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Low prices a difficulty for Greek potato producers

Greek potato producers, who have the capacity to grow the crop almost all year round thanks to the country’s favourable climatic conditions, are suffering the impact of low incomes due to the introduction of cheap products from third countries, which combined with the fall in demand, is resulting in stifling conditions. The vice president of the Agricultural Cooperative Kalamata, Giorgos Douvas,[Read More…]

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Canada’s Little Potato Company plans facility in the US

The Little Potato Company plans to operate a new $20 million, 130,000-square-foot U.S. corporate office and processing facility in Wisconsin. The new facility will supplement the company’s Canadian headquarters and plant in Edmonton, Alberta. The new office and facility are expected to open in early 2017. The site was chosen for its proximity to potato growers, access to major transportation and logistics[Read More…]

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New Zealand would re-apply to export fresh potatoes, for processing, into Australia

New Zealand potato growers say they might revive an application to export fresh potatoes, for processing, into Australia if demand warrants it. This week AUSVEG and Australian growers welcomed the decision by the Potatoes New Zealand board to withdraw their application to export potatoes for processing. The Australian industry campaigned against the request, based on the risk posed by the[Read More…]

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US: Potato marketing business updates

Associated Potato Growers Inc., Grand Forks, N.D., has a new salesman. Tim Johnstone, formerly of Eagle Eye Produce, was hired as a salesman in December. The Idaho Potato Commission is in the middle of its annual Potato Lover’s Month display contest, which runs through March 11. Raleigh, N.C.-based L&M, will add Indiana-grown potatoes to its local offerings this August, said Lee Anne[Read More…]

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US: Potato industry teams with United Fresh Start Foundation to move salad bars to schools

Inspired by the United Fresh Start Foundation’s efforts to get the produce industry involved in the Move Salad Bars to Schools initiative, the CEO of the United States Potato Board, Blair Richardson, challenged the potato industry to donate salad bars to 300 schools each year, as part of the program. The Board leadership approved using assessment funds to match every salad[Read More…]

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US firm comes up with innovative way to sell potatoes

When a picture of a DVD copy of The Martian propped next to the piles of potatoes in a US supermarket was shared across Reddit earlier this week, everyone assumed this was the work of one savvy grocery store worker. ‘Only way to improve this would be to have disco playing in the produce section,’ wrote one Redditor. Putting Damon’s[Read More…]

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US: Red potatoes bucking trend, experiencing rise in sales

While potato industry officials say 2015 was a slower year for sales of fresh Maine potatoes, one variety did buck the trend — red potatoes. Of the more than 20 varieties of potatoes planted by growers across the state, the russet burbank is the most popular. But the fresh potato category finished 2015 with sales volume down 2.2 percent overall[Read More…]

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Ireland: Violetta potatoes a hit with chefs

Irish housewife and mother Maria Flynn has started her own business growing speciality potatoes, Ballymakenny Farm Heritage Potatoes. She grew the potatoes last year and they have been a big hit. Wife of a potato grower, she came up with the idea after talking to a grower of baby vegetables who said that chefs had to import speciality veggies if[Read More…]

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Pass the potassium, with Idaho potatoes

In a recent survey conducted by the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC), it was revealed that consumers aren’t aware that potatoes are a potassium-rich food. While 89% of Americans consider bananas to be a significant source of potassium, only 27% associate potatoes with potassium. Potassium plays a critical role in lowering blood pressure, and about 70 million Americans have high blood[Read More…]

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Canada: Organic potatoes a tough row to hoe – but profitable

It was more than a hunch that prompted one of Canada’s leading potato producers to begin to transition a few acres to an organic production system in 1999. The evidence was mounting that organics had potential, said Wayne Rempel, CEO of Kroeker Farms Ltd. in an interview. “We felt that there was a growing market for organic. The marketing side of it[Read More…]

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New awards hail potato as ‘mighty’ not ‘humble’

The inaugural Mighty Spud Awards 2016 has been launched in Northern Ireland to help support the region’s potato industry. With four nomination categories – Mightiest Chip, Mightiest Mash, Mightiest Potato Innovation and Mightiest Healthy Potato Dish – the awards will be judged by a panel including BBC chef Paula McIntyre, Food Northern Ireland’s Michele Shirlow, Angus Wilson, chairman of Wilson Potatoes,[Read More…]

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PEI Potatoes Remain A Cost-Effective Vegetable For Canadian Consumers

In recent weeks, there have been several news stories mentioning the highest cost of vegetables and fruits in the national media.  The softening Canadian dollar has in many cases driven up the cost of imported produce, and this is being reflected in grocery store prices.  However, one staple vegetable that has not experienced the same jump in prices is Prince[Read More…]

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No change in potato eating advice following diabetes warning

