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‘A fry above the rest’: McCain Foods celebrated as McDonald’s Top Global Supplier of 2024

At the 2024 Worldwide Convention, McCain Foods was awarded McDonald’s Global Supplier of the Year out of over 3,000 suppliers for outstanding food safety, quality, sustainability, and supply chain innovation. Celebrating a partnership since 1977, this accolade commends their shared standards in global food service and commitment to excellence. McCain’s dedication to sustainable potato supply and enhancing McDonald’s offerings is recognized, promising future innovations in the fast-food sector.

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The future of potato consumption: Trends in fast food and fine dining

The potato’s journey from its Andean origins to a global staple showcases its agricultural, cultural, and culinary impact. Initially spread across Europe in the 16th century, this versatile crop now graces both fast-food menus and fine dining tables worldwide. Its adaptability, nutritional value, and potential for culinary innovation keep it relevant amid shifts towards sustainability, plant-based diets, and technological advancements in agriculture and cooking. The potato’s story reflects human innovation and resilience, with an ongoing global odyssey that continues to evolve.

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Michigan State University scientists cracking the code to a healthier potato chip

Michigan State University scientists made a discovery revealing the genetics behind cold-stored potatoes darkening and health risks. Published in The Plant Cell, the research could lead to new potato varieties resistant to cold-induced sweetening (CIS), reducing harmful acrylamide production during processing. This advancement is crucial for the U.S. snack industry, including Michigan’s $240 million potato market, as it could ensure a consistent supply of fresh potatoes year-round while enhancing chips and fries quality.

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‘Burgers beyond borders’: McDonald’s daily diners outnumber populations of entire nations

McDonald’s, a leading global fast-food chain, has displayed its dominance by serving 70 million customers daily, exceeding the populations of countries like France, the UK, Italy, Argentina, Canada, and Poland. With over 40,275 outlets worldwide, McDonald’s has significantly outpaced its nearest competitor, Subway. In 2022, the US, the birthplace of McDonald’s, generated $9.42 billion in revenue, while international markets collectively contributed about $11.16 billion. McDonald’s success is attributed to aggressive marketing and customer engagement through the McDonald’s Rewards program.

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Golden batch: Finalists for the UK’s best fish and chip takeaway unveiled

The National Fish and Chip Awards have announced the top 20 contenders for the Takeaway of the Year title, narrowing down from an initial 40 after a stringent evaluation process. These shops have demonstrated excellence in sustainability, product knowledge, and business practices. The winner will be revealed at the awards ceremony in London on February 28, 2024, celebrating the best of the UK’s beloved fish and chip takeaways.

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‘Sorry, but not all hash browns are created equal’: The Australian frozen hash brown showdown

The Guardian’s Nicholas Jordan taste tested Australian frozen hash browns. He crowned Birds Eye Potato Gems as the top choice for their ideal crunch and flavor. Birds Eye also offered the best value, while McCain’s Quick Cook impressed with speed. Variations in crunchiness and flavor, like the farm-scented Seasons Pride and the inedible Strong Roots, highlighted the importance of texture in frozen potato products. This taste test revealed that not all hash browns are created equal…

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Happy meal? Steady demand for french fries is good news for U.S. economy

Despite economic challenges, consumers continue to order french fries with their meals, indicating a positive economic sign. Potato supplier Lamb Weston reported that the rate of customers ordering fries at fast-food outlets remains above pre-pandemic levels. This suggests consumers are still willing to spend despite high inflation. However, there’s a shift in behavior, with consumers preferring quick-service food providers over full-service restaurants.

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Fries on the rise: Nearly half of potatoes now go into frozen products

The USDA’s Economic Research Service reveals that the majority of potatoes in the U.S. are now sold in processed forms like frozen, chipped, or canned products. The popularity of french fries in quick-service restaurants has led to a rise in frozen potato products since 1979. However, the trend saw a slowdown as consumers adopted low-carb diets and explored alternative foods. Despite this, frozen potato availability increased by 8% during the pandemic years of 2019–21. Quick-service restaurants account for two-thirds of french fry consumption.

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The booming demand for frozen potatoes: A decade’s outlook

The global frozen potato market is projected to grow from $60.30 Billion in 2021 to $92.70 Billion by 2031, driven by rising disposable incomes, especially in emerging economies. China’s increasing purchasing power and the expansion of fast-food chains in Latin America play significant roles. However, developed countries are witnessing a shift towards healthier food alternatives. The growth of quick-service restaurants offering budget-friendly frozen potato options further propels the market.

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Beauty queen for service crew? Potato Corner addresses concerns over controversial job listing

Snack brand Potato Corner, known for its flavored french fries and a favorite among many Filipinos, recently faced backlash online due to a controversial job posting. The posting, which circulated on social media, listed requirements for a service crew position that many netizens deemed excessive, as Jhen G. Lim reports for Philippine News. Notably, the criteria focused heavily on physical appearance,[Read More…]

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The end of an iconic era? Scotland’s fish and chip shops at a crossroads due to economic challenges

Scotland’s renowned fish and chip industry in East Neuk of Fife is under threat, with escalating costs forcing cherished shops to close. The war in Ukraine, Brexit complications, and rising energy costs have made it increasingly difficult for these businesses to survive. The National Federation of Fish Friers warns that up to a third of the UK’s 10,500 shops might close, marking a potential “extinction event” for this iconic British industry. As costs continue to rise and economic conditions worsen, the future of the industry remains uncertain.

