Ukraine crisis

Shameful: Russian invaders destroyed the National Gene Bank of Plants of Ukraine

One of the world’s largest the National Gene Bank of named after V.Ya. Yuriev National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, located in Kharkiv, was destroyed during the war. The bank kept more than 160 thousand varieties of plant seeds, and hybrids of agricultural crops worldwide, including seeds that no longer exist in Europe and in the world.

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FAO distributes seed potatoes to vulnerable rural families in Ukraine

Working to safeguard the food security and livelihoods of vulnerable rural families in Ukraine, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has distributed seed potato kits to 17 740 households from across ten of the country’s oblasts so they can plant food in time for the next harvesting season. Some 46 000 people stand to benefit from the campaign.

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Ukrainian farmers dodge landmines and rockets as world’s farmers offer help

Destruction and devastation litter the Ukrainian countryside. Farms have turned into battlegrounds as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine stretches into another month, as Clinton Griffiths reports for The Scoop. Landmines and munitions (military weapons, ammunition and equipment) now litter fields. Farmers working those fields are wearing flak jackets and helmets.

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Market Analysis: The impact of Russia’s war on the potato industry of Ukraine

February 24, 2022 was a turning point for both Ukraine and the rest of the world, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine has undoubtedly turned the normal world order on its head. In this exclusive article, Fruit-Inform market analyst, Yevhen Kuzin, provides our readers with a bird’s eye view of the current and expected future situation of the potato industry in Ukraine – an industry seriously impacted by Russia’s war against the country.

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Crisis in Ukraine: Europlant seed potato distributor reflects on harrowing challenges

Potato News Today spoke with Mr. Yurii Dyak from Record-Agro LLC in the Ukraine earlier today. He is the Director of Record-Agro, official representative for Europlant in Ukraine. Mr Dyak informed us of the many challenges his company and its potato farming customers are facing at this time in Ukraine, including the bombing of one of his seed potato warehouses, and looting of farmers’ equipment and fuel by Russian soldiers.

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Ukrainian farmers wear bulletproof vests to sow spring crops

Ukrainian farmers are wearing helmets and bulletproof vests to sow spring crops as their country’s war with Russia rages nearby. Fields have to be checked for Russian mines and other explosives prior to drilling. The authorities are clearing between 2,000 and 6,000 explosive objects each day.

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Managing director of Agrico Ukraine discusses life during Russian invasion

Nick Gordiichuk is a Ukrainian farmer and Managing director of Agrico Ukraine. He talked with Dustin Hoffmann of Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network on March 24 about the situation that farmers in Ukraine are facing due to the Russian invasion. Nick said: “Farmers in Ukraine don’t only have to be farmers now, they also have to be soldiers…” He talked about their efforts to keep feeding their citizens during the crisis. His land was overrun with Russian soldiers and tanks at the time of the interview.

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Rabobank report: ‘The Russia-Ukraine war’s impact on global fertilizer markets’

Rabobank’s RaboResearch – Food & Agribusiness team released this research report recently. They say that higher fertilizer prices and/or a shortage of fertilizer supply resulting from the war in Ukraine will not have an immediate impact on food prices and/or food production. The first crop-growing regions to be ‘at risk’ are India and Latin America. India is partially out of danger, but Latin America is highly exposed.

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Video: Ukrainian farmers fight to grow food amid war

Spring sowing has begun across western Ukraine but with raging war in the country, the prospects of completing it successfully look bleak for many Ukrainian farmers. Ukrainian farmer Terras Mansiok owns a family farm near Lviv. In an interview with Reuters, he described the difficulties he and other farmers in Ukraine are dealing with now.

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British farmers send lorries of aid to Ukraine

A Cambridgeshire farming family is helping to send 25 lorry loads of food, warm clothing and medical supplies to Ukrainian refugees. As Ed Henderson reports for Farmers Weekly, Craig Taylor and his cousin Ross Taylor, who farm in the Fens at Pymoor, have joined forces with local organisations and businesses to create Ukraine Lifeline.

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PepsiCo scraps Scottish seed potato exports to Russia

A deal to export 2,000t of Scottish seed potatoes to Russia has been scrapped by PepsiCo following criticism of the arrangement. As Ed Henderson reports for Farmers Weekly, the company said “a couple of lorries” had already left Scottish farms this week, but following discussion with growers, the decision had been made to stop future shipments.

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Scottish seed potato exporters told to ‘disinvest’ from Russia

Seed potato exporters have been told “very clearly” they should disinvest from Russia, a minister has said, following reports that 2000 tonnes of Scottish produce will be sent there. As Emer O’Toole reports for The National, Rural Affairs Secretary, Mairi Gougeon, said “We’ve led calls for businesses to disinvest from Russia as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.”

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War in Europe: NEPG notes rising production costs, continued global need for potato products

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, potato markets have been somewhat resistant with uncertainty expected for the coming recent weeks, North-Western European Potato Growers (NEPG) says in a news release earlier today. “Producers need to realize that, despite this very significant crisis, our European countries (and others around the world) will continue to need potatoes and potato products in the future,” NEPG says.

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Stepping up to the plate: Linwood Crops to help the wounded in Ukraine

Linwood Crops Limited, the UK based specialist fresh potato business, are doing their bit to help the people of Ukraine. In a news release, the company says that for every product ordered in March 2022 from its Chef’s Taste and MUST Have product range, it will donate to help secure urgent medical kits and supplies for those Ukrainians wounded in this horrific conflict.

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Albert Bartlett’s boss closes honorary Russian consulate in the UK

One of Britain’s biggest potato farmers has closed a Russian honorary consulate in Norwich as war rages following the invasion of Ukraine. As Simon Parkin reports for Eastern Daily Press, potato king Ronnie Bartlett, who runs fruit and veg firm Albert Bartlett, has also stood down as Russian honorary consul with responsibility for Norfolk, a position he had held since January 2020.

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