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Potato Cyst Nematode results: How reliable are yours?

So your Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) tests have come back negative. Good news…or is it? That largely depends on how the land was sampled and how the samples were analysed. Scottish Agronomy’s Eric Anderson warns that approaches vary enormously so results can be very misleading. The world of seed potato growing is relatively black and white with a statutory process that[Read[Read More…]

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New European regulation on acrylamide: What manufacturers should know

A new EU regulation on acrylamide is setting benchmark values in several categories that will affect the bakery and snacks sectors. Peter Müller, technical service manager, Food, at Novozymes examines the upcoming challenges facing manufacturers. The new European regulation on acrylamide reduction will go into effect on April 11, 2018. Acrylamide is a suspected carcinogen that forms when starchy foods are[Read[Read More…]

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Trendy Chips: New report shows spicy and unusual flavors big hit

Snacking is expected to witness increased consumer preference in the coming years. Facts regarding the growing shift towards snacking is revealed in a new research report added to the repository of Market Research Hub (MRH) titled ‘Potato and Tortilla Chips U.S. February, 2018’. The report covers a brief analysis that shows consumption trends of potato and tortilla chips in the U.S.[Read[Read More…]

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US fresh potato exports show double-digit growth

Led by double-digit growth in Canada and Mexico, U.S. fresh potato exports soared 17% in value last year. U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics reveal 2017 U.S. fresh potato exports totaled $238.8 million, up 17% from a year ago. Volume of fresh potatoes exported in 2017 totaled 544,624 metric tons, up 11% from 2016. Canada was the top-ranked export market for U.S. fresh potatoes,[Read[Read More…]

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Potato industry in New Zealand valued at close to a billion dollars, CEO says

In the latest Strategic Update report issued by Potatoes New Zealand, CEO Chris Claridge writes that the 2017 calendar year values and volumes are now available and the news is very positive. “Our total industry value to Dec 2017 including domestic retail sales, food service such as restaurants takeaway chips and exports, is closing on a Billion dollars per annum,” Claridge[Read[Read More…]

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Wind farms positively impact crops, study says

Iowa State University researchers have found that wind turbines located in agricultural fields are a plus for the crops growing around them. The overall effects on crops growing in wind farms appear to be positive said Gene Takle, Iowa State agronomy professor. Takle says wind blowing across a field without turbines creates a certain turbulence that carries moisture from the transpiring crop, which rises[Read[Read More…]

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Tuber moth control: Higher fines for planting potatoes than for planting marijuana, Spanish grower says

The Guatemalan moth pest, that has hit potato crops in many parts of Asturias, (an autonomous community in north-west Spain) continues to affect growers in the area. The Guatemalan potato tuber moth was introduced into the Canary Islands (1998 – 2000) and caused several outbreaks both in potato fields and stores since. The larval stage is the most devastating. It has no other plant host known besides the potato.[Read[Read More…]

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New product to offer ‘greater efficacy against tuber-borne Rhizoctonia’

At its annual potato agronomists’ conference on 25th January, Bayer launched a new potato tuber treatment – Emesto Prime DS – that will be available for British growers to use on this year’s plantings. Introducing the product Bayer’s campaign manager for root crops Edward Hagues described it as the new, improved tuber treatment. “Compared with Monceren DS – the long-standing[Read[Read More…]

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France: “Potato market is facing challenges”

Touquet Savour is a big player on the French potato market. The company represents 30 producers and annually produces 25,000 tonnes of potatoes. Alexis Dequidt, from Touquet Savour: “Like in the Netherlands, the French potato market has been facing some difficulties this campaign, for different reasons. Firstly, last year’ oversupply has lowered the prices. Secondly, the potato consumption has reached[Read[Read More…]

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Zebra chip pathogen found in Canada’s Alberta province

Zebra chip disease, which causes harmless but unsightly stripes in potato chips, costs producers millions of dollars annually in New Zealand and the United States. Now the zebra chip pathogen has been found for the first time in Western Canada. To be clear, explains University of Lethbridge professor Dan Johnson, who headed the Canadian potato psyllid and zebra chip monitoring network, zebra[Read[Read More…]

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Potatoes among the top breakfast and brunch foods in the US

Brunch is a top food trend again in 2018 for restaurant goers and home cooks in the US, with the four top breakfast components being eggs, potatoes, bacon and bread. How do consumers want their potatoes prepared for brunch? Breakfast Hash is one of the top five leading trends in breakfast/brunch items on restaurant menus in the United States in 2018.[Read[Read More…]

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Canadian breeders developed Colorado potato beetle resistant varieties – after 30 years of trials

