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John Deere reveals fully autonomous tractor

During a press conference at CES 2022, John Deere revealed a fully autonomous tractor that’s ready for large-scale production. The machine combines Deere’s 8R tractor, TruSet-enabled chisel plow, GPS guidance system, and new advanced technologies. The autonomous tractor will be available to farmers later this year.

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Lamb Weston confident in strong long-term outlook for the global frozen potato category

Lamb Weston announced its fiscal second quarter 2022 results yesterday and updated its fiscal 2022 outlook. “We remain confident in the strong long-term outlook for the global frozen potato category, and believe that executing on our strategies and ongoing investments in our business will keep us on a path to deliver sustainable, profitable growth and create value for our stakeholders,” said Tom Werner, President and CEO.

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‘Bud’ the robot fries weeds with lasers instead of chemicals

Like “The Terminator” for weeds, the Carbon Robotics machine, dubbed “Bud,” rolls through farm fields using artificial intelligence to discern weeds from crops and using a high-power laser to kill the weeds. This lets farmers cultivate crops with less herbicide and reduced labor, improving crop yields and saving money.

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Webinar: ‘Why host a World Potato Congress in Ireland’

The World Potato Congress announced its first webinar of 2022. In preparation for the World Potato Congress being held from May 30 to June 2, 2022 in Dublin, Ireland, Liam Glennon, Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee, Irish Potato Federation will present this webinar. The presentation will answer the question ‘Why host a World Potato Congress in Ireland’.

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Calbee releases potato-growing kits in Japan

The potato chip company Calbee Inc. and a horticultural soil company jointly started selling seed potatoes and growing kits in southwest Japan’s Kyushu region on Dec. 15. Calbee Potato Inc., headquartered in the Hokkaido city of Obihiro, and Tokyo-based Protoleaf Inc. are selling seed potatoes of the “Poroshiri” variety and “Potato Bag” soil, which they jointly developed, to grow potatoes in a bag.

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Breeders go back to the future to combat the world’s deadliest potato disease

This CIP@50 story digs into a new rapid-fire approach to potato breeding that makes farmer-favorite varieties resistant to late blight, which could increase profits by at least 40% wherever potato is cropped. The secret? The latest biotech methods mixed with the oldest breeding trick in the book – harvesting the wild genes of the potato’s distant ancestors. 

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Key Technology: How to help ensure food safety during processing

Specialists at leading global food processing machinery manufacturer, Key Technology point out that two hundred illnesses and diseases can be attributed to parasites and bacteria. These and other pathogens can sometimes find their way into food products if those goods are handled improperly at any point throughout production. In an industry that feeds a country of 325 million people, maintaining food safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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New report published on U.S. frozen potato market trends

IndexBox has just published a new report on the U.S. frozen potato market. American preserved frozen potato imports increased from 695K tonnes in 2010 to 1.1M tonnes in 2020. In value terms, imports expanded from $653M to $1.1B over this period. Canada supplies 85% of the total volume of imports. In 2020, Belgium emerged as the fastest-growing supplier of frozen potatoes to the U.S., reaching a 10% share of the total imports.

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GRIMME presents two new store loaders

For the 2022 season, GRIMME presents the completely newly developed store loaders of the SL 900 and SL 700 series, which combine the highest throughput rates with optimum crop protection and user-friendly operation. The store loaders can be used to store potatoes, onions, red beet, celery and other bulk goods, among other things. The new generation of store loaders immediately catches the eye with its open and slim machine design with the counterweights arranged on the sides of the chassis.

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WPC webinar: ‘Little potatoes and TPS – Good things come in small packages’

The World Potato Congress is delighted to announce its December 2021 webinar featuring Joel VanderSchaaf, General Manager of Tuberosum Technologies Inc. on December 14, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard time (USA/Canada). Little potatoes are the fastest growing market segment for fresh potatoes in North America and are gaining interest around the world. True Potato Seed  (TPS) is a burgeoning technology that has gained significant momentum amongst the potato research community.

