How to get paid for taste testing roasted potatoes

A restaurant in the United Kingdom is hiring experts to review their roasted potatoes. The restaurant, named The Botanist, recently took to its Instagram to make an announcement regarding the job profile, writes Somdatta Saha in an article for Food NDTV. According to the post, the food chain is looking for experts to sample their Sunday lunch to ensure its quality.

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Potato, you say? The low down on the newest plant milk trend

Would you be keen to splash some liquid potato into your morning coffee? According to the Swedish manufacturers of the world’s first commercially produced potato milk, the trusty tuber has been elevated to a new frontier, and plenty of plant milk fans are curious. The concoction, from Scandinavian brand Dug, is said to have a creamy texture, and the makers claim it can even be whipped into a froth for coffee.

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Plant-based ‘Popped Potato Crisps’ to roll out at ALDI retail locations in Germany

Modern Plant-Based Foods Inc., an award-winning plant-based food company, is pleased to announce that it will be listing its plant-based snacks, Snacks from the Sun’s, “Popped Potato Crisps” with Germany’s largest grocery chain, ALDI. The products will initially role out at 285 ALDI retail locations. Currently, the ‘Popped Potato Crisps’ are in over 5,000 stores throughout the United States and Canada. These vegan snacks come in four different flavours.

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Study: Dietary shift to potatoes could cut staple crop emissions in China by 25%

A dietary shift from rice to potatoes could ‘notably reduce’ the climate and environmental impacts of staple crop agriculture in China, according to a new study. It finds that a large-scale dietary shift towards potatoes, combined with better growing methods, could reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of these staples by up to 25 per cent. However, the authors note that it remains to be seen whether such a major dietary shift can be carried out on a large scale.

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Potatoes USA: Strong sales at retail, refrigerated potatoes showing largest increase

From July 2020 – June 2021, potato sales increased in dollars by 3% but declined slightly in volume by 0.3% compared to the previous July-June marketing year, according to Potatoes USA. Consumers bought 577 million more pounds of potatoes from July 2020 – June 2021 than July 2018 – June 2019. Refrigerated potatoes had the largest increase compared to the same period the previous year of 10.6% increase in dollars and a 5.3% increase in volume.

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‘Brilliantly bizarre’: Outrageous potato chip flavors we love and hate

Move over lightly salted and boring barbecue – MSN’s Lifestyle / Food and Drink reporter Miriam Carey has uncovered (and tried out) some seriously inventive flavors of our favorite salty snack. From doner kebab and pizza to squirrel and chocolate, she report for MSN on the most unusual varieties of potato chips tantalizing taste buds around the globe. We feature a few below, courtesy MSN – captions by Miriam Carey.

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Study: Potatoes to ensure higher quality diet for teenagers

ANI reports on a recent study conducted among people aged between nine to 18 years which suggested that eating potatoes can be an effective strategy to modestly improve intake of key shortfall nutrients. “The potato is a nutrient-dense vegetable that provides important, critically under-consumed nutrients to adolescent diets,” said Victor Fulgoni, co-author of the study.

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Shortage of British chips looming due to high European potato demand?

The Daily Mail reports that the UK is facing a shortage of chips due to high demand for British potatoes from the Continent. According to the report, experts predict the British crop will be in short supply after floods decimated potato production in Europe. A report revealed frozen chips are likely to be particularly affected – with a warning of steep price rises.

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Red Rock Deli teams up with Colin Fassnidge for its new Chef Series range

Red Rock Deli in Australia and New Zealand has teamed up with Colin Fassnidge, using his culinary creativity to inspire three new, restaurant quality flavours as part of Red Rock Deli Chef Series range. Colin has a famous philosophy with food, creating rich flavours and always pushing the boundaries. PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand’s Hind Simhairi, Senior Brand Manager, said the collaboration with Colin was a natural fit.

