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Good yields but high costs for Argentine potatoes

Before the imminent start of the new potato harvest in the southeast of Buenos Aires, engineers Sergio Costantino (director of Argenpapa) and Ricardo Bergonzi (private advisor) analyzed the profitability of this crop, which hasn’t yielded positive figures for farmers during the last two campaigns. According to them, “in this campaign, there will be average yields that can significantly exceed those[Read More…]

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Concern in Peru as Bolivia decides to stop imports

The Bolivian horticultural product marketers’ decision to cease importing agricultural products to prioritize their national production has generated concern among Peruvian farmers, mainly among potato and onion producers. This decision is part of the Family Agriculture Policy measures that the Ministry of Rural Development and Land of Bolivia implemented last year, that seek to promote plans so that producers improve[Read More…]

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Potato war: Colombia takes anti-dumping measures against European frozen french fries

In October of last year, the European Commission (EC) lodged a complaint with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) about the import tariffs Colombia has imposed on frozen french fries from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. According to the European Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström, the European Union (EU) considers this South American country’s anti-dumping measures to be ‘entirely unjustified’. The dispute[Read More…]

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How Peru’s potato museum could stave off world food crisis

th a climate changing faster than most crops can adapt and food security under threat around the world, scientists have found hope in a living museum dedicated to a staple eaten by millions daily: the humble potato. High in the Peruvian Andes, agronomists are looking to the ancestral knowledge of farmers to identify genetic strains which could help the tubers[Read More…]

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Strong growth in the export of Dutch seed potatoes to Cuba

Cuba is importing a lot more seed potatoes from the Netherlands this year. The fourth ship with seed potatoes (harvest 2019) has recently left for Cuba. The expectation is that exports will continue to grow in the coming years, says Jan van Hoogen, Director of Agrico. The export of Dutch seed potatoes to the Caribbean island over last year’s harvest[Read More…]

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How Peru’s 'living potato museum' could stave off world food crisis

With a climate changing faster than most crops can adapt to and food security under threat around the world, scientists have found hope in a ‘living museum’ dedicated to a staple eaten by millions daily: the humble potato. High in the Peruvian Andes, agronomists are looking to the ancestral knowledge of farmers to identify genetic strains which could help the[Read More…]

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EU hits Colombia with WTO case over frozen fry duties

The European Union hit Colombia with a World Trade Organization complaint Friday, saying that the country is unfairly imposing anti-dumping duties on frozen French fried potatoes from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. During Colombia’s anti-dumping investigation into preserved and prepared potato imports, the country failed to tell the European companies what metrics it would be using to determine if imports[Read More…]

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The Peruvian farmer who crafts ‘wine’ from high-altitude heirloom potatoes

There are high altitude vineyards, and then there are the potato fields on Manuel Choqque’s farm in Peru. Twelve thousand feet above sea level in Peru’s Sacred Valley, Choqque grows a dozen or so varieties of oca, an heirloom potato that thrives in the low-nutrient soils and harsh climate high up in the Andes. Choqque, the so-called “potato whisperer,” is the country’s most[Read More…]

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Lamb Weston eyes South America sales with new potato partnership

Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. announced last week that it has formed a joint venture with Sociedad Comercial del Plata in Argentina to serve the nearly 2-billion-pound South American market. Each partner will own 50% of the new joint venture, Lamb Weston Alimentos Modernos S.A. Lamb Weston Alimentos Modernos S.A. will sell frozen potato products under the Rapipap and Morixe brands[Read More…]

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EU to challenge Colombia at WTO to protect Belgium fries

The European Union will file a complaint at the World Trade Organization against Colombia over duties imposed on imports of frozen potato fries, EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said on Monday. Colombia imposed anti-dumping duties of up to 8% in November 2018 on frozen fries from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany after complaining that the prices of these imports were[Read More…]

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Canada: Less than 1 percent of Prince Edward Island potato crop harvested as hurricane Dorian blows through

For about 10 days, Hurricane Dorian has been making headlines in the news and it continues to cause damage. It lost its hurricane-force winds and was considered a post-tropical cyclone when it made landfall in Canada’s Nova Scotia province on Saturday night. In addition to Nova Scotia, the storm made significant impact on Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick as[Read More…]

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Peru’s Potato: A starchy spud that adapts to every eco-system

In the 1500’s when Spanish conquistadors arrived, they encountered the potato and brought it to Europe. Today it’s grown almost everywhere and considered a top food staple along with rice, corn and wheat. Correspondent Dan Collyns traveled to Potato Park in the Sacred Valley of the Incas to get the lowdown on this versatile vegetable. By the year 2050, the[Read More…]

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McCain expands in Latin America

McCain , world leader and expert in frozen potato chips, potato specialties and appetizers, one of the top 10 most valuable food brands in the world according to Brand Finance, announces the construction of its first factory in Brazil; an investment that reinforces the company’s expansion strategy in Latin America.  According to a report by the Mercardo news agency in Argentina, the[Read More…]

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Peru has a new potato that will help farmers weather the cold

In a country with more than 5,000 potato varieties, the arrival of another one should not really be a big deal. But this is Peru, where the potato was first domesticated and still plays a vital role in national identity. A trio of CALS scientists has helped extend this rich tradition by introducing a new, frost-resistant variety that can help[Read More…]

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Scientists develop biofortified ‘super spud’ in a bid to tackle malnutrion

Scientists are creating a “super potato”, fortified with iron and zinc, in a bid to tackle malnutrition in developing countries, reports The Telegraph. According to the report, millions of people around the world suffer micronutrient deficiencies – a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. This can lead to stunting in children, who then go on to suffer cognitive delays, weakened immunity[Read More…]

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Belgian partners, Peruvian farmers and researchers join forces around ‘tunta’ potatoes

ILVO, HOGENT and TRIAS in Belgium are hosting a Peruvian delegation to the Food Pilot (ILVO, Melle, Belgium) to get the production of so-called “tuntas” (freeze dried potatoes) in a small cooperative factory in the Andes. Flemish food technologists perform experiments and analyses in Belgium together with the Peruvians. The goal of the development cooperation project is to make the[Read More…]

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Peru boasts more than 3,500 types of potatoes

Peru has one of the most diverse food cultures in the world–it’s home to 5,000 varieties of potatoes alone! With landscapes that span the Pacific Ocean, the Amazon Rainforest, and the Andes Mountains, the countryside is a rich tapestry of ingredients. Let’s go on a journey to get a taste of this rich flavor. Along the way, we’ll meet the[Read More…]

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McCain Foods buys stake in Brazilian potato processor

Sao Paulo | Reuters — McCain Foods, the world’s largest producer of frozen fries, has agreed to buy 70 per cent of Brazilian potato processing firm Serya for an undisclosed amount. The deal is said to allow the Canadian company to expand its footprint in Latin America’s largest market. The remaining shares of Serya are held by Brazilian cheese bread[Read More…]

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Venezuelans’ struggle to rescue the ancestral Andean potato

The seventh “EcoFestival of the Native Potato Seed” came to an end in early January this year. This annual event highlights the struggle for the rescue of the ancestral potato and other Andean produce, in favor of food sovereignty in Venezuela. The EcoFestival of the Native Potato Seed is an annual event, held for the last seven years in the[Read More…]

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