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From precision blades to a pristine website: FAM STUMABO’s brand evolution

FAM STUMABO, a prominent name in the food processing sector, has launched a redesigned website, merging two major brands. The site highlights their expertise in high-capacity machinery and precision blades, offering a detailed overview of solutions tailored to user needs. The modern logo embodies the brand’s innovative spirit. The platform invites users to delve into their approach, products, and updates, underscoring their dedication to industry excellence.

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Potato tech evolution: Dewulf to unveil groundbreaking potato technology innovations at PotatoEurope 2023

Dewulf is set to attend Potato Europe 2023 in Kain, Belgium, unveiling two major innovations. The Certa 40 Integral, a new planting technology, and the MH 241 with the Scotts Evolution cleaning module will be highlighted. Visitors can explore Dewulf’s extensive machine range, including the Enduro and RA3060 harvesters, at stand 14 and the demonstration area. Additionally, the event will feature storage solutions and advancements in harvesting techniques.

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A new era for potato breeding: Unraveling genetic complexity, opening the door to more efficient potato breeding

PhD candidate Corentin Clot of Wageningen University & Research has made significant discoveries related to potato sexual reproduction that could simplify the breeding of this important crop. Clot’s research focused on the challenge of combining desirable traits with resistance to diseases and pests in potato varieties. He discovered that the gene involved in self-compatibility is already present in tetraploid potato varieties, and developed a two-step strategy for breeding that avoids inbreeding depression. This new approach offers a ‘third way’ between conventional breeding and true seed hybrid breeding, and has the potential to improve potato resistance and yield.

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B-hive Innovations collaborates on groundbreaking TuberTurgor project to reduce potato bruising and waste

B-hive Innovations has partnered with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) on a new project called TuberTurgor, aiming to reduce the risk of potato bruising and develop technologies to minimize supermarket waste. The collaborative research team will investigate non-destructive methods of measuring turgor pressure in potatoes, which helps cells withstand shocks and reduce bruising. By gathering extensive data and proof of concepts, the project aims to develop tools that can automatically sort fresh produce based on its bruising risk.

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Introducing the GB PCN Forum: GB Potatoes and CUPGRA unite against Potato Cyst Nematode threat in Britain

The British potato industry faces a significant threat from the Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN). To address this, GB Potatoes and CUPGRA have established the GB PCN Forum. This collaborative initiative aims to consolidate industry-wide efforts, bringing together experts and stakeholders to devise a comprehensive strategy against PCN. The forum emphasizes research, breeding resistant varieties, and practical solutions, marking a pivotal step in safeguarding the future of the British potato sector.

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From cultivation to processing: PotatoEurope 2023 set to impress in Belgium

PotatoEurope 2023, an international event dedicated to the potato industry, is set to be hosted by Belgium in Kain, near Tournai, on 6th and 7th September. This event, which rotates among the top four potato-producing countries, will gather experts and professionals from the entire potato supply chain. Attendees can expect insights on cultivation, materials, and processing. The event promises to be the most significant and best edition yet.

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Scotland’s seed potato industry at a crossroads, calls for united front

Scotland’s renowned seed potato industry faces challenges, with only 186 registered growers remaining. A report from The Scottish Farmer emphasizes the need for unity and collaboration. The recent split from AHDB’s levy-backed services raises concerns about funding for essential research and market expansion. Experts stress the importance of global market penetration and representation at key trade events to ensure the sector’s sustainable future.

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Potato passion: Unraveling the Germans’ deep-rooted affection for potatoes

The potato, originating from the Andes, has become a cornerstone of German cuisine and culture. In a DW Euromaxx episode, Hannah Hummel explores Germany’s 270 unique potato varieties and their deep-rooted significance. From traditional dishes like roast potatoes and potato salad to the annual consumption of 56 kilos per person, Germany’s adoration for this tuber is unparalleled. Farmers like Sebastian Klass equate harvesting potatoes to discovering “gold nuggets,” symbolizing their treasured status.

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European Potato Market Faces Unprecedented Challenges: Insights from Cedric Porter

At the 2023 Potato Business Summit earlier this year, Cedric Porter, editor of World Potato Markets, provided an update on the European and global potato market. Porter highlighted the challenges Europe faced due to COVID-19, which has now been overshadowed by issues related to war and extreme weather. Europe has produced its smallest potential potato crop ever in 2022. Despite challenges, the demand for processed potatoes remains strong, with prices reflecting market dynamics.

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The drive to consolidate potato producers in Britain: Challenges of building a unified voice

Potato growers in Britain are being urged to unite for stronger representation. A report from The Scottish Farmer emphasized the need for a dedicated organization to champion potato producers’ interests. However, the response from growers has been tepid. Mike Wilson, chair of the Seed Potato Organisation, stressed the importance of collective action, especially in regulatory discussions. The industry’s future hinges on growers’ commitment to a unified front.

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GIC’s milestone: 30 years of packaging excellence to be showcased at British Potato 2023

GIC, a top UK packaging machinery manufacturer, will commemorate 30 years of producing intermittent VFFS machines and 20 years of continuous motion machines at the British Potato Show in November. Andy Beal, GIC’s managing director, highlighted the company’s commitment to quality and efficiency. The latest GIC8000 machine will be showcased at the event, boasting advanced features and a high-speed packaging capability. Over three decades, GIC has supplied over 700 machines to various sectors, including prominent names in the potato industry.

