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Refrigeration company presents ‘mechanical refrigeration’ of potato storage facilities

For a long time, the agricultural sector depended on outside air for drying and cooling crops. Due to climate changes, arable farmers are no longer able to get their products through the winter without compromising on quality. ENGIE Refrigeration says it has developed a storage system with entirely mechanical refrigeration, which allows maintaining the same storage conditions throughout the year.[Read More…]

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Potato fraud in the Netherlands?

Earlier this month, Breeders Trust – an organisation looking after the interest of potato breeders – revealed a major fraud, concerning the switching of at least 200 tons of potatoes meant for consumption, to seed potatoes instead. Seed Company Mts. H. te Luttelgeest  in the Netherlands was reportedly caught red-handed when adding the yield from a lot of consumption potatoes[Read More…]

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Fifth win for McCain potato growers in Britain

Farmers RS Bright & Sons of Woodmanton Farm, Sarnesfield celebrated their fifth win of the McCain Champion Potato Grower trophy at McCain Foods Ltd’s 50th anniversary event in York. The Bright family, who are members of the Central Hereford Integrated Potato Suppliers grower group, have been supplying potatoes farm to McCain for over a quarter of a century and cropped[Read More…]

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UK: Farmers will ‘bear brunt’ of Sainsbury’s and Asda merger, NFU says

The proposed merger of Sainsbury’s and Asda could lead to increased pressure on farmers and reduce the choice and innovation of products available for the shopper. This is according to the NFU, who told the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) the farming industry’s concerns on the possible creation of the country’s largest retailer. In giving oral evidence, NFU head of food[Read More…]

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Hummingbird launches new high-tech irrigation tool in Australia

Hummingbird, an award winning artificial intelligence company based in the UK, is launching a new irrigation scheduling product in Australia. Hummingbird analyses imagery captured by satellites, planes, drones and robots to help farmers identify problems in their crops earlier and assist them with input optimization. Launched in 2015 and servicing hundreds of arable customers across 250,000 hectares in the UK,[Read More…]

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Fully booked INTERPOM | PRIMEURS event certainly worth a visit

INTERPOM | PRIMEURS, the indoor trade fair for the whole potato & vegetable sector in Europe, will take place from Sunday 25 to Tuesday 27 November 2018 at Kortrijk Xpo (Belgium). The trade fair is widely acclaimed as the largest indoor potato trade fair in the world where the entire chain is represented: from growing to processing and marketing. INTERPOM[Read More…]

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‘Eco friendly’ packaging for fries made from potato skins

It was widely reported in the media the past couple of months that Italian designers Simone Caronni, Paolo Stefano Gentile and Pietro Gaeli have created an ecological packaging for fries made from recycled potato skins (peels), as a sustainable alternative to paper. Called “Peel Saver”, the packaging is essentially made of starch and fibre components that, after maceration and natural dying, bond with each other[Read More…]

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Sonae retail group in Portugal promotes health benefits of potatoes

Potatoes are indispensable in the Portuguese cuisine. They are the basis of traditional dishes. Sonae, leading retailer in that country, has modernized its display of potatoes. The company also promotes how excellent potatoes are in terms of nutrition. The Portuguese gastronomy is rich in dishes and recipes. Potatoes play a major role in the daily meals. They are used in[Read More…]

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The Crispr debate: Irish farmers could miss out on gene editing potential, says crop scientist

Gene editing is exciting crop scientists and breeders. It allows the DNA of a crop to be precisely tweaked to improve them. Enthusiasm is mounting around its potential to boost resistance to pests and diseases in crops. Irish farmers, however, could miss out because of a European Court of Justice ruling earlier this summer. Invented by Jennifer Doudna, the power of[Read More…]

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Photo and Video Gallery: As Irish as they come – beautifully coloured heritage potato varieties grown in Ireland

Maria Flynn at Ballymakenny Farm in Ireland is one remarkable lady – and so are the marvelous heritage and specialty potato varieties that she grows at the Farm and are marketed to high end restaurants in Ireland. Beautifully coloured creations, filled with the best nutritional value that only potatoes can offer. Where else to find these but in Ireland? From[Read More…]

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Trending: Increasing number of Brits adopting ‘flexitarian’ diet