It’s taken almost 30 years, but Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) scientists have finally won a monumental battle against the Colorado potato beetle (CPB). Dr. Benoit Bizimungu and Agnes Murphy, potato breeding research scientists at the Fredericton Research and Development Centre, recently developed two selections that are resistant to the major insect pest. Both varieties are available for industry to use[Read[Read More…]

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US: New herbicide said to be viable weed resistance management tool

UPI recently announced the launch of new Tripzin ZC herbicide in the US. Tripzin ZC is a unique, patented pre-mix that combines the strength of two powerful active ingredients, metribuzin and pendimethalin. Tripzin ZC provides pre-emergent control of a wide spectrum of broadleaf and annual grass weeds, including Palmer amaranth and other pigweed species, ragweed species, lambsquarters and velvetleaf. Crops on the Tripzin ZC[Read[Read More…]

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Potato agronomy – More than meets the eye; but an eye-in-the-sky can help

Spotting problems in potato fields often happens late in the day. CPM magazine in the UK learns how using drones are being used to improve crop monitoring and performance. Diseased potatoes are fickle. It’s not uncommon for small areas of infection to remain hidden until late into the growing season or, worse still, when in cold stores. Sprayer operators are the vigilant[Read[Read More…]

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Latest issue of the PAA newsletter published; final call made for meeting papers

The March issue of the Potato Association of America’s official newsletter has been published and can be downloaded online. “Visibility and relevance. That is my daily mantra as I’ve settled in at the helm,” writes the PAA President, Shelley Jansky. “My two main goals this year are to enhance the visibility of the PAA and try to find ways to make it more relevant to its[Read[Read More…]

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Theory to field – Progress in the phosphate puzzle

Phosphate is said to be the most difficult major plant nutrient when it comes to understanding how it behaves in the soil. But problems with the amount of phosphate in water means management of the nutrient needs a rethink. Dr Sajjad Awan, AHDB resource management scientist in the UK, says the AHDB has already funded around £1M of research on[Read[Read More…]

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UK: Latest news from the AHDB’s Fight Against Blight campaign

Click on the video below to hear Rob Clayton and Claire Hodge discuss the latest news from the AHDB’s Fight Against Blight. They provide an overview of the 2017 blight season and look towards plans for the season ahead. For more information on the campaign please go to the Blight section of the AHDB Potatoes website. If you’d like to sign up as[Read[Read More…]

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UK: Crop protection podcast launched by Adama

Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd (Adama) has launched a new podcast aimed at providing UK arable farmers and agronomists with the latest crop protection news and advice. The new ‘ArableAware’ podcast contains a range of topical features, articles and stories including on-farm interviews with farmers, agronomists and other industry experts as well as Adama’s own fungicide and herbicide specialists. “Podcasts are[Read[Read More…]

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Australian potato market opens up in Indonesia after trade discussions

Australian potato growers are winning new access to valuable Indonesian markets after a decade-long campaign opened the potential to export up to 85,000 tonnes of seed potatoes with a market value of some $110 million annually. A new agreement to take certified seed potatoes from South Australia and Victoria in Indonesia was made at recent trade discussions in Melbourne, following 10[Read[Read More…]

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Prices versus plantings: A British potato market insight

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) Amber Cottingham analyses the seasonal relationship between price and plantings and asks how potato farmers can apply this knowledge to business planning. Potatoes are one of the most volatile crops grown in the UK, with prices easily shifting £50 a tonne and more within a season, never mind between seasons. When a grower considers[Read[Read More…]

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Spore trapping: Another tool in managing potato late blight

Control of late blight is mostly achieved through fungicide application, and growers anticipate that late blight control requires routine applications of fungicides at high rates and short intervals throughout the growing season, beginning at 50 per cent emergence. This is an unsustainable situation that is now being questioned, according to potato expert Prof Khalil Al-Mughrabi, ‎Plant Pathologist & Adjunct Professor[Read[Read More…]

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UK: Recent cold weather threatens to delay potato cultivation

Patience “will be key” this potato season as the recent cold weather threatens to delay cultivation. The recent freezing temperatures caused by the ‘Beast from the East’ coupled with wet soils has delayed ploughing in some areas. Andy Steven, agronomist at Agrovista, explains that there’s still a lot of ground preparation to be done before planting starts in April. He said this will[Read[Read More…]

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Idaho Potato Commission announces value of 2017 crop: 22,7% higher

Idaho, the United State’s top producing potato state since 1957, reached a new crop high in 2017. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the preliminary estimated value for the Idaho® Potato crop is $1.2 billion, a 22.7% leap from the previous year. Harvested acreage was down 5% and yields were down 1.2%. Foodservice operators can thank a large crop of[Read[Read More…]

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