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Relief to Kenyan potato farmers: New pest-resistant, high yielding variety introduced in the country

Kenya’s potato farmers are set to benefit from a new pest-resistant, high-yield potato variety. The Potato Consortium introduced the variety, which is in high demand globally, particularly by fast-food chains. The introduction will also usher in contractual farming, ensuring a ready market for farmers. This development is expected to increase yield, eliminate middlemen, and attract younger people to farming, thereby improving food security and farmers’ livelihoods.

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Philippines-based french fries chain ‘Potato Corner’ expanding to Hawaii

Potato Corner, known to have some of the best flavored French Fries in the world, is planning to expand to Hawaii with its first location in Waipahu, as Duane Shimogawa reports for KITV4. Potato Corner, which first opened in the Philippines, expanded to the U.S. in 2010 with a location in California. The restaurant chain has grown to include more than 1,000 locations across 11 countries.

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National Fish and Chip Day: Just Eat unveils the UK’s biggest fish and chip lovers

Just Eat data shows the North East is the UK’s top region for fish and chips, with over 50,000 orders this year. Cod is the most popular takeaway fish, and 73% of North East orders are for fish and chips. Across the UK, vinegar is the favourite condiment, especially among over 55s, while 18-34-year-olds prefer ketchup. Fluffy, thick-cut chips are most popular. Fish and chips rank as the seventh most popular UK cuisine on Just Eat, up from eighth in 2022.

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Paying the price: Soaring cost of potatoes batters British fish and chip shops

Whether it’s fried, baked or mashed, potatoes have traditionally been a low-cost staple food in the UK – but not any more. A surge in costs is clobbering high street chippies, while in the supermarket, oven chips and the once humble baking potato are casualties of soaring grocery prices, as Zoe Wood reports for The Guardian. According to Andrew Crook, who speaks for the industry as the president of the National Federation of Fish Friers, “People might just shut their shop due to all the other costs as well.”

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European frozen fry imports on thin ice: South Africa revives anti-dumping duties

The South African government has reinstated anti-dumping duties on frozen potato chips imported from the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium after these imports were found to be undercutting local industry. While industry stakeholders praised the decision, concerns were raised about potential price increases for restaurants and shops. The number of potato farmers in South Africa has decreased by 14% over the past decade due to competitive pressures and production challenges, and further decline is expected.

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‘The Age of Snacks’: Frito-Lay and Quaker unveil summer snacking habits in the U.S.

Frito-Lay and Quaker have launched their inaugural U.S. Summer Snack Index, uncovering consumer snacking habits to enrich summer experiences. The report indicates that pre-planned snacks reduce road trip stress for 85% of Americans, and snacks are often prioritized over clean restrooms by younger road trippers. The study highlights the vital role of snacks in enhancing morale during trips and reducing traffic stress, with 41% of people preferring control over snacks rather than music during travel.

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Strong results: Lamb Weston continues momentum in Fiscal Q3 2023 with broad-based performance

Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. recently announced its fiscal third quarter 2023 results and updated its fiscal 2023 outlook. “We delivered another quarter of strong operating results and have raised our fiscal 2023 financial targets accordingly,” said Tom Werner, President and CEO. “We expect this momentum will continue through this fiscal year and provide a solid foundation for fiscal 2024.”

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Kenya to supply KFC and global restaurant chains with homegrown potatoes

KFC and other global restaurant chains will soon be prohibited from importing pre-cut potatoes, as part of a policy change aimed at increasing the capacity of local farmers to supply these international establishments. Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui said: “We foresee that all varieties of potatoes used in KFC [restaurants] and other international food chains will be sourced from Kenya in the future..”

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McDonald’s to study pros and cons of reusable packaging

McDonald’s Corp. said it will weigh the pros and cons of reusable packaging in its restaurants worldwide, addressing an environmental predicament as European laws have begun to force the fast-food titan to offer its fare in more durable containers. Takeaway food and beverage packaging makes up 88% of the world’s coastline litter, according to a 2021 study published in the journal Nature. Investors and governments are increasingly pressuring restaurants to cut plastic waste.

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Could Kenyan farmers soon start supplying potatoes to KFC?

Fast food companies in Kenya are increasingly turning to local potato farmers to supply their needs, according to a news report by Jacktone Lawi, published by The Star. Previously, major brands such as KFC had sourced their potatoes from South Africa and Egypt. However, a new consortium has been formed to help smallholder farmers increase yields and reduce post-harvest losses.

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Report: Prominence of private-label brands, online shopping drive global growth of potato processing market

The processed potatoes market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% between 2022 and 2027, according to recently released report by Technavio. The size of the market is forecast to increase by USD 41.71 billion. The growth of the market is said to depend on several factors, including a growing focus on expanding production capabilities for potato processing, growth of organized retailing, and increasing prominence of private-label brands.

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Price of hot chips soars due to Australia’s potato shortage

Queenslanders are being burnt by hot chip [fries] prices. They’re soaring to as much as $12 for a small serve in the wake of a sorry spud supply. As 7News Australia reports, some stores have had to go to drastic measures to keep their fryer full. Chip shops such as Good Lookin Rooster are now importing chips from countries such as the U.S. for twice the local price.

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Report: Quick service restaurants drive global frozen potato market, industry booming in the Asia Pacific

A new report by Expert Market Research gives an in-depth analysis of the global frozen potato products market. According to the report, the growing popularity of quick service restaurants (QSRs) in both developing and developed countries is driving the global frozen potato market. North America and Europe dominate the business, but the Asia-Pacific area is likely to become one of the most profitable frozen potato marketplaces in the near future.

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