Advice on how to reduce CIPC residue levels with store cleaning

The Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group (PICSG) has warned potato growers and buyers against applying sprout suppressant Chlorpropham (CIPC) at 2020 store loading. The popular active, previously used on over 90 per cent of the circa 3.5 million tonnes of potatoes stored in Britain, had its approval for use withdrawn by the European Commission on 8 January. The maximum ‘use-up’[Read More…]

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Smart Farming in 2020: How IoT sensors are creating a more efficient precision agriculture industry

This is a preview of The Internet of Things (IoT) research report from Business Insider Intelligence. The farming industry will become more important than ever before in the next few decades. The UN projects that the world’s population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050, causing global agricultural production to rise 69% between 2010 and 2050. To meet this demand, farmers and agricultural companies[Read More…]

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Weber Farms: Modern technologies and sound agronomic practices key to successful spud production

Weber Farms is a 3rd generation family farm that was established in 1962 in Quincy, Washington. The farm typically raises around 4500 acres of potatoes that are processed by Lamb Weston. Varieties grown include Clearwater, Altura, Umatilla and Burbank’s. Other crops include sweet corn, apples and cherries. During an interview with Potato News Today, Adam Weber shared more information on[Read More…]

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Podcast: Agricultural economist explains the risks and benefits of GMOs and the future of crop biotechnology

Few academics eagerly engage the public on controversial scientific topics, content to quietly focus on their research. Agricultural economist and author Stuart Smyth isn’t among them. No stranger to social media and a frequent contributor to the Genetic Literacy Project, Smyth has consistently worked to translate his detailed books and scholarly publications about crop biotechnology into digestible educational content geared toward a[Read More…]

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SoilBio: New groundbreaking tool for assessing soil health

SoilBio is a new indicator of soil health, based on the most comprehensive UK soil testing investigation to date. It was developed by SoilEssentials, a company specializing in precision farming products and services. SoilBio is said to be “a ground-breaking new test to understand the biodiversity of your soil and measure the quality for long-term, good soil management.” Natasha Foote of[Read More…]

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Smart farming: Prince Edward Island potato growers using new decision support tools to improve use of crop protectants

A growing number of Prince Edward Island potato farms in Canada are taking advantage of new technology to improve their use of crop protectants, including fungicides used to prevent late blight. Late blight has historically been a major disease effecting potatoes in Prince Edward Island, with the potential to cause millions of dollars in crop losses if there is a[Read More…]

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Potato Days Russia 2020 to be hosted in July

The Russian potato industry and representatives from many countries from abroad will meet in the heart of the potato production region in Russia for this event – the region of Bryansk. It will be held on July 30 – 31, 2020. Potato Days Russia 2020 is the first potato conference and trade show of its kind, and is organized in[Read More…]

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Fighting Rhizoctonia: BASF UK teams up with Hummingbird Technologies to measure potato crop emergence

BASF launched the first SDHI fungicide for in-furrow treatment for Rhizoctonia solani in potatoes two years ago. Based on Xemium (fluxapyroxad), ALLSTAR showed excellent efficacy in development trials in the UK to produce brighter, more marketable and more uniform potatoes with fewer skin blemishes. It is a very kind product to the potato, resulting in a more even crop emergence.[Read More…]

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Traceability: New technology to monitor the supply of potato seed in India

The agrarian state of Punjab has taken a major step towards value addition in its fresh produce, with the introduction of a blockchain traceability-based certification system. The system, which allows for instant tracing of the entire lifecycle of food products from origin through every point of contact to the consumer, has now been introduced for potato seed. With more growers[Read More…]

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Grimme's VARITRON 470: Increased comfort, more power

For the harvest season 2020, Grimme’s four-row, self-propelled potato harvesters VARITRON 470 with wheel chassis, and VARITRON 470 Platinum TERRA TRAC (on rubber tracs), will be equipped with various new innovations. New cabin For a quiet and comfortable workplace, a new premium comfort cabin with optimised noise insulation is now optionally available. An additional increase in comfort is achieved by[Read More…]

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Emerson's next-generation 'GO Real-Time Tracker' technology enables uninterrupted access to cold chain data