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CIP: Putting the world’s largest potato collection in the deep freeze

The International Potato Center (CIP) is conserving the future of potato genetic diversity in the world’s largest potato cryobank and setting new standards to transform the way that other priority clonal crops like sweetpotato and yams are held in safe storage. These innovations ensure we have an essential backup collection of the clonal crops that 300 million smallholders in developing countries depend on.

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UPL ranked first for sustainability performance amongst peers for second year running

UPL Ltd. has been ranked by Sustainalytics as the highest performing top-tier global crop protection company for overall sustainability performance in the 2021 ESG Risk Rating. With significant improvements across multiple categories, this achievement recognises the work that UPL is doing to Reimagine Sustainability within the global food system, the company says in a press release.

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Carbon farming and the regenerative revolution in food

As Alasdair Lane writes in this article for BBC Future, farmlands cover half of the Earth’s habitable land, and the global food system produces 21-37% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. When fields are worked with heavy machinery, their soils leach trapped carbon back into the air. Carbon farming, on the other hand, seeks to capture them.

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Is this the largest potato in the world?

Colin and Donna Craig-Brown were having a bit of a cleanup in their vegetable garden in late August, to get ready for their usual flurry of spring planting. So he dug around it with a fork until he dug up the large root vegetable – which he realised, after poking it with the garden fork and tasting it, was a potato.

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The ‘potato custodians’ in the Andes who are safeguarding this crop’s future

In the Peruvian Andes, “potato custodians” are preserving hundreds of varieties of our humble tuber. In this CNN video, aired a couple of days ago, you will meet one of the hundreds of Latin American “custodians” of indigenous potato varieties. There are about 4,000 native potato varieties in the world, and most of them are grown in the Andes. Only a handful are available in supermarkets around the world. Climate change is threatening agricultural systems, making this kind of diversity an insurance policy for our future food security.

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Global potato exports down

A new report from IndexBox shows that global potato exports shrank to 13mil tons in 2020, dropping by -11.3% compared to the year before. As Potato Business reports, in value terms, potato exports plummeted from USD5.1bn in 2019 to USD4.3bn, with France, the Netherlands, and Germany as major spuds exporters worldwide, according to GlobalTrade.

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Global trade volumes of frozen potato products stabilize, low priced imports from Belgium gain share in US imports

Market and consumer data analytics company A-INSIGHTS has published its latest monthly MarketMonitor report on trends in the Frozen Potato Products industry, titled “July Insights“. Analysts at the company report that global frozen potato trade volumes have stabilized in July, with the year-to-date volume remaining 0.5% above the pre-COVID levels of 2019. They further report that low priced imports from Belgium gain share in US imports.

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I-Feeder Technologies: Serving the need for precision irrigation solutions

I-Feeder Technologies, a leader in state-of-the-art dosing systems, has grown to serve the need for integrated precision irrigation technologies in terms of software and hardware solutions. The I-Feeder fertigation system is supplied as a turnkey operational system, meaning no additional sourcing is required and ensures correct installation, designed to be easy and simple.

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‘Basics of irrigation’ the theme of next World Potato Congress webinar

The World Potato Congress is pleased to announce the resumption of its webinar series. Its first Fall webinar will feature a presentation by Yechiam Gets, Crop Model Agronomist with Netafim. It is scheduled for November 11, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard time (USA/Canada). The presentation is titled “Basics of irrigation for processing potatoes and irrigation scheduling”.

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HZPC’s new online potato calculator offers potato specialists tailor-made variety choices

HZPC customers are the experts of their own environment. They know which circumstances they are dealing with and which potato characteristics are. HZPC developed an online tool with which customers can easily convert their knowledge and experience into tailor-made solutions – a digital calculator that finds the potato variety that gives the highest yield: the new Even Greener tool.

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