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75 years of McDonald’s: Some delectable fun facts…

In spite of so many fast food outlets flocking the cities (read Burger King and Dunkin Donuts), McDonald’s will always remain the original choice  for most of us. We are always ready for a quick McD trip even when we are too full to eat anything at all. The amazingly delightful menu of McDonald’s always entices us and we don’t[Read[Read More…]

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McDonald’s reveals turnaround plan; pinpoints weaknesses

Following a series of losses, McDonald’s has announced its turnaround plan. The company plans on reorganizing its international operations and selling some of its corporate sites to franchisees. McDonald’s hopes the plan will help reverse the downward trend in sales. As part of the plan, the company will organize its overseas market by maturity in the McDonald’s system – not by[Read[Read More…]

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J.R. Simplot, McDonald’s joint venture in China given ‘record fine’ for water pollution

A McDonald’s joint venture in China supplying its outlets with French fries has been slapped with a record 3.9 million yuan (HK$4.9 million) fine for water pollution, state media reported. The fine levied against Beijing Simplot Food Processing was the largest ever meted out by the city of Beijing for pollution, the state-run Xinhua news agency said, citing the municipal environmental[Read[Read More…]

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What could McDonald’s do to fix its business?

When it comes to McDonald’s, everyone seems to have an opinion about what the company needs to do differently. After turning in another quarter of sliding sales and profit, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook said the chain will unveil initial details May 4 on a plan to turn around its fortunes. While some say McDonald’s needs to change more quickly, others say it[Read[Read More…]

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UK: Albert Bartlett buys threatened Heinz factory

Albert Bartlett has purchased a potato factory under threat of closure by Heinz. The Westwick site and its assets in North Walsham have been sold to the Scottish potato giant. This move followed the decision by the William Jackson Food Group, owner of the Aunt Bessie’s brand, not to renew the license for Heinz to manufacture its frozen potato products.[Read[Read More…]

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US: McDonald’s franchise owners are not loving it

McDonald’s is trying to get its groove back, but franchise owners are not feeling it. Morale has hit an all-time low among the independent owners of McDonald’s restaurants, who make up 90% of the fast-food restaurant’s locations. Franchise owners say the outlook for business is somewhere between poor and fair, according to the latest survey by Mark Kalinowski, an analyst who covers[Read[Read More…]

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McDonald’s Japan closing stores amid loss forecast

McDonald’s Corp.’s Japan business forecast wider losses this year, announcing store closures and job cuts after sales suffered from food scandals. McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan) would probably lose ¥38 billion ($318 million) this year, compared with a ¥21.8 billion loss in 2014, the company said Thursday in a Tokyo Stock Exchange statement. Sales were expected to drop 10 percent to[Read[Read More…]

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Big Mac getting its teeth into bluetooth technology

Bluetooth’s usefulness as a marketing tool isn’t limited to offers, discounts and coupons; the technology is also fostering two-way communication between retailers and customers. It’s a dialogue that McDonald’s franchisees hope will prove particularly appealing to the tech-obsessed Millennial generation. More You are unauthorized to view this page.

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Research: Burger, fries just as good as energy supplements

Brent Ruby, director of the Montana Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism at the University of Montana, led a recently published study that found that a regular hamburger, french fries and a Coke are just as effective as expensive energy supplements in helping athletes recover from intense workouts. The study found that glycogen recovery from the tested fast food[Read[Read More…]

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US: McDonald’s gives workers a raise, some say it’s not enough

McDonald’s is once again a target for criticism. This time for giving raises to 90,000 of its hourly-wage workers. Critics charge that the vast majority of McDonald’s workers will not see the higher wages. Effective July 1, starting wages at 1,500 McDonald’s-owned restaurants will be at least $1 an hour more than the minimum wage set by local law. But[Read[Read More…]

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Kids are becoming McDonald’s biggest problem

McDonald’s is losing a crucial set of customers: Kids. For decades, McDonald’s wooed young children to the Golden Arches with promises of Happy Meals, colorful plastic play places and costumed burger mascots. It was a tactic that helped the Big Mac chain snag lifetime customers at a young age. But kids aren’t eating as much fast food as they did[Read[Read More…]

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Bolivia, Cuba may spice up McDonald’s slumping sales

