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Warnez officieel gefuseerd met Agripom

Tot op heden was de firma Warnez opgesplitst in twee entiteiten, met name Warnez NV en Agripom bvba.  Historisch was het zo gegroeid dat Warnez NV het handelshuis was, en Agripom BVBA de entiteit die de teelt en het verpakkingsproces van de aardappelen op zich nam. Om de zaken administratief te vereenvoudigen zijn de 2 entiteiten in juli officieel gefuseerd.[Read More…]

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Potato psyllid alert in North Dakota and Minnesota

North Dakota State University Extension Service has declared a potato psyllid alert in North Dakota and Minnesota potato fields. The pests have been spotted in western and central North Dakota, though the populations have not yet become widespread. Potato psyllid is the vector for the Liberibacter bacterium that causes Zebra Chip. But psyllids that are not infectious with Zebra Chip Liberibacter[Read More…]

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Certification depends on being able to measure up

You cannot manage what you cannot measure, says US seed potato certification expert Willem Schrage. Dr Schrage, who works with seed agencies in Minnesota and North Dakota, said there were many factors that influenced seed potato productivity, but in certification, only numbers mattered. “What varieties you grow, disease pressure, the physiological age of the seed, the growing and harvest, transportation[Read More…]

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US: Hunger gets tackled at Potato Bowl

Excitement will once again reach a fevered pitch as the Washington and Oregon potato commissions duke it out in the third annual “Potato Bowl,” an event during which farmers from both states team up to tackle hunger. “This year, potato growers will be serving up free baked potatoes at the Washington State Cougar and Oregon State Beaver football game held[Read More…]

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Loos-en-Gohelle – Vermelles:Une pomme de terre bio, en bonne santé et à la robe «sang et or»

Regardez là de près cette variété de pommes de terre. Sa couleur se rapproche de celles du Racing club de Lens. Normal, elle est cultivée du côté de Loos-en-Gohelle et de Vermelles. La Carolus (c’est son nom) est testée depuis 2014… Elle résiste bien au mildiou. Pourrait-elle arriver sur le devant de la scène ? Deux hectares nichés entre Vermelles et Loos-en-Gohelle[Read More…]

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Fütterung mit Kartoffelpresspülpe: Darauf gilt es zu achten

Kartoffelpresspülpe entsteht als Nebenprodukt bei der Gewinnung von Stärkemehl und kann helfen, die Grundfutterleistung zu verbessern und Futterkosten zu senken. Kartoffelpresspülpe entsteht als Nebenprodukt bei der Stärkemehlgewinnung und besteht letztendlich aus dem faserigen Teil der Kartoffel und der technisch nicht gewinnbaren Stärke. Da es sich um ein Saisonprodukt handelt, ist sie nur während der Kampagne von August bis Dezember bzw.[Read More…]

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UK: Delay’s in potato planting bring price to record high

Tight supplies of last year’s potato crop and delays in planting this year’s are factors behind the AHDB Weekly Average Price Survey (WAPS) price being the highest ever recorded at this point in the season. The overall weekly average price, which includes free-buy and contract trade, was £188.72 for the week to August 5. Supplies of the 2015 potato crop were tight,[Read More…]

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Resistente rassen, biodiversiteit en groene middelen alternatieven voor gebruik koper

In de biologische aardappelteelt wordt in een aantal Europese landen koper als bestrijdingsmiddel tegen Phytophthora gespoten. Dit is in Nederland niet toegestaan. Wageningen UR doet onderzoek naar een alternatief pakket aan maatregelen zoals lage hoeveelheden koper, resistente rassen, biodiversiteit en groene middelen. Phytophthora blijkt zich telkens aan te passen aan resistente rassen. Het is daarom raadzaam om over meer maatregelen[Read More…]

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Idaho growers expect record beet yield, high-quality spuds

Idaho growers anticipate digging another record-yielding sugar beet crop and potatoes with excellent quality, thanks to ideal weather during the critical points of this growing season. Idaho growers expect record beet yield, high-quality spuds. Randy Grant, a Russet Burbank grower for the processed potato industry, said spuds benefited from plenty of warm weather without extreme temperature fluctuations during key growth periods. “The quality[Read More…]

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UK: Retailer recognition is lifting potatoes from the doldrums

Consumer concern over carbohydrates has often worked to the detriment of the potato sector despite the product being a staple of the traditional British evening meal. But, buoyed by the announcement of new, longer-term supply deals, potatoes are fighting back. Major players committing to new investments and expansion into ever-more convenient product options are leading long overdue potato fight-back by[Read More…]

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Ein Leben für die tolle Knolle

Sie heißen Linda, Bellana, Sieglinde oder Gloria, sind in vielen Supermärkten zu haben und des Deutschen liebster Knolle: die Kartoffel. Weltweit gibt es etwa 4000 Sorten, in Deutschland sind gut 200 davon zugelassen. So auch die Toccata. Sie ist eine vonReinhold Jacobs aus Mellen gezüchtete Stärkekartoffel, die nährstoffreiche sandige bis lehmige Ackerböden bevorzugt und bereits 2004 vom Bundessortenamt (BSA) in[Read More…]

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Ballreich’s awarded as Best Potato Chip and Potato Stick

The nation’s first Potato Chip Festival was held in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., the birthplace of potato chips. The event not only created history for the potato chip, but also for Ballreich’s Potato Chips and Snacks, which won a number of awards. Competitors included Lay’s, Utz, Wise, Jones’, Bickel’s, Mister Bee, Better Made, Herr’s and more. Additionally, the festival was held in[Read More…]

