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Designing a better low-fat potato chip

Munching on low-fat potato chips might reduce the guilt compared with full-fat versions, but many people don’t find the texture as appealing. Now, researchers have developed a technique to analyze potato chips’ physical characteristics from simulated first bite to swallow, which they say could be used to help formulate a tastier low-fat snack. They report their results in the Journal of[Read[Read More…]

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Spudulike closes all 37 outlets across Britain

The baked potato specialist Spudulike has closed all 37 of its branches with the loss of nearly 300 jobs, the latest in a growing list of once-familiar retail names to disappear from the high street. Founded in 1974, the chain was popular in the 1980s and 1990s and became synonymous with the Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke creations Wayne and Waynetta Slob, who named[Read More…]

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UAE company signs Lamb Weston

Foodservice distributor, Bidfood Oman, previously known as HORECA Trade, has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for frozen potato product producer, Lamb Weston. Lamb Weston has been partners with Bidfood UAE since 2007 and the partnership has yielded milestones and accomplishments, which rendered the partnership-decision an easy one for Bidfood Oman. Commenting on the new business partnership, Bidfood Middle East’s[Read[Read More…]

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New fries with enough crisp to survive a delivery ride

Home-delivered fast food is a booming global business, but when it comes to French fries, there’s a hitch.  They often get soggy on the ride. So now, top fry-makers are racing to perfect a crispy fry that can survive a 15-minute ride with a food delivery service. Companies right here in the Northwest are frying up a crisp solution to[Read[Read More…]

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US based Swiss Rösti launches new brand of potatoes

US based Swiss Rösti, a start-up company based in Portland Oregon ( is announcing the nationwide introduction of a new three-item line of frozen Crispy Filled Potato products under its Rösti brand. This new product line is truly an original and authentic cultural food that until now has never been available to the US market. Swiss Rösti partnered with Oregon[Read[Read More…]

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Britain’s Spudulike in rescue restructuring mode

Baked potato specialist Spudulike is seeking landlords’ backing for a rescue restructure involving rent cuts and closures in the latest sign of meltdown on the high street. The chain, which was popular in the 1980s and 1990s when it became synonymous with Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke creations Wayne and Waynetta Slob who named their second child “Spud-u-lika”, wants to close at least[Read[Read More…]

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India’s Tasty Treat company introduces new potato chip range

Tasty Treat, part of Future Consumer Ltd, has introduced a new range of potato chips in India. Available in five flavours, the firm offers its products in four different packs that are priced from Rs 5, said a release. CEO of Food Business, Future Group, Sadashiv Nayak, says, “We are excited to introduce our range of potato chips for all[Read[Read More…]

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McDonald’s fries around the world

However you feel about McDonald’s, it is inescapable. The franchise has outposts in over 100 countries throughout the world, with a total number of locations topping 36,000 (as of January 2018). Wherever you go, there is McDonald’s. And in every McDonald’s, you can find many of the same menu items: the standard burgers, the thin, salty fries. They may be called Le[Read[Read More…]

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Innovation Challenge: Lamb Weston UK goes home with Gold

It has always declared that innovation is at the very core of the Company but now Lamb Weston can validate that claim as it scoops the coveted Gold Award, winning the Casual Dining Show’s Innovation Challenge in the UK. Lamb Weston’s revolutionary new Hot2Homeâ„¢ fries won over the judges at the end of the day, although the product was pitched[Read[Read More…]

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The potato chip: Created in the eighteen hundreds, and still popular…

In 1853 while working as the head chef at Cary Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Lake, near Saratoga Springs New York. One day some of his guests complained that he made french fries to thick. Irritated, he made another batch but sliced the potatoes extra thin on purpose. He deep fried them and added salt. The result was a thin, crisp and delicious treat his[Read[Read More…]

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Online toolkit helps British fish and chip shops offer healthier options

An online toolkit has been designed to help fish and chip shops across the UK respond to consumer demand for healthier options.  Put together by the British Takeaway Campaign (BTC), the toolkit is based on best practice in the takeaway sector and consists of four steps that it believes most takeaways can implement. These measures include offering smaller portion sizes, making sure[Read[Read More…]

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Rising potato prices may pressure fry deals

In the past two years, restaurant brands have turned French fries into a battlefield, offering deals and new twists to lure in customers. But price pressures from a poor recent potato crop in Europe may soon complicate that strategy. “Europe is having one of the worst potato crops in 40 years,” said Akshay Jagdale, packaged food analyst with Jefferies Inc.,[Read[Read More…]

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Global french fry shortage looming, says market analyst

The old adage that for a farmer to have a good year, another farmer as to have a failure seems to come true for the U.S. potato market. “There are a lot of issues in the global potato market that will impact the U.S.,” Bruce Huffaker told participants during the University of Idaho Ag Outlook. He heads the North American[Read[Read More…]

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‘Eco friendly’ packaging for fries made from potato skins

It was widely reported in the media the past couple of months that Italian designers Simone Caronni, Paolo Stefano Gentile and Pietro Gaeli have created an ecological packaging for fries made from recycled potato skins (peels), as a sustainable alternative to paper. Called “Peel Saver”, the packaging is essentially made of starch and fibre components that, after maceration and natural dying, bond with each other[Read[Read More…]

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Frozen french fry industry on the rise in China

Processed potatoes in China account for about 15% of total production and include products such as starch, dehydrated potatoes, chips, and frozen French fries (FFF), according to a report presented by USDA Foreign Agricultural Service – “China – Peoples Republic of Potato and Potato Products Annual Report”. Many potato processing machines only run from mid–August to late–March due to the[Read[Read More…]

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