McDonald’s launched a 24-hour global “day of joy” in 24 cities around the world on Tuesday in an attempt to revive slumping fast-food sales. In January, the company reported a 14% fall in annual profits, to $4.7 billion, and its worst sales in a decade – a cumulative 1% drop from its 34,000 restaurants in 114 countries. The company replaced[Read[Read More…]

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Unhealthiest fast food burgers (and fries) from around the world

KFC caused quite a rumble recently when it introduced the DoubleDown Dog in the Philippines, and the protest wasn’t just coming from customers’ arteries. The DoubleDown Dog features a regular hot dog, but replaces the bun with a fried chicken patty. The whole thing is topped with a gooey yellow sauce that the company is calling “cheese.” In Canada, Burger King’s[Read[Read More…]

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UK: The 10 most salty children’s meals in restaurants

Children’s meals at restaurants popular with middle-class families can contain five times as much salt as chicken nuggets and chips at McDonald’s, a study has found. Prof Graham MacGregor, professor of cardiovascular medicine at Queen Mary University of London and chairman of Action on Salt, said: “Evidence suggests dietary habits in childhood can influence eating patterns later in life. Salt should therefore[Read[Read More…]

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If only McDonald’s can become McDonald’s again…

McDonald’s is struggling these days. It’s more grimace than Grimace at the Golden Arches, as both revenue and net income have declined in the same year for the first time since 1981. Customer visits are down, too. One of the most dominant brands in global history has seemingly forgotten how it became one of the most dominant brands in global history.[Read[Read More…]

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McDonalds seeking its fast-food soul

McDonald’s is having an identity crisis. Its core customers still line up at the drive-through window for cheap, quick cups of coffee and hash browns. But the company is also trying to appeal to more finicky eaters who have moved on to upstart competitors like Smashburger and Chipotle, which market their quality ingredients and food customization. Full story You are unauthorized to[Read More…]

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The strangest McDonald’s menus around the world revealed

Malaysia has its Prosperity Burger, the Indians tuck into McCurry Pan and in Israel there’s the ever-popular McKebab. And now McDonald’s has a new, rather decadent addition to its South Korean restaurant menu – Honey Butter French Fries. It’s the latest international addition to the Golden Arches’ ever-evolving foreign offerings. China, Taiwan and Hong Kong take the the Ying-Yang vibe[Read[Read More…]

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Aviko partners with Rooster Piri Piri

Potato specialist Aviko has partnered with UK quick-service casual dining chain Roosters Piri Piri, which offers ethnic and free-from menus. Roosters Piri Piri is a chain of casual dining, quick-service and takeaway restaurants. You can find the restaurants in London and around the South East of England, although they are expanding throughout the United Kingdom. They have 18 years experience[Read[Read More…]

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Venezuela: Potato farmers struggling to meet demands of fast food industry

Potato farmers in Venezuela seem to be running out of options after a months-long stall in seed imports have caused the potato supply there to dwindle. The Venezuelan Producers Association, also called FEDEAGRO, says it is up to the Venezuelan government to import seeds from outside of the country. According to farmers, they are not getting clear information from the[Read[Read More…]

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McDonald’s has stopped trying to convince people its food is healthy

McDonald’s is taking an unapologetic approach for its food. In a Big Mac ad, the company shows mouth-watering views of its signature burger. McDonald’s emphasizes that the Big Mac is “not Greek yogurt” and “will never be kale.” The ad is a departure from McDonald’s recent strategy to convince people it is healthy. But former McDonald’s executive Larry Light notes[Read[Read More…]

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KFC Japan runs out of fries, halts sales

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan has stopped selling fries as a U.S. labor dispute that has crimped vital potato exports from the West Coast took another bite out of the Japanese fast food market. The chain became the latest casualty of a chip shortage that forced McDonald’s Japan to temporarily ration servings. “Due to the prolonged dockworkers’ disputes on the[Read[Read More…]

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McDonald’s India cuts salt, calories in burgers and fries

McDonald’s Corp is cutting the amount of calories and salt on its Indian menu as it fights to hold on to customers in a rapidly growing developing market where newer, healthier fast-food options are just starting to catch on. The burger chain is known globally for the consistency of its food, down to the thickness of fries or the amount[Read[Read More…]

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