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Canada: Alliston potato vodka distillery to be ‘showpiece’ for industry, says owner

A special delivery arrived for Ken Beattie just in time for Potato Festival. Friday morning (Aug. 5), the first of two distillery tanks arrived at Beattie’s 13th Line property in Alliston, where construction of his new potato vodka production facility is well underway. The 5000-litre copper kettle, which was made in Germany, will be one of the largest in North America, according[Read More…]

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New report: Global potato starch market

MRS Research Group added a new research report on “Global Potato Starch Market 2016 Market Share,Size,Trends and Forecast to 2022” to its database. Prepared by the team of experts and available on MRS Research site, the report offers an overview of all the key performance indicators of the industry. The analysis covers the industry on the accounts of revenue, volume, wherever applicable. This MRS Research[Read More…]

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Insolite : ils trouvent une grenade dans un sac de pommes de terre

Les gérants d’un restaurant de la Sarthe ont eu une drôle de surprise, en préparant les frites du jour. Ils ont trouvé une vieille grenade au milieu des pommes de terre, au fond du sac… Ce n’est pas qu’un événement insolite : chaque année, les démineurs interviennent régulièrement sur des obus, grenades, engins explosifs en tout genre, datant pour la plupart de[Read More…]

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Red River Valley spuds hit hard by rain, hail

Rain and hail have put a serious dent in the 2016 Red River Valley potato crop. Red volumes from valley growers in North Dakota and Minnesota could be down 25 to 30% this season, said Ted Kreis, marketing and communications director of the Northern Plains Potato Growers Association, East Grand Forks, Minn. Mother Nature’s to blame, Kreis said. “Mainly it’s been too much[Read More…]

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Russia expects record cabbage and potato harvest

Warm weather and heavy rainfall last month in the Altai region could have a positive impact on the yield of vegetable crops this year, says the CEO of Russkie ovoshi, Andrei Langovoy. The company is one of the largest vegetable producers in the Altai region and in Russia as a whole. According to Langovoy, heavy rain in the last week in[Read More…]

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US: Black Gold Farms begins Indiana red potato harvest

Black Gold Farms has kicked off the harvest of its red potatoes in Winamac, Indiana, just two miles south of Chicago. The company is anticipating a strong yield with exceptional quality, stating that Mother Nature has “smiled on Indiana this summer.” “We see the Indiana crop as the perfect fit to ensure that we have a year-round supply of Black Gold Farms[Read More…]

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Potatoes in smaller sized packaging increasingly popular

So far, the 2016 potato crop in the US looks to be similar to last year. “Plantings are down slightly compared to last year, but higher yields are expected to make for similar supplies,” says Scott McDulin- Vice President of Marketing/Retail Sales with Schmieding Produce. In August, Texas will start harvesting its Russet potatoes, but the majority of US potatoes[Read More…]

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Fewer spuds grown across Canada good for P.E.I. potato farmers

The amount of spuds planted this year in Canada has dropped and the P.E.I. Potato Board said that’s a good thing. Numbers released by Statistics Canada recently show the amount of potato acreage across the country is down by almost two per cent in 2016 compared to last year, with the biggest declines in New Brunswick and Manitoba. Potato acreage in those two[Read More…]

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Farm Visit: How to produce potatoes for PepsiCo factory in Romania

To develop in the Romanian market and neighboring countries, PepsiCo needed potato suppliers who are able to provide a sufficient quantity over an extended period throughout the year. Since 2004, many chips produced in PepsiCo’s factory in Romania have been made from potatoes provided by Mirica’s farm in Lunguletu, Dambovita County. The farm delivers 1,500 tons of potatoes per year,[Read More…]

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Kenyan-German deal to boost potato production

On Thursday 28 July, an agreement was signed between the governor of Nyandarua county in Kenya and a German delegation, which will see potato production increase in the Kenyan county. The German Government will help the county through the provision of high quality seeds, mechanization of the potato farming as well as value addition. The move according to the Government will[Read More…]

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US: Nation’s largest Red Potato producer takes pummeling

The weather has put Red River Valley farmers through the ringer this year. Now the nation could be feeling the effects. “You know you kind of take care of them as if they’re your kids. So, you know, it’s probably like other kids seeing their kids get hurt,” says third generation potato farmer Andrew Moquist. He says this season is[Read More…]

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Former Utz potato chip exec pleads guilty to $1.4M fraud

A former executive with a Pennsylvania potato chip and snack food company has pleaded guilty to defrauding the company out of roughly $1.4 million. Thirty-eight-year-old Kevin Myers acknowledged Tuesday that he received $651,000 in kickbacks while purchasing director at Utz Quality foods in Hanover. Federal prosecutors say Myers received the kickbacks from 45-year-old Jonathan Haas, who owned Haas Packaging and Design when[Read More…]

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APH Group samen met Miedema en Omnivent naar China

APH Group in Heerenveen heeft samen met partners Miedema en Omnivent een contract getekend voor de levering van aardappel transportsystemen en klimaatbeheersing aan het Chinese Inner Mongolia Linkage Potato. Dat meldt APH Group. Miedema en Omnivent gaan systemen leveren voor een aardappelbewaarplaats met een capaciteit van 140.000 ton. Miedema levert handling- en transportsystemen, Omnivent zorgt voor het klimaatbeheersingsysteem. Het project moet[Read More…]

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