Potatoes in Japanese baby food?

The potato is the workhorse of the produce department, but it does NOT receive the attention it should from retailers. Potatoes are a staple in 88 percent of all households in Japan, Mariko writes, and are enjoyed by all demographics. However, with proper assortment and merchandising, retailers and growers could be enjoying even higher fresh potato sales. And when potatoes[Read[Read More…]

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‘From cash cow to produce superstar’ – How potatoes can raise up the entire produce department

This article was published in the March 2019 issue of Potato Grower magazine.  Potatoes are the workhorse of the produce department, but they don’t often receive the attention they should from retailers. Potatoes are a staple in 88 percent of all households and are enjoyed by all demographics. However, with proper assortment and merchandising, retailers and growers could be enjoying even[Read[Read More…]

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Jones Potato Farm in Florida starts small packs

Parrish, Fla.-based Jones Potato Farm is starting a new small-pack operation in Parrish this year, said Alan Jones, president. The company is packing “primarily 3s and 5s; reds and yellows; fingerlings and some purples” in the new facility, Jones said. The small-pack operation opened March 1, he said. “We’ll be able to do two or three loads a day, plus[Read[Read More…]

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Swiss potato producers lose millions each year due to discards

Every year, Swiss potato growers lose about 22 million Euro because of the discard of products that cannot be marketed. To prevent them from being dumped, they feed 100,000 tons of potatoes to their cows. This quantity is equal to one third of the country’s total production. According to the growers, the production costs amount to 9,000 Euro per hectare[Read[Read More…]

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Kenya roots for streamlined potato value chains to boost food security

Kenya has developed a strategy to streamline the potato value chains in order to boost food security and revenues for small-holder farmers, officials said on Thursday. Lusike Wasilwa, director of crop systems at Kenya Agriculture Livestock Research Organization (KARLO) said that reorganizing potato value chains from production, storage and marketing is key to achieve the country’s development blueprint, dubbed the[Read[Read More…]

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Spud lovin’ Kiwi’s needed to chow down on spuds in the name of science

Calling all carb fans – here’s your chance to chow down in the name of science.  Massey University student Sarah Ross is on the hunt for 120 potato connoisseurs to sample spuds as part of her masters project. The project requires volunteers who regularly buy and eat potatoes to taste test the steamed vegetables and give feedback on the flavour. Although steaming might not[Read[Read More…]

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South Africa’s ‘number one’ chip: McCain forced to withdraw advertisement

Advertising claims that McCain Foods makes “SA’s NO.1 CHIP” has come under fire from Steers, whose parent company Famous Brands lodged a complaint with the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB).  The ARB found that the claim was too ambiguous for consumers, as it wasn’t clear whether it referred to the best quality chips, or was measured in sales. Famous Brands contended that[Read[Read More…]

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Greenvale un “Valed” its inaugural food and potato trends report

Greenvale AP, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh potatoes, has unveiled it’s inaugural food and potato trends report. The research looks at a number of food trends predicted to have made an impact in 2018. The report then extends further homing in on trends within the potato market. Tracey Mattock, Marketing Manager at Greenvale said “If you browse[Read More…]

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Idaho potato market should lift once Burbanks start shipping

Movement of Norkotah potatoes in Idaho continues at a steady pace as Russet suppliers begin anticipating when the Burbank will take over as the dominant variety for the remainder of the season. It’s expected that the onset of Burbank shipments will lift the market into a stronger position. According to suppliers, this is because the pack-out percentages drop on Burbank[Read[Read More…]

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Belgian company targets younger generation with new potato product launch

Belgian based potato company De Aardappelhoeve introduced a new convenience concept during the Fruit Logistica event in Germany. The new potato product line is targeting a younger generation of consumers. Bart and Ruben Nemegheer say younger people are eating fewer and fewer fresh potatoes. Pre-cooked or processed products are still popular. “The product, directly from nature, is not well-loved among[Read[Read More…]

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Fresh Solutions Network moving into Canada, continue expansion in the US

As the 2019 potato market tightens, the Fresh Solutions Network is prepared to deliver consistent supply to retailers. “We have a lot to be proud of moving into this year. With a short market, retailers will be able to take advantage of our network to provide consistent supply,” said Kathleen Triou with Fresh Solutions Network. “In 2018 we had a[Read[Read More…]

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Dietitian: How genetically modified foods fit into a healthful diet

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Molly Knudsen examines the disconnect between what science says and what people believe about GMO’s in a recent article titled GMOs are NOT ‘as seen on social media’. Knudsen writes that in the food world, GMOs (aka genetically modified organisms) are often depicted as the Mean Girls character Regina George. Claims appear on websites, blogs, social media,[Read[Read More…]