Advice for pregnant women remains unchanged following the publication of US research claiming that eating the humble potato increased their risk of gestational diabetes. The research, looking at the diets of more than 15,00 women over 10 years, found that women who ate one serving per week were 20% more likely to develop the condition during pregnancy. Two to four[Read More…]

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Northern Ireland: Call for entries for the 2016 Mighty Spud Awards

Chef Paula McIntyre is leading the search for the best potato dishes that Northern Ireland has to offer in the inaugural Mighty Spud Awards 2016. The awards are part of an ongoing campaign to support the NI potato industry, while also recognising excellence in the hospitality sector. There will be four nomination categories – Mightiest Chip, Mightiest Mash, Mightiest Potato[Read More…]

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Study: A potato-rich diet before pregnancy could up diabetes risk

“Eating potatoes before pregnancy increases risk of diabetes,” The Daily Telegraph reports. Researchers found a small, but significant, increase in gestational diabetes risk in mothers who reported eating a potato-rich diet before their pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is caused by raised blood glucose levels during pregnancy. It doesn’t usually cause any symptoms, but can cause complications if left untreated. The condition[Read More…]

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Wat is gezonde voeding volgens de consument?

Het merendeel van de Vlamingen is bezig met voeding en gezondheid: 56% van de Vlaamse verantwoordelijken voor aankoop binnen het gezin (VVA’s) letten op de voedingswaarde van de producten die ze eten. Bij 29% speelt de voedingswaarde enigszins mee. Slechts 16% zegt hier totaal niet mee bezig te zijn (eerder mannen). Maar wat verstaan we juist onder gezonde voeding? En[Read More…]

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US: Associated Potato is outlasting the season’s challenge

There is reason for optimism as Red River Valley red potato shippers begin a new year, according to Paul Dolan. Dolan, who manages Associated Potato Growers Inc. in Grand Forks, ND, said on Dec. 18, “The East Coast markets are opening more after receiving a lot of potatoes from Eastern Canada.” Another positive for Red River Valley potato shippers is that Florida’s[Read More…]

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Potandon keeps potato pipeline well stocked

The shipping season is in full swing for Potandon Produce LLC, headquartered in Idaho Falls, ID. Ralph Schwartz, vice president of marketing and innovation, said the company is moving a full complement of premium potatoes from Idaho, including Burbank and Norkotah russets, reds, Klondike Rose, Klondike Royale and Klondike Goldust. “We are also shipping russets, reds, whites and yellows from Washington,[Read More…]

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Healthy Food Guide: Medicinal value of potatoes, finally revealed

Here is a food guide to show you the hidden medicinal value of potatoes. Potatoes contains vitamin A, vitamin B complex – including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid; it also contains mineral salts related to the local soil, including sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, copper, sulfur; plus, it also contains lipids. Potato is a good body-building food and[Read More…]

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Potatoes tied to higher risk of type 2 diabetes; french fries worst

Eating potatoes may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and replacing them with whole grains may lower this risk, according to a study published online December 17 in Diabetes Care. “Although potatoes are considered a vegetable in the US Guideline of Healthy Eating, potatoes should not be regarded as a key component of a healthful diet. These data support the[Read More…]

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Online tool helps retailers sell potatoes

A series of short training videos released by the U.S. Potato Board (USPB) aims to help retailers see better sales of fresh potatoes. The free online videos can be found at and The Fresh Potato Associate Training Modules aim to ensure produce associates are armed with the information they need to get the most out of the potato category. Knowledgeable[Read More…]

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Canada: More Ontario potatoes on Ontario plates

The average Ontarian consumes approximately 140 pounds of potatoes per year. Ontario’s entire fresh market potato industry is worth $40 million a year and Ontario potato growers supply approximately 70 per cent of that market. Ontario’s potato growers have teamed up with researchers at the University of Guelph to identify new potato varieties that grow well in this province and are[Read More…]

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Australia: Court throws out Perth ‘potato king’ Tony Galati’s appeal against injunction

Western Australia’s self-styled potato king, Tony Galati, has lost an attempt to remove an injunction that prevents him selling unauthorised potatoes at his Perth grocery stores. Galati is WA’s largest potato grower and also one of the largest vegetable wholesalers and retailers. He has been in a legal battle with the state’s potato regulator, the Potato Marketing Corporation (PMC), for[Read More…]

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US: Progressive Produce reporting outstanding crop of organic potatoes

Depending on the season, Los Angeles-based Progressive Produce’s growing regions span California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and western Canada. “The quality of our organic potato crop is outstanding this year, and yields are better than expected,” said Scott Leimkuhler, sales manager for the company. “Organic potatoes are more plentiful than they have ever been. The heat lasting longer than normal in the[Read More…]

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