Emerson company announced during the Fruit Logistica event last week the release of its next-generation GO Real-Time Tracker based on 4G/Cat-M technology. This latest innovation compliments Emerson’s full suite of tracker products and helps ensure access to critical cold chain data in a dynamic and changing cellular landscape. As global cellular communications providers are phasing down their 2G and 3G[Read More…]

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Potato association: 'Ukraine lacks 1.2 mln tonnes of potato storage capacity'

(Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukraine today has a total potato storage capacity of 300,000 tonnes. The minimum required capacity to meet domestic needs is to store 1.5 million tonnes, according to the Director of the Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers Oksana Ruzhenkova. “Today, Ukraine has 300,000 tonnes of potato storage facilities. Over the past five years, 350,000 tonnes of storage facilities have[Read More…]

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Canada's Kroeker Farms to triple production with new world-class facility

The minds behind Kroeker Farms Ltd. are taking steps to position the family-owned potato powerhouse as the leader in their field into the next 20 years and beyond with a new state-of-the-art facility, report Pembina Valley’s Steven Sukkau. The agricultural producer and distributor located in Winkler, Manitoba recently turned the switch on a nearly 70,000 sq. ft. washing/packing plant at[Read More…]

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India's Gujarat State ready for foreign investment in frozen potato product facilities

With the potential growing of potatoes for manufacture of frozen potato-based products, Gujarat is poised for an inflow of foreign investments. Several European and American companies are looking to invest in manufacturing facilities for frozen potato-based products or in the food processing equipment sector. “Investment from several European companies alone in the equipment, manufacturing and allied sectors is pegged at[Read More…]

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British potato growers’ seed treatment options cut further

Potato growers must prepare to treat their seed with a different application method this season, after the loss of Monceren for rhizoctonia control. About 30% of powder users applied Monceren (pencycuron) in 2019, which was the only powder treatment still allowed to be hand sprinkled on seed tubers. However, after Bayer announced that it was pulling the product from the[Read More…]

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Tolsma-Grisnich's Vision Control: the heart of your storage

Vision Control is Tolsma-Grisnich’s intelligent storage computer. On the basis of parameters such as RH, temperature, CO2 and product moisture content it controls the storage conditions and cooling. Result: the highest achievable storage efficiency. Be sure to find out more about the three smart modules: Weather in Control, which also takes account of weather forecasts. Energy management, which optimises the[Read More…]

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GRIMME unveils newly upgraded web grader

Web graders are used to grade different sizes when storing potatoes and onions. For the 2020 season, GRIMME has extensively upgraded the proven and very gentle web grader WG 900. Larger effective grading surface Due to an optimized design the effective grading area could be increased by 15 % compared to the previous model. However, the overall length of the[Read More…]

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Hummingbird teams up with Agrovista

HUMMINGBIRD Technologies has signed an agreement with Agrovista to provide a digital platform and remote sensing offering that complements existing agronomic services. Using satellite data captured from arable fields, Hummingbird Technologies will create advanced crop analytics, powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence.  Agrovista agronomists will use this to target crop walking and inform management decisions, by building a library[Read More…]

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World Potato Congress: What’s all this talk about Hybrid breeding and Hybrid True Potato Seeds revolutionizing the potato industry?

The World Potato Congress (WPC) is extremely pleased to be offering this second webinar in its 2020 series featuring Mr. Hein Kruyt, CEO of Solynta.  Hein will give an introduction to HTPS  as well as the exciting opportunity to revolutionizing potato research, breeding and the potato industry.  This technology is said to be disrupting a system that has been in place[Read More…]

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Researchers quantify lygus bug impacts on potatoes

Researchers are tallying the cost of lygus bugs to Washington potato farmers to help determine the most efficient way to control the tiny insects. “We need to know if the economic damage warrants the cost of an insecticide application,” said Tim Waters, area educator for vegetables for WSU Extension in Franklin and Benton counties. The damage appears to be worst[Read More…]

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Using drones and predatory bugs, UC Davis researchers treat crop pests

Entomologists and engineers are collaborating on a new method of controlling agricultural pests. In Santa Monica, Calif., researchers flew drones with light-sensitive cameras over a strawberry field to locate pest-damaged plants. Armed with a map of leaf reflectance patterns, they deployed drones loaded with predatory bugs to spot treat the field.  “Our goal is to eliminate the pests,” said Zhaodan[Read More…]

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