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Oslo awaits: Norway to host EAPR’s 2024 Triennial Conference, registration now open with a call for abstracts

Registration for the 2024 EAPR Triennial Conference in Oslo is now open. Hosted by Norway for the first time, the event, led by EAPR President Arne Hermansen, will focus on “Sustainable Potato Production.” The conference will feature keynotes, scientific sessions, and excursions to potato-growing regions. Early registration is advised due to favorable exchange rates. Separate workshops are also available for booking. Visit the official website for details.

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Swedish innovation: DUG shakes up plant-based milk market with potato power

Swedish company DUG has revolutionized the plant-based milk industry with its innovative potato milk. Launched in 2021, this sustainable alternative uses significantly less land and water than traditional plant-based milks. Originating from Professor Eva Tornberg’s research at Lund University, the product boasts a unique amino acid profile and avoids common allergens. With its recent UK expansion and multiple awards, DUG is set to lead the sustainable food movement.

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Mastering pesticide management: The must-attend course for potato farmers in a post-Brexit era

The “Managing Pesticides in Fresh Produce” course, offered by Practical Solutions International Ltd, aims to clarify the challenges of pesticide use and residue management, especially post-Brexit. Designed for technical managers working with European retailers, the course, tutored by Ian Finlayson, covers topics like EU pesticide legislation, sampling, and data analysis. Scheduled for September and November-December, it offers an interactive learning experience with practical examples. Testimonials praise the course’s practicality and relevance.

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IFA: Irish potato demand remains high amidst low yields, early test digs in Europe show wide variation

The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) reports a strong demand for potatoes in Ireland. New season Rooster yields are low, causing a 3-4 week market gap. Old season Rooster stocks are dwindling, leading to high prices. Blight is increasing costs for growers. In Europe, crop results vary by planting date. UK lifting is weather-affected but improving. Market traders note buyers are adapting to higher prices, with some preferring old crops due to concerns about new crop stability.

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Potato chip bags: The unexpected heroes in the fight against global warming

Researchers have developed a method to repurpose aluminium-plastic composite (APL) films, typically used in potato chip bags, into energy-efficient cooling films. Led by Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch from the University of Bayreuth in Germany, this upcycling process addresses APL recycling challenges and global energy demands. The transformed APL films, with a simple coating, act as cooling systems, reflecting sunlight and radiating heat, offering a sustainable solution to rising energy needs.

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From ocean to potato fields: Seaweed biostimulant Algifol to make waves at British Potato Show

Algifol, a seaweed-based biostimulant popular among potato growers, will be showcased at the British Potato show in Harrogate this November. Introduced to the UK by MJP Supplies, Algifol enhances potato root strength, disease resistance, and resilience to extreme weather. Produced by Neomed Pharma from brown algae, it’s rich in natural nutrients. The brand has seen a surge in sales due to rising fertilizer costs and a shift towards natural products. Field trial results will be announced at the event.

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‘PotatoNext’: Uniting Agrico, Nedato, and Leo de Kock for sustainable potato production

PotatoNext, the new independent cooperative formed by Agrico, Nedato, and Leo de Kock, is set to revolutionize the potato industry. With a fresh new logo and corporate identity, PotatoNext aims to bring together the entire process of potato production, from planting to consumption. Led by experienced directors Jan Bijleveld and Mariska Werring, the cooperative’s management team is committed to driving growth and success. Stay tuned for more updates on the benefits and developments this collaboration will bring to growers, customers, and suppliers.

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EU potato crop faces challenges: Smallest harvest on record?

The 2023 EU potato harvest faces uncertainties due to earlier weather disruptions, including wet conditions during planting and subsequent dry spells. With decreased planted areas in key producers like Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland, this year’s yield might be one of the lowest ever. Although Mintec’s Benchmark Price recently dropped by €100/mt, experts predict sustained higher prices in the 2023/24 marketing year due to robust demand and limited supply.

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The Scottish Farmer: Reports show a solid potato market, exceptional spot prices in the UK

The overall potato market is looking solid heading toward Scotland’s lifting season according to commentators in the sector, as John Sleigh, editor at The Scottish Farmer reports in this news story. Overall growers are stating that spot prices are unexceptional but solid although most crops will already be tied up with contracts signed earlier in the year. As the bulk of the UK’s potatoes starts getting lifted in the coming months supply will increase which could soften prices.

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UK’s potato sustainability research at risk: The rise of Chinese spud technology

The James Hutton Institute in the UK warns of falling behind in potato sustainability research, emphasizing the need to adopt new technologies. China’s significant advancements in potato science, positioning it as a food security staple, could overshadow the UK. As growers are urged to reduce chemical use, innovative solutions like electrical crop treatments emerge. Additionally, post-Brexit political challenges affect the UK’s seed potato exports, primarily from Scotland.

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Innovating agriculture: HarvestEye to showcase next-gen crop monitoring at Potatoes in Practice event

The HarvestEye team will present its updated machine learning crop insight tool at the UK’s premier potato event, “Potatoes in Practice”, on 10th August in Dundee. The HarvestEye 2.0, launched in February, offers enhanced visibility on root crop characteristics during harvesting and is compatible with potatoes and onions. The updated system ensures quicker crop measurements and increased accuracy.

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