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‘Sometimes soils need doctors too’: FAO’s Global Soil Doctors Programme trains farmers to diagnose and heal soils

To guarantee healthy soils for sustainable agriculture and food production, you first need to know their condition. FAO’s Global Soil Doctors Programme started to do just that —assessing the condition of soils and guiding farmers in remedying soil problems. The educational material and training modules from this programme help farmers to stay vigilant and responsive to soil health, a vital component of their livelihoods.

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Optimizing fertilizer timing: The key to healthier potatoes and crispier french fries

For farmers and researchers, a field is often like a giant chemistry set. The timing and amounts of different fertilizers to supply nutrients can interact with each other, the soil, and crops. For example, potassium, an essential macronutrient for crops, is often applied to a field in the form of potassium chloride. Sarah Light, an agronomy farm advisor with the University of California Cooperative Extension, led a study on the timing of potassium chloride in potato fields.

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UN climate report: Scientists release ‘survival guide’ to avert climate disaster

UN chief Antonio Guterres says a major new report on climate change is a “survival guide for humanity”. “There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all,” the report states. Governments had previously agreed to act to avoid global temperature rise going above 1.5C. But the world has already warmed by 1.1C and now experts say that it is likely to breach 1.5C in the 2030s.

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New protein-based biosensor enables early detection of late blight in potato plants

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have developed a new molecular sensor system that enables early detection of late blight in potatoes. Researchers used genetic engineering methods to produce new potato varieties that produce distinctive proteins. The research findings revealed that the use of protein as a biological sensor was able to detect the diseased areas of the leaves during the ‘invisible stages’.

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Potato protein: A rising star in the plant-based protein revolution

As of 2023, the global plant-based protein industry continues to experience significant growth and expansion, driven by various factors such as increasing health consciousness, environmental concerns, and ethical considerations. Potato protein, derived from the humble potato, has in recent years emerged as a potential game-changer in the plant protein industry. Potato protein is attracting considerable attention for its unique properties, sustainability, and versatility.

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How potato peels are revolutionizing the processed food industry

Have you ever wondered what happens to the tons of potato peels left over after making your favorite crispy fries or mashed potatoes? While they may seem like a waste, these humble peels are now revolutionizing the processed food industry in ways you never imagined. This article explores how potato peels are changing the food industry and the thinking about food waste.

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Report: Climate change could hit 80% of smallholder farmers and reduce arable land

The What climate-smart agriculture means for smallholder farmers, report by McKinsey & Company reveals climate change will also severely affect land suitability for crop production. With snallholder farmers producing a third of the world’s food and demand set to soar 60% by 2050, this could pose a threat to global food security. McKinsey’s report identifies 33 climate adaptation and mitigation measures for smallholder farmers, from rotational grazing to dry direct-seeding technologies.

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Researcher seeks input on factors influencing farmers’ adoption of Smart Farming Technology

Grainne Dilleen, a researcher at South East Technological University in Ireland, is conducting a Ph.D study to investigate the internal and external factors that influence farmers’ intention to adopt Smart Farming Technology (SFT). Specifically, she is interested in the role of trust in technology providers and the influence of the farmer’s network on the adoption decision. Grainne looks forward to hear from potato farmers worldwide.

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Lasers, drones and AI: The future of weeding

No-one likes weeding, but new technology is helping farmers around the world tackle weeds in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way, as David Silverberg reports in a news report for BBC News. Deanna Kovar from US farming equipment giant John Deere says that the company’s new tractor-pulled weed sprayer can reduce herbicide use by two thirds. For farmers elsewhere in the world, a number of rival firms, both large and small, have developed similar smart-weeding technologies.

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The science of producing the ‘perfect French fry’

This article analyzes the technical aspects of making ‘the perfect French fry’, specifically examining the importance of potato varieties, frying oil, and the blanching process. Overall, the production of perfect French fries requires a balance between technical knowledge and innovative approaches to mitigate potential health risks associated with the consumption of this popular snack food.