More evidence of the trend towards a so-called “flexitarian” diet has been revealed in the results of new market research. The research, which has been conducted by grocery analysts IGD, reveals that more than half of British consumers are either following or are interested in a flexitarian diet, which emphasises plant-based foods while allowing meat and other animal products in moderation.[Read More…]

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Groundbreaking British potato breeder presented with Potato Industry Award

One of Britain’s most innovative potato breeders was last night presented with the Potato Industry Award, an annual accolade presented each year for the very highest standards in the industry by AHDB. Doug Harley, who heads up Cygnet PB, received the award at the Seed Industry Event in St Andrew’s. Seed sales manager Croft took home the Above and Beyond Award[Read More…]

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Newly designed machines for mechanical potato haulm removal

Mechanical removal of potato foliage prior to harvest is coming into the spotlight nowadays due to fact that some of the most popular chemicals in use for potato vine desiccation is under threat of being banned, or already prohibited in some potato producing countries. REMA Environmental Machinery BV in the Netherlands is a company that’s been developing and producing a[Read More…]

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Space agency to deliver Big Data at the farm gate for potato growers

The drought that swept through Europe this year has hit European potato farmers hard when sustained high temperatures and the lack of rain badly affected the agrofood industry. Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) say their data and industry-directed services can help mitigate several challenges faced by the industry. According to ESA, it is not all doom and gloom for the potato industry. A[Read More…]

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Bioimpuls: Dutch potato breeders battling late blight

In 2009 a nationally funded potato breeding project was initiated in the Netherlands with the main goal of supplying the Dutch organic potato sector with new non-GMO potato varieties resistant to the late blight disease. This project became known as Bioimpuls, an alternative to the breeding program at Wageningen University called DuRPh (Durable Resistance against Phytophthora through cisgenic marker-free modification). Under the banner of Bioimpuls,[Read More…]

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Cyprus potato prices sky-rocket due to a shortage

Consumers in Cyprus are complaining about the high price of potatoes, with officials attributing the steep increase to a shortage of spuds in the Cypriot market lasting almost three months now. Despite reassurances from stakeholders that fresh potatoes will be hitting the market soon to push prices down, spuds have seen their price sky-rocket to €2 per kilo. In September and[Read More…]

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Belgapom’s Romain Cools responds to European ‘fry war’ with Colombia

The Belgian, Dutch and German potato industries are afraid that it will become increasingly difficult to export frozen fries to the South American market. Colombia has announced that it will charge anti-dumping tariffs on frozen potato products from these three European countries. “The threat Colombia poses is relatively limited. A reasonably small volume of French fries is sent to the Colombian market.[Read More…]

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PepsiCo to launch Lay’s production unit in the Ukraine

PepsiCo Ukraine has reportedly launched a project to localize production of potato chips under the Lay’s trademark in the Ukraine, foreseeing the launch of a chips production line at the existing plant in Mykolaiv region by the middle of 2019. According to the press service of PepsiCo Ukraine, the company plans to launch the production line at the existing production[Read More…]

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Equipment specialist presents new generation french fry sorting machine

Since 2011, the Austrian specialist equipment manufacturer Insort has been developing sorting machines for various foods such as potatoes, berries, almonds and nuts. These sorters recognize foreign materials using Insort’s Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) and remove it from the product flow at high speed. The equipment is used by well-known food processors around the globe. Next week, Insort will present its next[Read More…]

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HZPC’s Potato Woman of the Year calls potatoes ‘the largest vitamin pills in the world’

Potato company HZPC has named Dr. Marie Rasochová (80) from the Czech Republic as its Potato Woman of the Year 2018. Marie Rasochová is a renowned promotor of potatoes in the Czech Republic. She is well known for promoting potatoes as the largest vitamin pills in the world. She spreads her message on radio, television programmes, in magazine articles, newspaper stories and[Read More…]

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How to remove CIPC residue from potato storage buildings?

Chlorpropham (or CIPC) is widely used as a sprout suppressing agro-chemical applied to stored potatoes. CIPC has been in use for more than 50 years. Today, various safety issues and concerns have surfaced primarily due to continuous and long-term use of CIPC. While the use of CIPC is strictly regulated in some countries, it is expected to be banned in[Read More…]

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