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Fresh potato sales somewhat slow in the US, but shippers not worried

Capital Press reports that the amount of potatoes held in storage rose slightly in the past year. USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service reported the 13 major potato-production states held 214 million hundredweight in storage on Feb. 1, up 3 percent from a year earlier. Potatoes in storage accounted for 51 percent of the fall storage states’ 2018 production, unchanged from[Read[Read More…]

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Australian man turns potato-only diet into a business

A Melbourne dad who shed 50 kilograms by eating nothing but potatoes for a year has turned his obsession into a business. Former athlete Andrew Taylor was 151.7kg at his heaviest, but he committed to a radical spud diet to shed 53kg in a year. His extraordinary weight loss made news around the world, leading Mr Taylor to launch his[Read[Read More…]

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‘New convenience concept should bring the younger generation back to potatoes’

“Younger people are eating fewer and fewer fresh potatoes. Pre-cooked or processed products are still popular. The product, directly from nature, is not well-loved among the younger generation”, say Bart and Ruben Nemegheer of the Belgian company, De Aardappelhoeve. “We want to get younger people eating potatoes again. So, we went looking for an idea where potatoes are easy to prepare[Read[Read More…]

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Fresh Trends 2018 survey: Potatoes, an American consumer favorite

Ever a consumer favorite, potatoes topped the list as the most popular vegetable in the Fresh Trends 2018 survey. It was also the No. 3 item overall that consumers said they purchased. Keep scrolling to see an engaging infographic.  But, the likelihood of a potato purchase fell eight percentage points from last year — the largest decline of any item[Read[Read More…]

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North Korean leader’s solution for chronic food insecurity and malnutrition: Potatoes

Lined up in cavernous rooms at a state restaurant in Pyongyang, North Korean chefs carefully assemble their dishes, watched by crowds of onlookers at a cooking competition in a country that suffers chronic food shortages. From samsaek gaepitok, or three-colour stuffed rice cake – delicately formed green and white parcels of red bean paste – to yak kwa (fried wheat biscuit[Read[Read More…]

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‘Food as medicine’ trend: Side Delights in support with fresh potato lines

Side Delights® supports the growing ‘Food as Medicine’ and plant-based menu movement to help treat and prevent chronic illness. Naturally plant-based, Side Delights® fresh potatoes creates lines of healthy and flavorful value-added kits, gourmet, convenience, organic, fresh-cut and bagged potatoes. The trend is making an impact at the store level, with a 20% growth increase in plant-based food at retail and plant-based foods dollar[Read[Read More…]

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Smashed: Survey finds Americans prefer mashed potatoes over french fries

In a recent national survey conducted by Kelton Global, consumers were asked to pick their favorite vegetable, and Idaho® potatoes topped the chart! More than a quarter of Americans (26%) — or nearly 68 million — say Idaho® potatoes are their favored choice over broccoli (19%), corn (14%) or leafy greens (14%).“Every few years we survey folks on their vegetable preferences, and[Read[Read More…]

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15th International Berlin Potato Evening: Despite challenges – good mood in the German potato industry

For the 15th International Berlin Potato Evening, the German Potato Trade Association (DKHV) welcomed over 450 guests from 15 countries, as well as more than 190 companies and associations. The Berlin Hilton on the Gendarmenmarkt provided the perfect setting for all the discussions between these industry experts. DKHV President Thomas Herkenrath outlined the many challenges that the potato industry is[Read[Read More…]

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British fish and chips may never be this cheap

The future of one of Britain’s favorite staples could be at risk as climate change threatens areas for growing potatoes, as well as affecting other fruit and vegetables, scientists from the University of Leeds said. Climate change is making the kind of heatwaves that hurt U.K. crops last year more likely, according to Piers Forster and Kate Sambrook of the[Read[Read More…]

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‘Drinkable’ potato chips are Japan’s solution to snacking while scrolling

A snack maker in Japan has come up with an idea meant to keep our phone screens grease-free while scrolling and snacking. The idea? Drinkable potato chips. Tokyo-based company Koike-ya named their new snack food One Hand Chips, and are calling them the “new snack style humankind has been waiting for.” The chips come pre-smashed so you can pour them into your mouth, as[Read[Read More…]

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Study: To convince Americans GMOs are safe, stakeholders must first convince them to open their minds

Despite widespread scientific agreement that genetically modified foods are safe to consume, the vast majority of Americans disagree and are unlikely to change their opinions unless they can first be convinced to open their minds, according to new research. A study published Jan. 17 in Nature Human Behavior revealed that more than 90% of the 2,000-plus US and European adults[Read[Read More…]

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