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Potato Corner to launch digital micro-series to drive consumer engagement

What can possibly happen in 10 seconds? For Filipinos hooked to their mobile phones for more than 10 hours a day every day, 10 seconds is a lot. A new advertising concept will even shake things up in online consumer engagement as Potato Corner, the beloved “flavored fries,” brings its playful and fun flavors in a pioneering, never-before-seen storytelling adventure.

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And now you can chomp on ‘5050 Potazos’ – half potato chip, have biscuit…

India’s Britannia 50-50 has launched the ‘5050 Potazos’. It is billed as a ‘fusion’ product that brings together potato chip and biscuit. The brand undertook a nationwide consumer survey in the run up to the launch, and the product was rated by consumers as the ‘best new product’ in the snacking space, with 90 per cent of consumers giving it a ‘definitely buy’ rating.

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Report: Potato sales dip in the US year-on-year, but demand is elevated in grocery stores

According to a market report issued by Potatoes USA, potato sales declined in dollars by 10.5% and in volume by 15.5% during April – June of 2021, compared to the same time period in 2020. However, when sales are compared to that same timeframe in 2019, sales increased in value and volume. Consumers bought 53 million more pounds of potatoes, demonstrating demand for potatoes is elevated in grocery stores.

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‘How to drink a cold spud’: Two Canadian companies launch potato based beers

Last week, The Establishment Brewing Company announced the release of a new beer called “This Spud’s For You” – an American lager. In its promotional campaign, the company use the slogan “Taters. But not for tots.” Earlier in the year, Holy Whale Brewery in New Brunswick announced “a kind of goofy beer” brewed with Prince Edward Island potatoes.

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‘Chuno’: An Andean dehydrated potato foodstuff that lasts for decades after preparation

Chuno comes from the indigenous Aymara word ch’unu. It is also practiced in Peru, but its origins are uncertain. Archeologist Jedu Sagarnaga believes this conservation method was developed “probably during the Formative Period” from around 2,000 to 200 BC. It may be even older, as 2017 tests on chuno dug up in Peru showed it was more than 5,000 years old. After it is prepared, this foodstuff lasts for decades.

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Side Delights’ gourmet petite potatoes: Create restaurant-worthy meals without the cost

Side Delights offers solutions for shoppers who want to continue eating at home with an elevated dining experience. “Increased family time, convenience, and cost-savings are some of the reasons that consumers have traditionally chosen to stay in and eat at home,” noted Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. Side Delights’ line of Gourmet Petites potatoes is for shoppers seeking potatoes similar to those found in fine-dining restaurants.

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10 surprising facts about McDonald’s fries

Is there a visit to McDonald’s without enjoying some legendary fries? Probably not. It is a fact that if we decide to indulge ourselves by consuming fast food, we will not be able to resist those wonderful and iconic potatoes that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They are the perfect treat, a comforting source of starch with the ideal touch of salt. The truth is, we’ve all indulged in McDonald’s fries from time to time. If they are one of your favorite guilty whims, it’s time to update you with some curious facts about its ingredients and how they have changed over the years…

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Pandemic impact: Home consumption of fresh potatoes in Belgium increased by eight percent

Potatoes are the top side dish in Belgium. On an average day in 2020, 41% of Belgians ate these (incl. fries). A lot of people were already eating potatoes at home. But, due to COVID-19 and its related measures, that rose in 2020. That’s according to a Flemish Agri and Fisheries Marketing Center (VLAM) press release. In 2020, home consumption of fresh potatoes increased by eight percent. That ended the downward trend in in-home consumption.

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Study: Potato nutrients can help reduce sodium retention, may help reduce risk of hypertension

A new study published in Nutrients investigated the effect of increased dietary potassium from a whole food source – baked/boiled potatoes and baked French fries – or a potassium supplement on blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease risk factors compared to a ‘typical American’ control diet (lower potassium intake) among 30 pre-hypertensive to hypertensive men and women.

