changed its thinking” and now makes food safety “the priority in all of its decision-making”, according to the man appointed to oversee its transformation. Swancote Foods, which was found to be the source of a metal contamination scare that led to the recall[Read[Read More…]

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Far more toxic than glyphosate: Copper sulfate, used by organic and conventional farmers, cruises to European reauthorization

Recently, the European Union decided to reauthorize the fungicide copper sulfate, a popular pesticide among organic farmers that has a more toxic rap sheet than glyphosate. Copper sulfate is a widely used pesticide in organic farming but which also is used in some conventional applications, although the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) considered toxicity risks[Read[Read More…]

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UK: 2018 earlies planting significantly hampered by weather

Adverse weather conditions have hindered planting progress in Jersey with the Royal Jersey Company currently estimating that their season will run around 3 weeks behind schedule. Conditions on the slopes which are used for outdoor planting (known as côtils) have been challenging with a combination of frozen ground earlier in the month and rainfall delaying planting progress. As of 19[Read[Read More…]

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Large organic potato and vegetable project for APH Group in Russia

APH Group with its headquarters in the Netherlands recently concluded a multi-million Euro contract with a Russian enterprise to deliver machines and installations for the organic production of potatoes and vegetables. The project is being implemented in the South of Russia and will be the largest organic potato and vegetable farm in Russia. The customer is a Russian entrepreneur who[Read[Read More…]

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New York City retailers claim they’re experiencing Frito-Lay shortage

New York City is reportedly experiencing a massive Frito-Lay shortage after the company cut pay to delivery drivers, prompting many to quit, but the company claims all its snacks are being delivered as scheduled. Last year, Frito-Lay, which is owned by PepsiCo, began decreasing drivers’ pay by as much as 33 percent, according to the New York Post. This change meant many[Read[Read More…]

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