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Report: Prominence of private-label brands, online shopping drive global growth of potato processing market

The processed potatoes market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% between 2022 and 2027, according to recently released report by Technavio. The size of the market is forecast to increase by USD 41.71 billion. The growth of the market is said to depend on several factors, including a growing focus on expanding production capabilities for potato processing, growth of organized retailing, and increasing prominence of private-label brands.

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HZPC expects turnover to grow during 2022/23 financial year

Potato breeding company HZPC, is poised to achieve its expected results for the financial year 2022-2023. HZPC expects its turnover to grow 10% over last year (then 352 million euros) with a gross margin of 66 million euros (during the last financial year it was 63.9 million euros). Says Gerard Backx, CEO of HZPC: “The increase is mainly thanks to areas outside Europe, where licensed cultivation takes place. Mainly in Asia and America.”

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‘The Potato Crop’: Open-access book yields download success

Interest in potatoes is growing as more farmers, scientists, and development professionals realize those tubers can produce more food and income on the same land than most crops. Evidence of this trend can be found in the success of The Potato Crop, a 500-page, open-access book with more than 300,000 downloads since its publication in early 2020 – more than 30 times that of similar books – and frequent mentions across media and social media channels.

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Video: ‘How a potato becomes a Lamb Weston fry’

Have you ever wondered how a humble potato transforms into a mouthwatering french fry? Lamb Weston, one of the world’s largest producers of frozen french fries and potato products, provides an answer in a concise YouTube video that traces the journey from the field to your plate.

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Researchers develop affordable biosensor to detect soft rot in potato tubers

Diagnosing latent infections in their early stages is challenging since they do not present any external visual symptoms, making detection, tracking, and control difficult. The existing detection methods are time-consuming, destructive, and have limited sensitivity for detecting early-stage infections. However, a team of researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has developed biosensors that are tailored to detect infected potatoes during storage.

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The power of women in potato science: Celebrating the contributions of these trailblazing researchers

To commemorate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Potato News Today wishes to honour the invaluable contributions of the many talented and dedicated women in the field of potato research and related fields. Whether working in a laboratory, in the field, or in the classroom, these women have been instrumental in shaping the direction of potato research and have helped to ensure that the potato industry remains at the forefront of scientific innovation.

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World Potato Congress Inc congratulates new Director General of CIP

The World Potato Congress Inc.’s (WPC) Board of Directors congratulates Dr. Simon Heck on being chosen as the next Director General of the International Potato Center (CIP). Dr. Peter VanderZaag, WPC President, looks forward to working closely with Dr. Simon Heck. “Both the World Potato Congress Board of Directors and the global team under the direction of Dr. Heck have similar missions as we fulfill objectives designed to improve global food security.”

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CIP and CGIAR appoint Dr. Simon Heck as Director General and CGIAR Senior Director

The International Potato Center (CIP) Board of Trustees and CGIAR leadership have appointed Dr. Simon Heck as Director General of CIP and CGIAR Senior Director. Dr. Heck is widely recognized as a leader of successful international multi-stakeholder research-for-development programs focused on improving food and nutrition security, breeding climate-smart crops, and fostering inclusive value chains.

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Report: Agtech start-ups need to address farmers’ challenges about agtech solutions

Agriculture tech can drive more inclusive and sustainable growth for farmers, but only if agtech start-ups make a concerted effort to address farmers’ persistent challenges about agtech solutions, according to research by leading global consultancy, McKinsey & Company. The latest report from McKinsey’s Agriculture practice, Agtech: Breaking down the farmer adoption dilemma, identifies the barriers holding farmers back from using agtech more widely.

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Very cold in eastern Canada

Dear folks in the warmer parts of the world, please spare a bit of thought for us folks here on the east coast of Canada? My app tells me that right now that it feels like minus 52 degrees outside… A little cool, even by Canadian standards right?

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The famous potato: A nutritional powerhouse and ‘kitchen hero’

It’s the New Year, which means many of us are trying to eat better, save money and find more time in our day. Cara Harbstreet, registered dietitian and intuitive eating expert, recommends a kitchen hero that’s a solution for it all: the potato… “Potatoes are America’s favorite vegetable, but they’re more than just delicious,” said Harbstreet. “They’re an affordable, nutritional powerhouse with a long shelf life and faster cook times than you think!”

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