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‘Not for couch potatoes’: First-of-its-kind organic ‘Sport Spuds’ said to be a game-changer for athletes

Atlanta is now home to ‘Sport Spuds’ – a new woman-owned business founded by endurance athlete, entrepreneur and professional violinist, Alison James. Boasting the “power of the potato,” Sport Spuds and its first-of-its-kind organic sports nutrition product line mark the realization of a dream 12 years in the making. Boasting three simple ingredients, Sport Spuds are non-GMO, non-dairy, gluten free and vegan.

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Tesco Ireland unveils first fully recyclable packaging trial for new season potatoes

Tesco has become the first retailer in Ireland to make its packaging for 1kg new season potatoes fully recyclable while also reducing the amount of paper used in its 2.5kg potato packaging. This step change on packaging will commence on a 12-week trial basis in 100 stores, with plans to roll out the changes to more products if successful. As one of Ireland’s favourite grocery items, this change will have a significant impact on reducing plastic waste.

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How to become a ‘potato grad’: Potatoes USA explains

Potatoes USA’s complimentary online curriculum, “Potato University”, is designed for busy foodservice professionals who want to learn more about how to incorporate all types of potatoes – from fresh, to frozen, to dehydrated—into the menu. These online classes are an excellent resource packed with valuable potato insights, and they can be taken any time at one’s own pace. “Anyone interested in learning more about U.S. potatoes can take this self-paced course,” explains Kendra Keenan, Global Marketing Manager, Foodservice at Potatoes USA.

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‘Native potatoes: From forgotten crop to culinary boom and market innovation’

Once neglected by urban consumers, Andean native potatoes are now essential ingredients for some of the most sophisticated gastronomy of the world, according to the authors of this article, published in Choices: The Magazine of Food, Farm, and Resource Issues. André Devaux, Guy Hareau, Miguel Ordinola, Jorge Andrade-Piedra, and Graham Thiele write, “from colored chips to delicacy vegetables and even liquors, new products are making their way into high-income market niches.”

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Yummy: How potatoes are eaten in 28 countries around the world

Humans have been cultivating potatoes for 10,000 years. Beginning in South America in 8000 BC, potatoes have taken root in almost every culture on the planet. A super-versatile vegetable, potatoes can be found in Belgium’s salty, crispy fries; Indonesia’s sweet and spicy sambal goreng kentang; and Ecuador’s fluffy, cheesy llapingacho. From pairings with fried onions and red chilies in Bangladesh to cheese curds and gravy in Canada, potatoes are part of diets across the globe.

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Frito-Lay consumer snacking poll: Memorial Day kicks off an anticipated ‘breakout summer’

Memorial Day on May 31 in the US is expected to kick off an anticipated ‘breakout summer’ as consumers catch up on activities they missed out on last year, and however and wherever consumers are celebrating, snacks will be plentiful, Frito-Lay says in a press release. Frito-Lay’s latest U.S. Snack Index, a poll focused on consumers’ snacking habits, found that eight in 10 indicated they plan many activities outside the house during Memorial Day.

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Potatoes USA: ‘Fresh potato consumers now also consistently buying frozen potatoes’

In the latest episode of Potato-cast, a Potatoes USA podcast, Natalia Cervantes, Potatoes USA Conversation Architect, is joined by her guest Kayla Dome, Potatoes USA Global Retail Marketing Manager. Kayla points out that fresh potatoes are still driving larger baskets at retail outlets. She says March 2021 was expected to decline in sales compared to 2020 but specifically online grocery sales saw a 43% increase in online sales compared to 2020, a $9.3 billion dollar sales increase for that online category.

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Aussies rejoice: Much-awaited ‘McCain Smiles’ is here!

Known by many and loved by all – McCain Foods ‘Smiles’ are back in Australia – this time in mini form. C-AH-UTE! Take your tastebuds back in time with all the nostalgia feels of an Aussie family favourite, 12 years since production ceased. Gone but not forgotten, consumers across the country have inundated McCain Foods with calls, social media requests and even a petition for the return of this iconic snack. A Buzzfeed poll saw an impressive 97 per cent of contributors answering ‘Yes, duh!’ for McCain to bring ‘Smiles’ back. And the pressure has continued to build since.

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